Out This Week / on 3 March 2017

Bolan's Zip Gun / Futuristic Dragon deluxe edition book set

T. Rex / Bolan’s Zip Gun & Futuristic Dragon (deluxe edition)

This new three-disc T. Rex deluxe set pairs expanded versions of 1975’s Bolan’s Zip Gun with 1976’s Futuristic Dragon. Packaged in the same ‘media book’ styling as Suede‘s Coming Up 20th anniversaryRead more

Depeche Mode / Where’s the Revolution (CD single)

Five-track CD single that contains only remixes of Depeche Mode‘s first single from their forthcoming album Spirit.  Read more

The Monkees / Head Alternate (gold vinyl)

Friday Music reissue The Monkees‘ soundtrack to Head as a ‘golden anniversary edition’. This means 180g “audiophile translucent gold vinyl” and an LP cover that boasts a gold foil front and back. This is actually Head Alternate with rare versions of many tracks.

Carole King / Tapestry (SACD)

The SACD of Carole King‘s classic 1971 album is re-available. This is the Sony/Legacy version. It’s not a hybrid disc (so you’ll need an SACD player) but it is multi-channel. 

Altered Images / Pinky Blue (vinyl reissue)

This remastered vinyl reissue of Altered Images 1982 album Pinky Blue comes with a bonus blue vinyl seven-inch featuring I Could Be Happy (edit) and Insects.

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Yes I had my preorder for Tapestry cancelled by Amazon for the same reason. Looking at the listing now it does seem to be available from 3rd party sellers for around 32 quid but looking on t’interweb doesn’t yield any info at all about Sony rereleasing the album on SACD. I would love to know where you sourced that info Paul?

Andy W

Hi Paul.
I pre-ordered the Carole King: Tapestry SACD on 19th Feb (i.e. well before the 3rd March re-release date), but I’ve just received an email from Amazon UK to say that they’ve been unable to source it (no longer available from their supplier), so they’ve cancelled my order! Given that I ordered it more than 2 weeks before release, it seems unlikely that the re-release has sold out, and more likely that Sony/Legacy decided to cancel the re-release. Have you heard anything to that effect? Has anyone else had their pre-orders/orders cancelled by Amazon?


I got my disc today limited edition number 117 of ?

don cooper

Thanks ,Paul. I had missed news on the Alternate Head (Zaphod Beeblebrox Mix?) ;-)


Very interesting, Andy.

Andy Vizor

I was told many years ago by someone involved in the early SACD launch titles, that in the USA the manufacturer is due to pay royalties on EACH version on a disc. i.e. Version on the CD Layer, with a Hi Res Stereo & 5.1 versions on the SACD Layer that of course equals THREE lots of royalties!! Hence why most (not all) USA Pressings don’t have a CD Layer – Toto IV, Kandi, Thriller, Destinys Child etc etc
In Europe it’s one royalty, resulting in those discs having all three. There was talk of only putting a 5.1 version only to save money, but then someone pointed out Sonys OWN spec requires a Stereo SACD Mix for legacy early players & it’s a mandatory requirement of the SACD Spec


Can’t see any point in the multi discs anyway.

1. If you only have a CD player you may as well save some money and just buy the CD.
2. If you’re a fan and already have the CD of the album you don’t need a repeat of it on the SACD.
3. If you have an SACD player you’re probably not going to listen to the lower quality version anyway…


God bless Amazon’s pricing. For what earthly reason can it list the Bite vinyl at 1p more than Pinky Blue? Talking of Bite, Bring Me Closer is probably my favourite AI track. Will we ever see the full-length 12″ version of Don’t Talk To Me About Love again?


The Altered Images vinyl price is very reasonable….

Tom M

Sony couldn’t make the “Tapestry” album a hybrid disc? Probably using the same old glass masters.


Pinky Blue ordered along with Bite (complete with white vinyl 7″) due 31 March. Nostalgia is wonderful :)