Radiohead / new single Burn the Witch


Radiohead are expected to release their new single Burn The Witch later this month.

The band released a video for this new track a few days ago (see below) and will issue 2500 seven-inch singles with most going to indie record shops. These won’t be available online, apparently. The B-side will be Spectre, the rejected Bond theme which the band gave away as a free download on Christmas Day 2015.

What do you think of the new song? Leave a comment and let us know.

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[…] album release, which had been preceded by two videos last week, including Burn The Witch, is digital-only at present, with physical formats to follow in June and a deluxe box set promised […]

Tom Elliot

Erm… 2 minutes ago they had a banner saying ‘Sold Out’ and now it’s back up again!.

Tom Elliot

Sorry… in the minute since I posted the above message, the store in the first link already sold out!.

Tom Elliot

Yes unfortunately the white vinyl appears to have sold out overnight from those retailers, but any other indie record store may still offer copies (or might be able to put in an order if requested). A quick Google turned up the following;




Donal Murphy

Nice tip Tim, this opaque pressing appears already sold out

Tom Elliot

By the way, for record fans like myself, there is a one-off pressing of the double LP available on opaque white vinyl, due for release on 17th June.

It’s listed on some UK indie record stores such as Piccadilly Records (£20 – same price as the black vinyl) Rough Trade (£22) and Boomkat (was £22 then they put it up to £24 – naughty!). They all have different prices for shipping.

At this rate it seems like it might beat Blackstar for the highest number of editions of a single album i’ve purchased this year!.

Tom Elliot

I’ve never considered myself a fan of Radiohead since I only enjoyed the odd song here and there, but after hearing ‘Daydreaming’ I decided to take the plunge and ordered the special edition of the new album. For the past few hours i’ve been listening to the free download that came with it, and after 23 years, I can finally call myself a ‘fan’!.

It’s among the most beautiful collection of songs i’ve heard in my entire life, every song is perfectly crafted with so much subtle complexity. I don’t buy new music often – most of my purchases are reissues/deluxe editions of old favourite albums – so it’s a real treat for me to have something new to enjoy!.

Auntie Sabrina

BBC Radio 6 will be playing songs from the new album from 7.00pm tomorrow, Sunday 8 May.

Donal Murphy

“A Moon Shaped Pool” the new album, is out on download since 7pm tonight, and a variety of versions including double heavyweight vinyl, which comes with 2 cd’s(with 2 extra tracks” and serious looking packaging, 32.pages of artwork, and bound with an actual piece of 1/2 inch master tape.

Tom of FIN

Could the group at last replace the singer by his own decision in terms of better judgment? He is as terrible in his vocals as ever. If not singer-songwriter, but only songwriter? Indeed? Thom Yorke has killer tunes and is a master in composing, but he surely is not a singer. And he keeps featuring in other artists’ pieces… OMG. For example Mark Pritchard (Global Communication / Jedi Knights / Reload) long play comin’ up by Warp next week!


Yeah, I’m sure that’s under discussion. Let’s get our frontman to willingly leave the band after 25 years together, because that’s a surefire way to please our longtime fans…

You may not like his voice, and indeed he is not a “traditional” singer, but what percentage of rock/alternative (even pop) singers are actually doing so because they’re “objectively good singers”? His voice is a distinct component of their sound, and they wouldn’t really be Radiohead without it.


Simon F

Oh God!! Oh Jesus Christ!! Incidentally if you have never seen the sequel to the Wicker Man called the Wicker Tree, avoid it at all costs. It is truly horrendous. The only good thing is Honeysuckle Weeks whose clothes keep falling off!
The music? usual old moany Radiohead.


In case you haven’t seen, the new album is being released digitally on Sunday.


There’s a second single, Daydreaming.



I suppose the indie stores that will have the 7” will only be in the UK and the US only ?
We overseas enthusiasts will only have Ebay to have a chance to get our hands on the thing. :(


…or the websites of independent retailers, which is how the news originally got out.


Although considering it would have leaked the second it hit the pressing plant, what seems to be the new norm of digital-first, physical-later makes sense.


Sad but true.


Album released this Sunday May 8 digitally, physical version June 17. Bit annoyed they didn’t sync up…


contacted my local record store in anticipation of the new 7 inch, they told me that its not been confirmed yet and apparently that rumour came about after a tweet…not sure who tweeted about it though!


Really enjoying both video and song. It’s not “Pyramid Song” or “There There” but it’s a welcome return and makes me excited for the album. Will be interesting to see what sort of deluxe set they come up with this time (and if it includes any bonus music or just fancy artwork). I’ll be picking up the 7″ if it shows up locally.


I do believe Chippy Minton is in the video. Welcome back Chippy!


Suprisingly very orthodox for them but that’s no bad thing. Orchestral menace.

Steve W

Great video, not too sure about the song.

Auntie Sabrina

If she floats, she!s a witch Simon.

Simon F

How do you know she is a witch?!


She turned me into a newt…

I got better.


Like it a lot and the video is great. And the b-side rejected bond theme is excellent too – cant see why it was rejected as its definately got the bond sound to a tee!

Auntie Sabrina

Heard this yesterday on Radio 2! Really interesting sound. Nice of Radiohead to support independant record stores, wonder how many copies will end up on sale online though…