Out This Week / on 12 May 2017

Manic Street Preachers / Send Away The Tigers

This ’10-year collectors edition’ of the 2007 Manic Street Preachers album ticks most of the boxes with two CDs packed with content and a DVD with the band’s full Glastonbury performance from the year of release and promo videos. Deluxe 2LP vinyl also features demos. Read more

Paul Weller / A Kind Revolution 10-inch vinyl box set

Paul Weller / A Kind Revolution (new album)

Paul Weller‘s 13th solo album is available as a good value 3CD deluxe edition, while vinyl collectors should be satisfied with either the gatefold vinyl or 10-inch box set. Read more

David Bowie / Labyrinth (vinyl LP) 

Vinyl reissue of the soundtrack to Jim Henson’s 1986 film Labyrinth.  Although this also features Trevor Jones’ score, it will be the six David Bowie tracks that will be most of interest. Despite a very eighties production and some silliness, the quality of When The World Falls Down and (in particular) Underground still shines through.

Porcupine Tree / Fear of a Blank Planet (2LP blue vinyl)

This is a new gatefold double LP of Porcupine Tree‘s 2007 album Fear Of A Blank Planet. This pressing uses Steven Wilson’s 2012 remastered edition and is pressed on blue vinyl.

Juliana Hatfield / Pussycat (new album)

Inspired to write and record by the US Presidential elections, Juliana Hatfield‘s new album Pussycat was completed in just 12 days. “It was a blur” she admits. She plays everything on the album, apart from drums.

Bob Dylan / The Bootleg Series volumes 1-3 (3CD)

Bob Dylan‘s classic and original Bootleg Series release is repackaged by Sony on CD in ‘bookset’ form and comes with a 58-page booklet.

Various Artists / Thank You, Friends. Big Star’s Third Live… (2CD+DVD)

This concert film celebrates the music of Big Star, via line-up of great musicians, including members of R.E.M., Wilco, Yo La Tengo and more. As well as the visuals on the DVD, this three-disc set also includes the audio across two CDs. Read more

Bill Wyman / White Lightnin’: The Solo Box (4LP vinyl)

This four-LP vinyl box gathers all four Bill Wyman solo albums on vinyl. Namely: Monkey Grip (1974), Stone Alone (1976), Bill Wyman (1981) and Stuff (1992). Signed copies now sadly sold out. Read more

Cliff Martinez / Drive (vinyl)

It’s a great soundtrack to a good film, but Invada are really milking Drive for all it’s worth. This is yet another variant, this time the vinyl is “Frosted Clear with Multi Coloured Splatter”.

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I own the very first release of the Dylan set – and guess what, it was a “displaybox”. The lid was a lift off, not sure if the new one is a lift off, or more “book like”.

Madness really – what’s the point in making this change, given it’s been out on a more shelf friendly Jewelcase size for some time? As others have said, there are more worthy bootleg sets for re-issue. Mind you, this set has Series of Dreams on it, and that’s just amazing…… worth the price alone……

Auntie Sabrina

Brian, regarding the Bob Dylan release


says it is a displaybox and there is also a photo of the reverse side of the packaging


Ah, yes, thank you both! I didn’t know if those thumbnails were incomplete scans, it looks like it is the “long box” format like the original release.


Re: Dylan in “bookset” format, what size does that mean? Is it a 12″x 12″ format like the recent LP reissue, or the long box version (wasn’t that what the original was?), or is it roughly 5″ x 5″ size (size of a CD case)?


Any idea if the Dylan bootleg is a straight reissue of the previou versions or is this remastered?


I would guess a re-issue. Seriously, it wasn’t long ago that the original release came out.


original release was +25 years ago…

Dan T.

RE Porcupine Tree: “This pressing uses Steven Wilson’s 2012 remastered edition and is pressed on blue vinyl.”

I’m vexed why this album was remastered. The 2007 master sounds fine; one of Wilson’s best, actually (and head and shoulders above its predecessor “Deadwing,” possibly the worst master in Wilson’s catalogue).

What I wish he would do is UN-master the PT back catalogue, because the current remaster offerings sound horribly compressed to me (compare the original Delerium pressing of “Signify” with the current remaster – huge difference, the latter sounds awful). The waveforms might show otherwise, but to my ears, PT’s older albums need UN-mastering (unless of course that’s what is meant by “RE-mastering”). To quote the late great Mitch Hedburg: “I remastered a remaster, and now it’s back to normal.” :-)


Not the first time it was release on vinyl – let alone multiple releases on CD as well. I have the original CD/DVD-V combo. Unless there is a BR edition released or a super deluxe release, I’m not touching it again [or other releases].
SW loves to play around with his catalogue. Look at the Delirium Years release. I have the original version on CD in a box. I think it has been re-released at least twice since then. A jewel case and a jewel case with most songs remastered.

Auntie Sabrina

B A Robertson has overseen the re-releases/remasters of his Asylum albums from the late 70s early 80s, which are also out on Friday. They are on Cherry Pop, so fingers crossed for no cock-ups then as with the recent Divine Jungke Jezebel CD (incorrect track details for CD 2).


OOhhh… i’ve bought that but not opened it yet… what are the correct CD2 track details?

elliott buckingham

also out this week are expanded editions of ba robertsons breakthrough albums with a whole host of extra tracks added. never realised hed wrote so many off cliffs songs that appeared on rock and roll juvenile


The Juliana Hatfield LP is great!! To be written so quickly, I didn’t expect it to be as good. The most melodic Trump takedown you’ll hear, especially “Short Fingered Man” and “Kellyanne”. Love it!!

CJ Feeney

I think Biograph and Bootleg vols 1-3 have been out in bookest foramat before. But the bookest won’t match the little cd size boxes for the rest of the standard series, or the large square deluxe boxes of vols 8, 10, 11 and 12. What is a Dylan fan with storage OCD to do?


They need to throw in a free rack to hold his bootlegs….

Steven Roberts

Re Drive :- “Frosted Clear with Multi Coloured Splatter”?


Ciaran Beattie

To my knowledge, this is the fourth time around for “Bootleg Series Vol 1-3”.
What about reissuing the 3 cd set of “Tell Tale Signs” ,The 18 disc “Cutting Edge”
and the 6 cd set of the same plus the “Basement Tapes” 6 cd set & the 4 cd set of “Another Self Portrait” at more user-friendly prices?

Rory McCann

Definitely a good idea, but not what Sony would go for I don’t think. Booksets are good though, really like my Dylan ‘Biograph’ one. They could easily release the 4-6 CD sets in booksets… easy!


Dylan’s Biograph is also out in similar new format