Primal Scream / Screamadelica / four CD bookset reissue

Sony are to reformat and reissue Primal Scream‘s 1991 album Screamadelica in a compact ‘bookset‘ with most of the content ported from 2011’s anniversary box set.

Due at the end of this month, this new edition of the inaugural Mercury Prize-winning album will feature all four CDs from the circular limited edition box set issued four years ago. The first disc features the original album with audio re-mastered by Primal Scream and Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine; disc two presents the Dixie Narco EP; the third disc is the remix CD with a range of re-workings by Terry Farley, The Orb, Andrew Weatherall (and many more) and the set is completed with a disc of audio from a live show at the Hollywood Palladium.

This set includes a twenty page booklet with colour photography from Grant Fleming and Kevin Westerberg as well as interviews with some of the creators of the iconic original album, Bobby Gillespie, Andrew Innes and Andrew Weatherall.

This four-CD edition of Screamadelica will be released on 27 November 2015 and a two-LP gatefold vinyl reissue of the album will be issued on the same day.



Screamadelica 4CD bookset


Screamadelica 2LP vinyl


Screamadelica 4CD bookset

Disc 1: Screamadelica remastered
1. Movin’ on Up
2. Slip Inside This House
3. Don’t Fight It, Feel It
4. Higher Than the Sun
5. Inner Flight
6. Come Together
7. Loaded
8. Damaged
9. I’m Comin’ Down
10. Higher Than the Sun (A Dub Symphony in Two Parts)
11. Shine Like Stars

Disc 2: Dixie-Narco EP
1. Movin’ on Up
2. Stone My Soul
3. Carry Me Home
4. Screamadelica

Disc 3: Mixes

1. “Loaded” (Terry Farley 12″ Mix) 6:02
2. “Loaded” (7″ Mix) 4:24
3. “Come Together” (Terry Farley 7″ Mix) 4:26
4. “Come Together” (7″ Mix) 4:56
5. “Come Together” (Terry Farley Extended 12″ Mix) 8:04
6. “Come Together” (Hypnotone Brain Machine Mix) 5:18
7. “Come Together” (BBG Mix) 6:28
8. “Higher Than the Sun” (Higher Than the Orb) 5:02
9. “Higher Than the Sun” (12″ Mix) 6:47
10. “Higher Than the Sun” (American Spring Mix) 6:25
11. “Don’t Fight It, Feel It” (7″ Mix) 4:09
12. “Don’t Fight It, Feel It” (Graham Massey Mix) 5:00
13. “Don’t Fight It, Feel It” (Scat Mix) 7:57
14. “I’m Losing More Than I’ll Ever Have” 4:39

Disc 4: Live at the Hollywood Palladium

1. Movin’ on Up
2. Slip Inside This House
3. Don’t Fight It, Feel It
4. I’m Losing More (Than I’ll Ever Have)
5. Damaged
6. Screamadelica
7. Loaded
8. Come Together
9. Higher Than the Sun
10. Cold Turkey
11. No Fun

Screamadelica 2LP vinyl

Side 1
1. Movin’ on Up
2. Slip Inside This House
3. Don’t Fight It, Feel It

Side 2
1. Higher Than the Sun
2. Inner Flight
3. Come Together

Side 3
1. Loaded
2. Damaged
3. I’m Comin’ Down

Side 4
1. Higher Than the Sun (A Dub Symphony in Two Parts)
2. Shine Like Stars

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Ahh…. nice corporate cash in !!
The dixieland narco ep could easily fit on cd 1 like the 2011 remaster
if you buy this you deserve to be fooled
It is the same money spinning cycle all over again to let People spend cash for the dame product how often do you think you playboy a primal scream live cd?

[…] Primal Scream / Screamadelica / four CD bookset reissue […]


I’d like to see some straightforward deluxe editions for their other albums come out. The prohibitively-expensive Japanese 2CD reissues from a while back would be a good starting point for some packed 2CD editions. I’d be happy without added DVDs even.

Mostly would like to see enhanced reissues of Vanishing Point and XTRMNTR. One day…


I have the 2011 box set as well.

Is the booklet the same as the box set Paul?

I think it is.


I think the 2011 tin had a 50 page book. Wonder What have they cut out?


Maybe in high-res as well?

Paul English

I bought the double LP and the CD on the day of release in 1991. Picked up the 2011 box set also – annoyingly the vinyl in that comes in NO sleeves. Surprisingly it sounds better than the original LP.

But my go-to Screamdelica remains the original CD – a lovely sounding disc.


The Classic Albums doc is worth it for sheer comedy value alone.

Danny Howells

I didn’t have space for the circular box so went with the expensive Japanese clamshell box which contained all the audio (except for the Dixie Narco EP) and retained the DVD of all the promos.


Not unexpected. Sony re-release a lot of their premium box sets in this format.
The Screamadelica Classic Albums show is available along with the Screamadelica show on a blu ray, currently available new for around a fiver on eBay. Well worth the investment.


Assuming that the vinyl will be the Gillespie / Shields remaster?

Rare Glam

As I never bought the super deluxe in 2011 (didn’t want the vinyl) this will be a handy and useful way to own the extended CD version and it’s only half the price of the Japanese 2011 clam shell box set edition. Just a pity the ‘making of’ DVD with promo videos could not be included as well. there’s always something, but I like how this looks anyway.


Now a 5.1 of this would be cool. We can only but dream.