Paul Weller / Saturns Pattern 7-inch


Paul Weller will release the title track of his forthcoming album, Saturns Pattern, as seven inch single in May.

The single will be issued a week ahead of the album release and features an exclusive B-side, Sun Goes, which isn’t available on any of the various album formats, including the Japanese edition which itself features two exclusive songs (I Work In The Clouds and Praise If You Wanna).

This isn’t available to pre-order in the UK yet, but you can get it via Amazon Germany and Italy, both with autorip for digital versions.

The Saturns Pattern single is released on 4 May 2015.

Track listing

Side 1

  • Saturns Pattern

Side 2

  • Sun Goes

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What a rip off of a concept. Glad to see that Mr Weller is staying strong to his socialist principles. Fake raraties to benefit soulless collectors rather than genuine fans.


So, only StereoB sell the box? The Amazon release Single has the same extras?

Richard Dowling


Bought the single and box with postage to ROI at £8.30!!!
Hope the following singles are available elsewhere for cheaper delivery options.


Eight quid for a seven inch. Are they kidding?

Fred Smith

Again cd single collectors are ignored…why?

Paul English

Hipsters will object.


Indeed, years ago when I switched from 7″ to cd singles little did I think they’d come a time when artists switched back to not only releasing 7″s again but having exclusive vinyl tracks with no cd equivalent ! You couldn’t make it up. I must admit the cd single format is still my favourite but there are slim pickings these days.

My Jelly

The postage on each vinyl single package will be £4 an order that’s £11.99p for each purchase plus 3 quid to house the 7″ vinyl.
A unique collection but expensive long gone are the days of value for money singles. Come on! PW let’s make this available to the true fans at a reasonable cost and not just to the vultures who will put this collection on e-bay for £100 later in the year.

Alan Fenwick

There’s a much better descriptive write up about this single and the whole series of singles that will be released from this album at the stereoboutique store which is setup specifically for this series of releases.

A series of limited 7′ vinyl single bundles will be released from Paul’s new album ‘Saturns Pattern throughout 2015. Each package will include a black vinyl 7, a digital download (of the A and B-side), an exclusive 7′ x 7’ art print and an extra element which will change with each release. For the first single, ‘Saturns Pattern, the additional element will be a print of Paul’s hand-written lyrics to the track.

One lucky recipient will receive Paul’s original hand-written lyrics.
Each single costs £7.99.

A limited number of Collector’s Boxes available separately for £3.
The Collector’s Box is a deluxe 7′ box with a gloss laminate finish, designed to house all 7’ singles that are released from the album.

Sounds like a well thought out set.


The Stereo Boutique page does not seem to be displaying correctly for me…

Are the single and the collectors box actually available to order yet?

Alan Fenwick

Yes, they are both available, I placed an order earlier.

Alan Fenwick

Just checked the site again now, it’s definitely not working as it should be, neither of the product pages display correctly.


Hmmm – okay thanks for letting me know. I guess I will have to just keep trying.

Thanks again Alan



Sounds like a well thought out RIP OFF to me.