Out This Week / on 7 July 2017

David Bowie & Trevor Jones / Labryinth soundtrack (vinyl LP)

Despite being issued in 1986 between (arguably) his two worst albums, there’s much to enjoy about David Bowie‘s work on the Labyrinth soundtrack. Underground is particularly good and As The World Falls Down is a plaintive ballad. This is a black vinyl reissue but coloured limited editions are also available.

Dr Feelgood / Lee Brilleaux : Rock ‘n’ Roll Gentleman (4CD)

There is some overlap with the excellent All Through The City Dr. Feelgood collection, but this new four-disc Lee Brilleaux ‘bookset’ goes well beyond those years by including music made in the 1980s and 1990s. Read more

Various Artists  / True Romance soundtrack (coloured vinyl)

The pricey, and frankly, rubbish box set edition is best avoided. Instead opt for this ‘pillow feather white and blood red spatter’ coloured vinyl pressing of the soundtrack to Tony Scott’s brilliant film True RomanceRead more

Boney M / Complete (9LP box)

Nine Boney M albums pressed on 180g vinyl & collected in this new box set. Worth noting that the albums are available separately, too. Read more

Madness / Can’t Touch Us Now (2LP vinyl)

Although a standard vinyl edition already exists, Universal have decided to issue Madness‘ 2016 album as a 2LP ‘half-speed mastered’ edition. This numbered, gatefold edition comes with download codes.

Elton John / Honky Château (vinyl LP)

Universal continue with their Elton John vinyl reissues. This week Elton’s fifth studio album, 1972’s Honky Château is re-released. This album features Honky Cat and the classic Rocket Man (I Think It’s Going to Be a Long, Long Time) which was a transatlantic top ten hit in 1972

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I already have teh Labyrinth OST. Though it would be great if they released it with unheard/unreleased or even extended mixes from it.. Apparently As the World Falls down was scheduled to be a single but was pulled from being so at the last minute. Surely there’s an extended version of this in a vault somewhere.

alan hansen

i’d very much like to see a remastered/reissued with bonus tracks, i.e: SDE version of the Labyrinth OST on cd. certainly neither a great OST nor DB album, but there are a couple of quite nice tracks, just the same.


To be fair, the originally released Madness record omits 4 songs from the CD (2 of which I thought were amongst the best), and this pressing contains all 16 tracks. Although I don’t know why they didn’t just put it out as a 16 track double to start with, 9 months ago…

I could be wrong but the half speed mastering may well be neither here nor there – I feel it’s their worst sounding album.

Mic Smith

I’m not in the market for the EJ vinyl resissues myself, but as someone who was weened on these albums aged 10-12, it’s a pity they haven’t put the same care into each one. I remember Elton himself bemoaning the fact that as the ’70s turned into the ’80s his albums were in cheaper packaging. You’d think he of all people would want to rectify that now that vinyl is popular once again.
Great music deserves to be treated with the utmost respect and these early EJ albums warrant that treatment.

Paul Lewis

If Tumbleweed is anything to go by, the packaging of these Elton vinyl reissues is disappointing compared to the first batch released last year: Madman… was an immaculate reproduction of the original, with textured cover and booklet attached inside the gatefold. Whereas Tumbleweed has lost the textured cover, and although the booklet is there, it’s just shoved into the sleeve rather than attached in the gatefold. I guess these weren’t prepared to be put in an overpriced Burberry box set first! To be fair, I guess they are a bit cheaper, but still disappointing.


Count me in for a CD reissue of Labyrinth OST.


I think you need to remove that deal alert Paul £31 is actually a rip off.


Now I am FURIOUS the colored vinyl of “Labyrinth” is already sold out!!!! I am PISSED OFF!!!


That should not matter! First off for crying out loud that alone but just because I miss a day when I am looking around here most every should not be a reason why some release is so limited. I am not angry at you! You all are great and phenomenal! I’m pissed at the record company!

Auntie Sabrina

Yes, the Dusty set looks good. A Tom Moulton Mix?


Sounds great, but £19.28? Not going to bite at that price.


Price has gone up to 25.37!!! Mad or what


According to the Real Gone Music website the remixer is Ted Carfrae, so maybe Amazon’s Tom Moulton info is wrong.

Philip Brennan

“Can’t Touch Us Now” came out in 2016 rather than 2012, surely?

(My first post so I’ll just take the time to congratulate you on a great site, Paul)

Jan Greeve

Boney M and no mention of the Eurovision 4LP box set? What’s happening here?

Keith Brittain

I’ll just take issue with your cut against The Thin White Duke’s “Never Let Me Down” album. I like it……great songs like “Time Will Crawl” and the title track.


The coloured limited editions of Labyrinth editions are already “sold 0ut”. I am also waiting for a re-issue of this album on CD.

Ken Pummell

Also our this week – Dusty Springfield’s The Complete Philadelphia Sessions – A Brand New Me (Expanded Edition.


now, there’s an essential buy for any lover of “blue-eyed soul” or/and female vocal…
Aside from “Dusty in Memphis” a great introduction for everyone too young to be familiar with her work.

andrew r

9lp boxset ? Boney M? That will be the vinyl
they should have used for the non existent Traffic box set
Is this the dross i commented on in the winwood thread?

I want CD

Very bad. I’m still waiting for a Labyrinth re-issue on CD…..and a Twin Peaks ost re-issue on CD…and STP re-issues on CD…ect.

Auntie Sabrina

HMV currently have Imelda May’s Life Love Flesh Blood, Steps’ Tears On The Dsncefloor, Elkie Brooks’ Pearls, Kiss’ Kissworld, and Take That’s Wonderland on CD at £4.99 each.

There are also various 3CD Top Of The Pops compilations including ’83, ’84, New Wave and New Romantic out on Friday.

As you say, a bit of a slow week then.

PS How’s the Purple Rain review coming along please..?


I know there’s a vinyl revival and all…but a nine LP Boney M boxset?


Enough Bowie sideshows. When is the next box gonna be announced – Move On ’77-’80, right? It’s time.

Kevin Barrett

About time there were more vinyl releases than cd, very good!


Why? Is it 1983?

Gary C

Hopefully some of us can sit out this week, and maybe the next couple given the plethora of recent purchases…

Sometimes tho, it just seems like they are looking around for something to re-sell to us, it is mostly low hanging fruit. That Labyrinth album is hardly essential, but releasing it in 2 coloured editions as well; kinda stinks, whoever signed off on it.
Disclaimer: do like the album generally

Mark Hanson

All vinyl this week except one! We CD buyers are beginning to feel unloved.

Not that the record companies ever felt anything about us other than “give me money”…


@Mark, agree. They have quickly forgotten about the thirty plus years us CD buyers kept them all afloat. Never mind, its prompted me to get my Honky Chateau CD out :)


I third that…it’s especially frustrating when it’s a vinyl-only of something never/no longer available on CD. But on the plus side, after a week of Prince, Pointer Sisters, Odyssey, Three Degrees, a Donna Summer bargain – with an upcoming week of Sam Fox, Yell, Howard Jones AAAAAND…Pet Shop Boys and Blancmange (and more!) on the horizon…my wallet is enjoying this week off. (Sorry for the block of text/no paragraphs – for some reason Chrome is interfering with some of my keyboard functions…)

paul kelly

Mark there another cds comes out this week not listed is Delegation in loves time 1976-1983 and Esther Phillips A beautiful friendship 1971 -1976 on cherry pop website for tracklistings


This is not a comprehensive list by any means.


Madness are on such a roll, Can’t Touch Us Now is so good I am going to buy it again!