Phil Collins / Remixed and Other Sides

‘Digital-only’ albums disappoint fanbase

Phil Collins long-running physical reissue campaign apparently comes to an end with two new compilations – Other Sides and Remixed Sides – lumbered with a ‘digital only’ release status.

Other Sides features 18 songs issued as B-sides between 1981 and 2003 and includes many demos (most of which weren’t included on the two-CD deluxe editions issued back in 2016). Meanwhile Remixed Sides includes extended and remixed versions of tracks from Collins’ studio albums.

Having issued all the albums as two-CD sets (then put them out again as single disc remasters) and then released The Singles compilation via FOUR physical formats (2CD, 3CD, 2LP and 4LP) it’s bizarre, to say the least, that Warner Music appear to have given up with physical releases for this ‘Take A Look At Me Now’ campaign, especially since fans have been enquiring about the extended mixes ever since they were left off of all the deluxe reissues!

We know Collins’ has had health issues in recent years (he now walks with a cane) but the decision to not release these on CD is not the kind of physical decline we were expecting.

These will be available (groan) “through digital download and streaming services” on 31 May 2019. What are your thoughts on this decision? If you feel strongly leave a comment on SDE and let’s see if we can get the label to issue these as physical releases.


1.    “In The Air Tonight” (Demo)
2.    “I Missed Again” (Demo)
3.    “If Leaving Me Is Easy” (Demo)
4.    “The Man With The Horn”
5.    “I Like The Way”
6.    “Big Noise” (Instrumental)
7.    “Homeless” (“Another Day In Paradise” Demo)
8.    “Lionel” (“Do You Remember?” Demo)
9.    “Broadway Chorus” (“Something Happened On The Way To Heaven” Home Demo)
10.   “Around The World In 80 Presets”
11.   “Rad Dudeski”
12.   “Don’t Call Me Ashley”
13.   “Both Sides Of The Demo” (Early Demo)
14.   “Everyday” (Early Demo)
15.   “For A Friend”
16.   “Stevie’s Blues” (“There’s A Place For Us” Instrumental)
17.   “It’s Everywhere”
18.    “Tears Of A Clown” (“Wake Up Call” 2003 Version)


1.    “In The Air Tonight” (Ben Liebrand Extended Version)
2.    “In The Air Tonight” (’88 Remix)
3.    “Easy Lover” (Extended Dance Remix)
4.    “Take Me Home” (Extended Remix)
5.    “Sussudio” (Extended Remix)
6.    “Who Said I Would” (Extended Remix)
7.    “Only You And I Know” (Extended Remix)
8.    “Don’t Lose My Number” (Extended Remix)
9.    “One More Night” (Extended Remix)
10.   “The Roof Is Leaking” (Nicka’s Stella Polaris Interpretation)
11.   “Medley Mega Mix: Sussudio/Don’t Lost My Number/You Can’t Hurry Love”
12.   “Something Happened On The Way To Heaven”( One World Remix)
13.   “Hang In Long Enough” (Pettibone 12″ Mix)
14.   “Hang In Long Enough” (Pettibone Dub Mix)
15.   “Hang In Long Enough” (Pop Club Mix)
16.    “Hang In Long Enough” (Dub 1)
17.    “Wear My Hat” (Hat Dance Mix)
18.    “Wear My Hat” (Wear My Dub)

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Josh Hoogendoorn

Such a bummer that the remixed versions aren’t released on vinyl,I would have bought it in a heartbeat


Agreed that this release is a mess. For me personally the biggest mistake being the 4 missing seconds of the first track.

Wonderful remix by Ben Liebrand but completely messed up on this release by missing the 4 most crucial seconds of this track…


Remixed Sides is a mess, level wise one extreme to another, that is DR16 right down to DR6, multiple sources for the tracks released on this Anthology.

Looks like like both analogue and digital sources perhaps?

Dale P

There needs to be an electrical ZAP that screws every digital release up. Some big hiccup that destroys all things digital for a month! Making all these record company zombies realize that they ALWAYS need to make a few 100 professional glass mastered cds in every release ever produced. Thank God Japan has a hard – on for physical cd type media. This might just save the cd for a little while longer. Damn you stupid record executives that are trying to kill the cd format. Long live the professional glass mastered cd with the proper sound. I’m glad for vinyl lovers too as you are getting a little extension on your format as well.


I just bought this download. Some tracks are LOUD in volume and then others are much lower in volume. This is disappointing. I am not sure yet in the sound quality on the lower volume tracks, the sound quality does seem to be different on those. But I am wondering if all these tracks were even digitally remastered for this collection . Were the “12”ers” versions taken from an old CD source? One has to wonder when the volume levels on those specific tracks are much lower in volume. And it seems the sound quality is different than the louder tracks. Not sure this is worth buying at all… even if you are fine with digital downloads. Ugh.
Ugh is right.

Mike Williams

I’ve never bought a download, but I buy hundreds of CDs every year! I purchase many LPs on vinyl also. If I can’t hold it, I don’t feel as if I really own it! I want to own it! I would buy the remix one on CD, but would not ever buy the download.

Dan Jones

Come folks, Any decent music fan wants to own the music, not just some virtual binary code.


It happens that Homeless (“Another Day In Paradise” Demo), which is already available for sale on Qobuz and the other digital stores, is actually the regular album version.
They are messing up everything right from the beginning.

Nuno Bento

The version released on Spotify was actually not the album version, but a rough mix with a different intro and outro. Which means that they accidentally released something that was actually rare.

It has since been removed from Spotify which means that they are actually listening to the fans, they just choose to ignore us most of the time.
As soon as we flagged that they had included something rare accidentally, they took care of the situation immediately.


Yes, you’re right, the song has some elements which slightly differ from the regular album version, but it’s very very close to it, and it surely isn’t the Homeless demo we know well, which was included on the I Wish It Would Rain Down single back in the day, neither the different one included on the 2016 deluxe edition of But Seriously.

And i also concur with you that Phil collins entourage listen to the fans only when it suits them.
As is now, the wrong version of Homeless is still up for sale on Qobuz, so i wonder if it’s better purchasing it soon before it vanishes…


…they deleted it on Qobuz, but it’s still available in HiRes on 7digital…

I’m curious which version of “Rad Dudeski” they are going to release. There is no previously released 3.55 version of the track. And sadly they will release only the short version of “I Like The Way” (which was previously released on an japanese CD single). The longer version remains “vinyl only”…


CDs would be preferable, but I’d rather have lossless quality or high-res downloads than any amount of crap 7 inch vinyl picture disc only releases…

If however the downloads are only lossy MP3,
then they can shove it up their …..


I’m fine with this being a digital-release. I can always rip the mp3’s to CD. but it’s the album art that scares the sh*t out of me everytime I see it. I understand it’s meant as a “remix ” concept or “mixed up” art. But I cringe everytime I see it. Haha

I am excited to get these remixes, even though I already have many of them on vinyl from back in the day. I wish the alternate remix of ‘Take Me Home’ were included. But I have that already as well.

Mike Powell

I did my own custom iTunes artwork for both releases. It’s only 480×480, but drop me an email if you want the images… can’t seem to post them here.


Not sure I understand all the outrage in this thread… I’ve been enjoying the hell out of these reissues! They indeed should have credited the origins of the live tracks, but onward. The remasters sound fantastic and I’d be thrilled for other artists to offer up as much as Phil has here. I’m quite fine with a live bonus track in place of a 9 minute “Wear My Hat” dance remix any day.

Steven Roberts

So if you take the reissue program as a whole (including this – grrrr – digital-only release) then which b-sides/remixes/live tracks/whatever are still missing in action?

Does anyone have a definitive list?


Recently I had a conversation with the owner of a music distribution company(they primarily rely on physical sales) and he told me that Sony were moving towards everything being a download. They had decided that there was not enough interest in physical sales to make it worth their while and with digital downloads they can maximise their profit. It will be interesting to see whether this actually happens.

Torgrim Hallvardson Rygnestad

How come no vinyl – no cd??
Who will buy digital only – this is a shame for the fans Phil Collins…

Julian Hancock

As an aside, I disagree with the assertion in the weekly newsletter that people weren’t interested in live tracks. Back in the day, large numbers of people who buy live albums, precisely because they often presented a far more interesting and dynamic version of a song. As other readers might recall, these often sold in huge numbers. Albums of discarded demos, with the notable exception of the likes of the Basement Tapes, not so much.


I think my namesake has a point here. Live tracks are generally quite a draw for casual buyers, because they present an exciting alternative. I’d be more inclined to pick something up if it has a live bonus disc as opposed to a demo bonus disc or a 12″ bonus disc. And I think this is the thinking behind the releases, however it was executed.

What’s certainly not right is delivering the rare tracks only as a download. I echo everyone’s wishes for physical releases, at least be consistent within the series!!

Charlie Waffles


I just loved the writing on the Week in Review about the digital only Phil Collins releases. You summed up my feelings perfectly.


Nice Sunday email there Paul. I probably wouldn’t look for the invite to the Collins’ Christmas party this year (or ever). Maybe more importantly you can kiss those promo copies of his next release goodbye – oh wait it’s digital anyway. Nevermind.


I understand why Warner/Rhino/Atlantic decided to not release physical (CD) release of this part of this reissue program. THEY WANTED TO COMPLETELY MESS UP THIS WHOLE CATALOG!
The B-sides and remix can be bought by everybody that bought the remasters and everybody that TOTALY IGNORED THE WHOLE REMASTER PROGRAM, they bought the audiophile release (of first 4 titles), have all the original vinyl, (45’s too). They all would want the b-sides and remixes in a single place. This is the only way to end this program properly. Warner/Rhino is losing the Prince catalog, they are releasing a CD/2LP of famous B-sides and his verisons of songs he wrote for other people. Phil Collins fans deserve at lease that much. It would pay for itself and isn’t that the point.


I concur with your statement on these reissues, Paul.

Very much regret NOT being inclined to buy any of this.

Ray C

So many comments, amazing, Phil needs to wake up and listen to the customers who have helped make you who you are today, and continue to try and support you.
CD please.


Thank you paul. No cd = no buy.
Phil Collins has a “long long way to go” before is reissue campaign makes us happy !


Releasing it as digital only makes ‘Nonce-Sense’ like everyone here I still buy physical, hell I actually bought 14 albums this week, old releases and new. Now if Phil can’t be arsed with a physical release then I can’t be arsed paying for a digital release then I will just acquire this online from a decent bay of pirates.

Jeff Maddocks

Two phrases guaranteed to stop me reading further – ‘digital only release’ and ‘vinyl release’. I have no interest whatsoever in either. I’m probably not the only 50 year old to say that.

Dale P

Hell yeah! I’m freakin sick of everyone trying to phase out the cd. People are crazy stupid! I understand some want vinyl but to hell with digital only. I only buy cd as well. Just turned 50 a few months ago.

Andy Hanson

Just to add a bit of balance, the collection of studio albums (8 I believe) was released as a box set that I saw going for around 8 quid a few months back…the biggest bargain I recall seeing in recent releases. I also liked the updated covers concept…personal taste I suppose. Totally agree though that a digital only release is complete shite and indicative ofa record industry that once again wants to shoot itself in the foot.

Madrid Soulbrother

I’m another asshole that still is buying physical cds, last ones this past Friday. I’ve already posted words and words about the only digital versions, I will never buy such kind of ethereal shits.

It’s more or less the shame shit with reissue of EBTG Amplified Heart 25th anniversary edition.

I like buying anniversary, special and deluxe editions, but do not like completing them with live versions but alternative takes, …. for instance Marvin Gaye I want you and Let’s get it on.

Thus, do not count on me with this digital stuff.

Jim Galvin

Hey, I’m one of those assholes too! I refuse to pay for downloads, I want the physical CD in my hands and/or filed on the shelf. I may be out of room to store anything but I’ll make my own MP3/Flac/Wav files.

Paul Nolan

Me wants it my precious vinyl

Colman Jones

I couldn’t agree more… It’s ridiculous that these collectors recordings are only available in low-resolution digital format, when the kinds of people who would be in the market for this are far more likely to be audiophiles who aren’t content to just stream MP3s on their iPhone… More than any other release in this reissue campaign, these need to be released as physical product, and I fully support Paul’s efforts in trying to make this happen. I own every Genesis and Phil Collins release that’s ever been put out, but I have no interest in listening to low-quality audio of these demos and remixes, and will wait until they put a physical product that at least is up to the Redbook CD standard (I have long given up on the possibility of ever seeing Hi-Res or surround mixes of Phil’s work)


Please get yourself informed before feeding the shitstorm and spreading misinformation about “low-quality audio”. These are available as downloads in lossless CD quality. They may not be physical, but they do offer exactly the same quality as your beloved CDs.


As many here, I support physical media. Most Phil fans come from the 80s decade and we are all familiar with physical formats instead of downloading or streaming music. So, it doesn’t make sense at all and there is no reason for digital format only. If the previous deluxe editions didn’t get good sales is because they did the wrong choices to put on every album. Remixes and Extended Versions were missing in the reissues. Now, they have the chance to do the right things but, they don’t. Only a few people probably are going to buy the digital edition. It is a shame!!!


Thanks for the comments Paul, will not buy. Almost choked on my breakfast while reading the « shit cake » line.

Jenna Appleseed

At least this means I can listen to him in a way that means it’s a lot easier to consciously avoid Phil Collin’s terrifying face. His disembodied head on his LP covers scared me as a child (not joking) & the recreated versions are 1000 times more creepy.

You could’ve had a warning on your email before I scrolled down and shouted
;MAKE PHIL COLIN’S SCARY HEAD GO AWAY ‘ (austisc spectrum + anxiety disorder & some odd phobias)

Kudos for the phrase “icing on the shitcake” though – best new swear that isn’t from Charlie Brooker or Modern Toss

Phil Cohen

You e-mailed article (“He Missed Again”) said EXACTLY what I and many other fans are thinking. Please put that article onto your website, to increase the possibility that Collins and Warner Music executives might read it. That article has some of your best writing ever.
Warner Music paid out substantial money to Collins for a license to reissue Collins’ back catalog, but Warners and the fans got burnt.

Ronnie Olsson

Regarding the “He Missed Again” article it sounds like his neighbour Barry Gibb have been giving some of his “sage” advice lately. This is basically Barry’s stance on the Bee Gees catalogue as well.


Other thought on the reissues was that the live tracks were pulled from mostly previously released live releases or audio from videos.
The last rerelease still excluded tracks that were only on the DVD release.


I love the rant in your newsletter this week Paul, you sounded like you were raging. Also ‘shitcake’ is a wonderful word I have not heard before.

Shawn C.

I absolutely love Apple Music. Used iTunes for years, subscribed to Apple Music from the very beginning. Having a world of music instantaneously at your fingertips/ears, what’s not to love? That said, I grew up on vinyl, cassettes, and CDs. I devour reissue CDs and vinyl and am a bit ashamed to admit how much I spend on them annually. Its true, I rip the CDs into iTunes at a high bitrate and then file them away, not likely to be used again. Obviously the vinyl gets played regularly.

All this is to say, I’m not an “either/or” consumer, I’m an “and” consumer. I love both digital and physical product. But the consumer should have a choice. Many artists and releases I am completely happy to settle for a digital only release. Remixes and B sides of Phil Collins? Absolutely willing to settle – but I’m not that big a Phil Collins fan. He was very good with Genesis, good solo in the 80s, sucked later. My opinion. But to the point, I believe it is rip off to fans to have a piecemeal reissue campaign where you bleed the consumer and then dump the extras into a digital format only. If they were to do that with the next David Bowie box, for example, I’d be furious.

My guess is that the Collins reissue campaign has been a bust, for a lot of the reasons Paul has mentioned (horrible covers, lack of extras) and the label simply isn’t interested in the expense of a physical B-sides/remix package.


Hm. I largely disagree with our hosts comments in all but one regard.

We agree – releasing something digital only, with no physical options (they should do vinyl AND CD) is ridiculous and heinous. Just as the Bowie camp has recently done with releasing tracks on vinyl only, it’s a horrible way to treat you audience.

On the cover art – I thought that was a great idea. I think it worked well, and those complaining are being churlish. It also helped draw a line between previous versions, and the new ones. It worked for me, and I think it was a good decision.

On the extras…. there’s a line. The music belongs to Phil Collins ultimately. There is an argument that while fans wants warts and all, the artist gets to decide what happens to their work. We may not like it – and to bring Bowie up again, he was notorious at nixing the release of demos etc. – as fans, but ultimately we should respect the artists wishes. We don’t have to buy the reissues, after all.

On the liver material – it IS interesting to hear live versions of the album tracks. Again, just because we want demo’s and alternate versions (personally I dislike 99% of remixes and extended versions, but perhaps that’s just me) doesn’t mean live versions are not wanted. Fans complaining we didn’t get the cutting from the floor are again, being rather churlish, imo.

That said – some of the other material is apparently coming out, and in a ridiculous way. Which leads me to this thought – the main problem with the reissues is that they should have been complete box sets, rather than simple 2-disc releases. That way they could have done more with the booklets, given us both live and demos etc. The plus side is, the way they were done kept the price down.

I’ll end by saying – I appreciate some fans were disappointed. But to attack Collins in the way today’s email did is way out of line, imo. It really sounds a child’s tantrum. On the other hand, no physical aspect to the two newer releases is problematic. Sadly, SDE isn’t consistent in it’s desire for physical media, I don’t see complaints because the Bowie releases were Vinyl only. for instance.

As time goes on, we’re going to have to fight for physical releases time and time again, especially for CD, which the music industry is busy trying to kill. That’s the battleground right now. Vinyl only releases are not the answer. And yes, CD sales will fall if you release less of them and butcher there mastering. Sad times.d

Nigel Quinless

I didn’t purchase any of the reissues because there were no extended mixes included. I certainly won’t be purchasing a download of what I’m after. Release on vinyl please or failing that at least on CD.
If I’m paying out my hard earned cash I need a physical format before I part with my money.


Is this the world we created?

Disney Mike

If nothing else, this whole Phil Collins reissue campaign has been the epitome of how NOT to do such a project. Everything about this campaign has been done in the worst way imaginable. Every artist, manager, and record company executive should take note and vow to never do anything like this.

I made the mistake of buying the deluxe CD reissues of the albums. I haven’t bought anything else, though, and I don’t plan buying anything else. There are a couple of b-sides I’d love to have on CD, but, as that’s not an option, there’s no reason for me to spend a penny. I’ll make do with my old vinyl and CD singles for all those great b-sides.


I don’t use streaming or downloading music. Only buys cd’s.



Hey Bulldog


Neil Kelly

Crazy! Would’ve purchased a 2 CD set. Digital? You’re having a laugh! I’ll pick up a free download and burn. Must try harder…


well said

Dejan Dozic

Make them available as downloadable lossless formats for the public.
I just don’t like the idea to pay money for lossy formats such as mp3.


These tracks haven’t been remastered so i’m not bothered about not having them on CD

elliott buckingham

ive reluctantly pre-orderd the digital version from amazon in the hope that a cd or vinyl edition does someday make it. I was given the roof is leaking which starts of great then breaks into an awful dancebeat halfway through im assuming this is a new remix and not a period piece. I also cant believe there were no 12″ mixes from hello I must be going ” I don’t care anymore ” is screaming for a 12″ mix

Steven Roberts

@elliott Buckingham If you ARE intent on going down the path of the dark side – sorry, I meant digital download – then you may want to consider ordering from somewhere like Qobuz rather than Amazon.

That way you should ensure you at least get a CD-quality download rather than mp3.


Incredibly disappointing news. This is even worse than the decision that had been made with the Billy Idol remix album to leave some of the new mixes off the CD version. I have already picked up some of Phil’s deluxe editions and would have grabbed this but will have to skip.

Tim O.

I believe that Phil does not take this project too seriously. When the Deluxe Edition Campaign was launched a few years ago he explained the reason for NOT including all b-sides and remixes to the Deluxe Editions that fans will find these songs on the internet easily and thus have access to them anyway. So he believed that fans do not need “his support” by considering these songs and remixes for inclusiion on the Deluxe Editions. So from Phil’s point of view it looks like a major committment from him to make these recordings available anyway even if it is just a digital release. But thanks for no thanks Mr Collins! These digital releases set in connection with his previous arguements just sadly demonstrate that Phil and Warners are highly disconnected from their fanbase which is a sad thing to learn. But as long as Phil is “not dead yet” there may be hope for us that Phil “takes a real look at himself now”and get these albums released on CD and Vinyl before he is really gone for good .

Mike Powell

I’m pretty sure this entire campaign was carefully planned. Notice that the bonus tracks from the CDs don’t overlap the new digital albums? Obviously the releases weren’t sequenced in the order of release, rather they determined what needed to be on a b-sides album and a remix album and what didn’t fit we got on the extra disc of the album remasters, including the alternate Paradise demo.

As for digital, I would have preferred CD and I do plan to order from Qobuz to get lossless files, but even the MP3 sample of The Man With The Horn from Amazon sounds much better than any currently available source, so I don’t see the problem given that the price is reasonable. Some may want to pick and choose only certain tracks, which further reduces the cost. The ability to do that is unique to downloads/streaming, so I don’t think it’s the cock-up that many are making it out to be.

With regard to the album art, I liked the idea of recreating the original covers but the result was not attractive, due in part to Phil’s hard drinking and subsequent falls, making him look old and frail beyond his years. One wonders if the horrid cover images are intended to make us glad we don’t have physical representations of the albums on our shelves (can you imagine the “remixed” image at a full 12” square?)

The bottom line (pun intended) is that record companies are going to want to maximize profits from any release, and no matter how popular the artist, if a certain profit margin cannot be expected, the release never happens and the company has no regrets about that. I’d much rather get something in a less-than-ideal presentation than not at all, although personally I find lossless CD-quality files that presumably haven’t been remastered (i.e. “brickwall” limited) hard to beat.

Tim Joseph

Normally I’d agree with the “CD only ” brigade, but in this case there is no way I would buy a CD with that cover. I will be quite happy never to even see it again, never mind allow it in my house. Is he trying to turn off as many people as possible?


…..THANK YOU! My friend and I are 80’s fiends, FIENDS! and we were waiting with bated breath for Phil’s re-issues; I just about MURDERED ‘No Jacket…’ in the 80;’s, and was waiting for a Deluxe with the ORIGINAL artwork….

In theory, it was a unique idea with ‘current’ Phil art ‘going back’ with the re-issued music, but staying forward, but, he looked like Satan on the ‘current’ “No Jacket” re-issue! I’m NOT bring that into my home, and, I got NO remixes, and NO “We Said Hello Goodbye”, one of Phil’s ULTIMATE best songs! >: (

He turned ME off, but, I have a feeling Atlantic will give this project a re-do later in the future….but, to stay on topic, No Bueno on the ‘digital’ nonsense, AND to that funky “Both Sides” cover! I actually JUMPED when I saw it in this article!


I haven’t much of a clue about what you are going on about but We Said Hello Goodbye is on the remaster of No Jacket Required.


In retrospect, I have no real issue here, as a longtime fan I have most of this on CD already and the rest on vinyl. I have the many physical releases, and if this were cancelled today, I would be fine with that. I think this release is, however, for many fans the cherry of frustrationon top of Phil Collins in disconnect mode. I felt that since about 1988-1987 Phil Collins just got tired of being Phil Collins, and did his best to step back, first making a movie, and perhaps by accident making his finest piece of pop music, “Two Hearts” which really transcends the era from which it was created, I belive his most sucessful years were from 1988-1992? But he was in slowdown mode, making a ballad heavy album, the final (real) Genisis record, a collection of demos released as an album (Both Sides) dabbling on a somewhat half hearted level for the better part of ten years. I think he got too big and wanted to ease his way out. I remember watching Genesis in an interview in 1991 and just how disinterested he seemed, I can’t fault a man who did everything in pop and wanted out once he reached a certain age, it is just a shame he could not look back at his work with more fondness and excitement for the exceptional body of work he created and how it affected the people who bought and enjoyed his music. It seems ironic that much less popular pop acts have gotten full singles box sets while one of the most popular voices of the 80’s has been given a tidy digital download. Talk about selling gold for the price of silver.

Ted McIntyre

Would really love to see this as a CD release. Have most of the tracks in one form or another, so a digital download is not something I am interested in. Might download a couple of tracks to get better quality than my MP3 recorded from vinyl, but not the whole thing. Issue it on CD and these packages are a must have.

Bill Hammell

These songs should have been added to the recent deluxe album remasters, and now it wouldn’t fit inside the “box”, but I’d gladly buy it as a Deluxe Combo 2 disc package to stand along-side it! Download only? Grrrr!


I’m not even a Phil Collins fan but I’d like to add my voice as a young music buyer (I’m 24 years old). Warner Bros., there are many young music fans like me who want a CD in their hands still. Streaming is equal to radio in my eyes. I want to own my albums! The problem is a lot of people my age probably do not know this website exists, but just go on Youtube and you’ll see kids in their teens, 20s and 30s showing off their CD collection. Having this Phil Collins collection be digital release only is a blow to the fans that want to support the artists and record companies through purchasing music on a physical CD with gorgeous artwork, liner notes, and more. Please release this and all future releases on CD. Just please always have the options available to us who find fun and life fulfillment in collecting and owning music.
A forever physical music fan


Don’t confuse streaming with downloading. Downloads from itunes, qobuz etc. are all DRM-free, so you are owning these exactly as much as you are owning your physical CD. You can do anything with them, including backups and burning to CD-R as often as you want. If you prefer physical that’s fine, but it’s not needed in order to support the artists or to “own” music.

Leonardo L Marques

The ‘Take a Look at Me Now’ campaign could have been so much more than it actually was…
Picture each title with lavish books, 5.1 mixes, mini-documentaries, EPKS, b-sides, LD/VHS titles that never saw the light of day on the DVD/Blu-Ray formats… It was and always will be one of the most disappointing reissue series ever. Now don’t get me wrong. I love Phil Collins and he is one of my heroes, but someone needs to say to him that when it comes to releasing product to his fans, he is a bitter disappointment.