Pixies / Doolittle 25 reissue

Doolittle 25 reissue

The Pixies 1989 album Doolittle will be reissued in December as a 50-track three-CD deluxe edition.

Doolittle 25 will contain all the period B-sides, Peel Sessions and demos with almost half the tracks having not been commercially released before. The new package features more design work from Vaughan Oliver as he reinterprets his original design and this will come as a six panel card wallet printed in metallic ink.

A double LP vinyl version will also be issued one of LP containing 6 B-Sides and 2 full Peel Sessions and the second being the album in complete demo form plus 3 bonus tracks. A download card is included which offers access to all LP tracks plus four more bonus tracks.

Doolittle 25 is out on 1 December 2014

3CD Edition

2LP Edition

Track listing

Doolittle 25  / 3CD Edition


1. Debaser (2.52)
2. Tame (1.55)
3. Wave of Mutilation (2.04)
4. I Bleed (2.34)
5. Here Comes Your Man (3.21)
6. Dead (2.21)
7. Monkey Gone to Heaven (2.57)
8. Mr. Grieves (2.05)
9. Crackity Jones (1.24)
10. La La Love You (2.43)
11. No. 13 Baby (3.51)
12. There Goes My Gun (1.49)
13. Hey (3.31)
14. Silver (2.25)
15. Gouge Away (2.45)

Doolittle – B-Sides & Peel Sessions
Peel Session Recorded 18th October 1988

1. Dead (3.18)
2. Tame (1.58) *
3. There Goes My Gun (2.18)
4. Manta Ray (1.49)
Peel Session Recorded 2nd May 1989
5. Into The White (4.11) *
6. Wave of Mutilation (2.31)
7. Down To The Well (2.14)
‘Monkey Gone To Heaven’™ B-Sides
8. Manta Ray (2.40)
9. Weird At My School (1.58)
10. Dancing The Manta Ray (2.14)
‘Here Comes Your Man’ B-Sides
11. Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf) (3.02)
12. Into The White (4.43)
13. Bailey’s Walk (2.24)

Doolittle – Demos

1. Debaser (3.00)
2. Tame (2.10) *
3. Wave of Mutilation (First Demo) (2.04) *
4. I Bleed (1.46) *
5. Here Comes Your Man (1986 Demo) (3.07)
6. Dead (1.35) *
7. Monkey Gone To Heaven (2.52) *
8. Mr. Grieves (1.42) *
9. Crackity Jones (1.21) *
10. La La Love You (2.08) *
11. No. 13 Baby – VIVA LA LOMA RICA (First Demo) (2.17) *
12. There Goes My Gun (1.29) *
13. Hey (First Demo) (3.22) *
14. Silver (2.11) *
15. Gouge Away (1.42) *
Bonus Demo Tracks
16. My Manta Ray Is All Right (2.30) *
17. Santo (2.17) *
18. Weird At My School (First Demo) (1.53) *
19. Wave Of Mutilation (1.30) *
20. No. 13 Baby (3.07)
21. Debaser (First Demo) (3.37) *
22. Gouge Away (First Demo) (2.08) *

*Denotes Previously Unreleased

Doolittle 25  / 2LP Edition (CAD 3425)

Side One – Doolittle: B-Sides 1. Manta Ray (2.40), 2. Weird At My School (1.58), 3. Dancing The Manta Ray (2.14), 4. Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf) (3.02), 5. Into The White (4.43), 6. Bailey’s Walk (2.24)

Side Two – Doolittle: Peel Sessions 1. Dead (Peel Session) (3.18), 2. Tame (Peel Session) (1.58)*, 3. There Goes My Gun (Peel Session) (2.18), 4. Manta Ray (Peel Session) (1.49), 5. Into The White (Peel Session) (4.11)*, 6. Wave of Mutilation (Peel Session) (2.31), 7. Down To The Well (Peel Session) (2.14)

Side Three – Doolittle: Demos 1. Debaser (3.00), 2. Tame (2.10)*, 3. Wave of Mutilation (First Demo) (2.04)*, 4. I Bleed (1.46)*, 5. Here Comes Your Man (1986 Demo) (3.07)*, 6. Dead (1.35)*, 7. Monkey Gone To Heaven (2.52)*, 8. Mr. Grieves (1.42)*, 9. Crackity Jones (1.21)*

Side Four – Doolittle: Demos 1. La La Love You (2.08)*, 2. No. 13 Baby – VIVA LA LOMA RICA (First Demo) (2.17)*, 3. There Goes My Gun (1.29)*, 4. Hey (First Demo) (3.22)*, 5. Silver (2.11)*, 6. Gouge Away (1.42)*, 7. My Manta Ray Is All Right (2.30)*, 8. Santo (2.17)*, 9. Weird At My School (First Demo) (1.53)*

* Denotes previously unreleased The Peel Sessions were recorded on 18th October 1988 and 2nd May 1989 and originally broadcast on BBC Radio 1

3CD Edition

2LP Edition

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[…] also feature an HD transfer of the original stereo mix by Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab. The album was reissued back in 2014 for its 25th […]

Simon F

Just bought this today on vinyl from a proper bricks n’ mortar shop for £24.99 and you do get a copy of the original album chucked in. Comes in a new die cut inner sleeve. Possibly addded as a last minute bonus extra as it will not fit into either end of the main gatefold album sleeve! Excellent stuff all round.


At the time I’m writing this the Amazon UK price is £11.99.

Order in!


Mobile Fifelity’s Bossanova has a nasty glitch. When I mentioned it to them they blew me off and said “too bad, live with it”. Their subsequent Trompe was well done, however.

Paul Kent

I take back my vinyl comment, then. I suppose I was just looking at it from the point of view of it being remastered. But, yeah, if it’s not it seems a good idea to just release the extras. So… why not with the CD, too? :D


Jsut pre-ordered at the Pixies website. £14 for a 3 disc set is a steal, especially for a classic album like Doolittle. Early christmas present for myself. Would be wonderful to do something similar for Come On Pilgrim/Surfer Rosa. And the Throwing Muses albums.


I think doing the vinyl as the extra tracks only is a great idea. The LP itself is easily available either 2nd hand or from usual stiockists so there’s no need for a double dip.

Vinyl ordered from amazon.de

Charles Hodgson

£12.00 + £2.00 postage for 3CD.
£22.00 + ? postage for 2LP.
CD version esp seems exceptionally good value.

Ian P

The CD can be preordered at the band’s own site for £12 plus £2 postage.

Simon F

Vinyl for me! I still have my original vinyl Doolittle Lp so this will be a fine addition to it. An excellent release. One for the Xmas wants list methinks.


It’s remastered right? Confused.
I always wondered why no proper re-releases of the Pixies albums have ever occurred. Even that insanely expensive box sets was just original albums and a bunch of swag. Excited to get this but want to know what they’ve done with the sound.


Actually, Mobile Fifelity re-released Surfer Rosa, Doolittle, Bossanova and Trompe Le Monde as separate (and amazing sounding) sacd-hybrids and lp’s some years ago, by the time Minotaur was released.


Weird I had no idea this had happened. Problem is those reissues are now $30 a pop! I would also think that if you owned the SACD editions you wouldn’t want to replace it with this new release.

Paul Kent

A 25th anniversary vinyl reissue of Doolittle that doesn’t actually include Doolittle? Is it just me that finds that a bit odd?


Possibly not… but it does address the issue of fans being expected to buy the same album again and again and again… and for those fans that prefer, they are getting the extras on vinyl, and keeping this to a double vinyl edition does (apparently) keep the price down.

Lee Taylor

Yes, at the very least, they could release the original album separately. I’ll stick with the CD issue for this one.


No info regarding a remastering on this one, and the Mimotaur’s 5.1 audio would have been great…

Gary C

Vinyl on Amazon.de is a steal, I’m guessing you won’t find this any cheaper when it does appear on Amazon.uk.
The digital version is already posted for pre-order on Amazon.uk at £16 so that suggests to me that you’ll pay around £20 for the physical 3CD release.


How come there is no UK Amazon Pre-order?


Mammoth. As soon as this hits Amazon.co.uk I’ll be pre-ordering it. It’s so good to see albums outside the mainstream and pop to get the special treatment.