Out This Week / on 6 October 2017

a-ha / MTV Unplugged: Summer Solstice - Fanbox

a-ha / Summer Solstice: MTV Unplugged (various editions)

Very much looking forward to this a-ha acoustic album. So many formats, but the ‘fanbox’ is really the one to go for, but you should go direct to Amazon Germany for the best price on that particular format. Read more

Liam Gallagher / As You Were (new album)

Liam Gallagher issues his first solo album, As You Were this week. The deluxe CD edition adds three bonus tracks. Read more

Pentangle / The Albums: 1968-1972

Pentangle / The Albums

Delayed by a week, this is a new seven-CD box set featuring albums and unreleased material from folk’s first ‘supergroup’ PentangleRead more

Thompson Twins / Here's To Future Days purple vinyl

Thompson Twins / Here’s To Future Days (vinyl reissue)

A purple vinyl reissue of the Thompson Twins fifth studio album Here’s To Future Days which was released in 1985. Features the hit singles Lay Your Hands On Me, Don’t Mess With Doctor Dream and Revolution. Read more

Depeche Mode / Cover Me 

The third physical single from Depeche Mode‘s Spirit album is available as a CD single or a double-pack 12-inch vinyl. Read more

Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach / Painted From Memory (SACD)

Mobile Fidelity SACD reissue of Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach‘s exceptional 1998 album Painted From Memory. As usual, not cheap. 

Mariah Carey / Butterfly (vinyl picture disc)

Sony celebrate the 20th anniversary of Mariah Carey‘s 1997 album Butterfly with a ‘collector’s edition’ 12-inch vinyl picture disc. Read more

Whitesnake / 1987

The box set of the reissue of Whitesnake /1987 has gone back to 27 October. Amazon and HMV are still showing this week for the vinyl and two-CD edition, but there’s a chance they’ll go back too. Read more

Erasure / Just A Little Love

Just A Little Love is the third single from Erasure‘s World Be Gone album. It’s available as a generous 10-track CD single.

Steven Wilson  / Hand.Cannot.Erase.

‘Mid-price’ reissue of Steven Wilson‘s 2014 album. If you’re new to Wilson via the new record, To The Bone, this is better.

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Ken Evans

Cancelled my Amazon order and ordered it direct from the mofi site and it arrived yesterday and is absolutely delicious!!!! Yes on an SACD player it beats the pants off of the original disc from 19 years ago. I can’t even describe it it’s that great.

Ken Evans

Now the date’s changed to this coming friday.

Ken Evans

Re: Elvis and Burt – I ordered this on October 3rd (AMZ US) at which time the release date was Oct 6 — now the release date is Oct 13 (already in the past) but it has not shipped and the main entry for the item says “temporarily unavailable”


I added that Summer Solstice [CD + Blu Ray] yesterday to my basket on Amazon and it was £24. Today i went to check out and it has jumped to £29.94. I’m sorry but they can shove it where the sun doesn’t shine.


I find it quite bizarre that the so called ‘Mid-price’ reissue of Hand.Cannot.Erase. is actually more expensive than the original release.

Wayne Klein

Are we sure Paul that the Elvis and Burt SACD will be out? Music Direct which usually has this listed and ready to ship before Amazon.com, has it as TBD still.


Do agree. Prefer SW’s Hand.Cannot.Erase over To The Bone easily.

Also out are limited editions of a 4 track vinyl and CD of Living In Fear from Marillion which features a “radical” mix of Living In Fear, one part of The Leavers live and 2 tracks from forthcoming retail reissues of Marillion’s band label issues.
[Replace .co.uk with your territory’s domain suffix (i.e. .com, .ca, .de, etc.] Canadian and US and maybe others delayed until the 13th.

Mr John Collins

There’s also what looks like a great Replacements live album out on Friday as well.

Paul E.

@ Mr John Collins – it is a superb offering in the Mats official catalog. I’ve owned the bootleg for years and am still buying this knowing it’s origin is from better/the best sources. Here’s hoping the band open the vaults!


Hey Paul, are you doing this alone or do you have a few helping hands?


I just received an email from Amazon stating the Whitesnake set is getting pushed back until late October.


You forgot P!nk’s first 3 albums on vinyl released this Friday too.

Steve Rickard

On coloured vinyl too!


Well said Michael. Thanks Paul for a great website that is always worth a daily visit. But for you it is clearly a labour of love – and it is greatly appreciated. Many Thanks


God you work hard for us Paul. I know I’m only one of a multitude who appreciates how up-to-date you keep us. Many thanks!!!!

Nigel Dean

Kudos Paul, you really do work hard on this website and providing us with up to date news and great reviews on releases….this is my No.1 website and check the news daily. Thanks again mate and your work is greatly appreciated!!