Rare Wham! and Sade lead a pair of new Blank & Jones so80s compilations

Eighties pop curators Blank & Jones will next month deliver over four-and-a-half hours of rare and sought-after 1980s remixes via two new volumes of their now well established ‘so80s’ compilations. Sets numbered 12 and 13 will be released simultaneously and are both 2CD packages. Fans can look forward to rare versions of tracks from the likes of Wham!, Sade, New Order, Visage, Billy Joel, Sheena Easton, Roxette, The Human League, Prefab Sprout and more.

so80s 12 starts extremely strongly with one of those tracks that has been on many a Wham! fans’ wish-list for years; the studio version of ‘Blue (Armed With Love)’. Originally issued as the B-side to ‘Club Tropicana’, the song rose to prominence when it was included in the setlist for Wham!’s 1985 tour of China and after its inclusion on 1986 career summary The Final. Crucially though, while vinyl and cassette editions of The Final included the B-side studio version, for some reason (groan) it was left off the CD edition variant. The live version – included on the US compilation Music From The Edge Of Heaven – is more developed, with more lyrics, but frankly, isn’t really as satisfying as the studio cut. While it’s not entirely new-to-CD (it made an appearance on a 1997 Japan-only 3″ CD single of ‘Club Tropicana’) this is the first time it has been issued on the format outside of Japan, and it has never appeared on ANY Wham! CD album or compilation.

Another highlight of volume 12 is the 12-inch version of Sade‘s 1984 single Smooth Operator. This was the band’s third single and despite being rather iconic, it peaked at a relatively lowly number 19 in the UK singles chart. This version runs to 8.54 and segues with jazzy instrumental Red Eye. 35 years later this finally gets its CD debut on so80s volume 12.

Further selections include the US remix extended version of Talk Talk‘s ‘Why It’s So Hard’ (previously only released on the Canadian and Italian ‘It’s My Mix’ vinyl in 1985, with Blank & Jones receiving approval from management just one week before the sad news broke of Mark Hollis’ death) and Shep Pettibone’s 10-minute Dub version of New Order‘s ‘True Faith’.

Also included on Volume 12 is the extended mix of Womack & Womack‘s ‘Express Myself’, the Extended Dance Remix version of Phil Collins & Phil Bailey‘s UK number one ‘Easy Lover’ and the Dance Mix of Sheena Easton‘s ‘Strut’.

So80s 13 includes another Sade rarity in the form of the extended mix of ‘Never As Good As The First Time’. This highlight from 1985’s Promise was a veritable flop when issued as the third single in the UK, but was a top 20 hit in the US. While we wait to hear if Sony will issue CD deluxe editions of Prefab Sprout‘s back catalogue, Blank & Jones are just getting on with the job and have included the Extended Version of ‘When Love Breaks Down’. It’s very similar to the original (and not really ‘extended’) but this version is the original production by Phil Thornally not the one remixed by Thomas Dolby that features on Steve McQueen.

Volume 13 is arguably quirkier with further rare selections that include artists like Dave Lee Roth, Tina Turner, Roxette, Underworld and The Human League.

Both so80s sets come in jewel case packaging and feature 28-page booklets with cover art for the songs included.

So why have Blank & Jones decided to issue two volumes together? The answer lies in economics and practicalities. Compilations, in particular, are hit hard by both streaming playlists and labels putting out their own cookie-cutter multi-disc ’80s’ sets very cheaply. With CD sales declining, requests for licensing from third parties can be rejected if the label thinks ‘it’s not worth it’ – master research, paperwork, royalty report check and reporting to artists – to license one track for relatively modest sales. But if there are a number of tracks (so in Sony’s case there’s Wham!, Sade, Prefab Sprout etc.) then they are more likely to want to engage.

The duo from Cologne freely admit that these sets are now effectively a ‘hobby’ with the aim now being not to lose money, rather than generating loads of income. They have day jobs as artists and producers in their own right and are able to take this approach. No, these aren’t as cheap as compilations produced by record labels, but the labels themselves don’t have to pay licensing and as we know, the sets are often thrown together with only a fraction of the thought and passion put into these so80s collections. As Now That’s What I Call Music once said… Feel the quality!

If we wish to see such thoughtful remix sets continue then let’s support their endeavours. I’m am doing this with SDE by offering both volume 12 and volume 13 via the SDE shop. So you can order via this link or by using the buttons below. These will ship week beginning 12 August 2019.

so80s 12 / 2CD set

CD1 71:21

01. Blue (Armed With Love) – WHAM! 3:52
02. Smooth Operator (12“ Version) – Sade 8:47
03. Why Is It So Hard? (12“ U.S. Remix – Extended Version) – Talk Talk 6:08
04. Why Can’t We Live Together (12“ Version) – Mike Anthony 6:56
05. Tell Her About It (Special Version) – Billy Joel 5:35
06. This Town (Full Length Version) – Hey! Elastica 3:48
07. Express Myself (Extended Remix) – Womack & Womack 6:44
08. I’ve Got The Beat (Magic Sticks) (Extended Version) – George Kranz 5:46
09. A.G.N.E.S. (12“ Version) – 1000 OHM 6:20
10. Visage (Dance Mix) – Visage 6:02
11. True Dub – New Order 10:43

CD2 75:41

01. Boogie Down (Long Version) – Al Jarreau 6:26
02. Easy Lover (Extended Dance Remix) – Philip Bailey & Phil Collins 6:19
03. 20/20 (Jellybean Remix) – George Benson 9:39
04. Strut (Dance Mix) – Sheena Easton 5:52
05. If I Say Stop, Then Stop! (Sex Mix & Dub) – Georgie Red 10:43
06. T.V. Scene (Sensurround Mix) – Linda Di Franco 7:17
07. Turn Me Loose (12“ Version) – Blue Night 7:47
08. Let The Music Play (12“ Version) – Sammy Barbot 5:24
09. Wind Him Up (Special Maxi Version) – Saga 5:45
10. Wot (12“ Version) – Captain Sensible 5:35
11. Ich will Spaß (Maxi Version) – Markus 4:26

so80s 13 2CD set

CD1 67:39

01. Never As Good As The First Time (Extended Mix) – Sade 5:08
02. Sweet Soft N’ Lazy (Special Maxi Version) – Viktor Lazlo 6:06
03. Dangerous (Power Mix) (Long Version) – Roxette 7:03
04. Along Comes A Woman (Dance Remix) – Chicago 6:13
05. War Child (Extended Version) – Blondie 7:58
06. Better Be Good To Me (Extended Version) – Tina Turner 7:44
07. Now That We’ve Found Love (Paul Hardcastle Remix) – Third World 5:59
08. Out Of The Funk (Original Version) – Dennis Brown 7:21
09. Just Call (Hot Line Mix) – Sherrick 4:19
10. Tell Me What You Want (Extended Version) – Loose Ends 6:11
11. California Girls (Remix) – David Lee Roth 3:09

CD2 68:28

01. Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi Ce Soir (Sex Mix / Part 1) – DAF 6:37
02. I Love You Too Much (Fascination! EP Version) – The Human League 3:18
03. Underneath The Radar (12“ Remix) – Underworld 8:01
04. Hip Hop Be Bop (Don’t Stop) (Special Disconet R.E.M.I.X.) – Man Parrish 7:34
05. Sidewalk Talk (Dance Mix) – Jellybean 6:06
06. This Night (Long Version) – Peter Jacques Band 8:00
07. Imagination (Extended Version) – Avenue 4:57
08. Pour It On (Creamy House Mix) – Mason 8:35
09. It’s The First Time (Extended Version) – Loïs Lane 5:38
10. When Love Breaks Down (Extended Version) – Prefab Sprout 4:20
11. Dein Ist Mein Ganzes Herz (12“ Version) – Heinz Rudolf Kunze 4:56

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Paul MacDonald

Enjoyed these!

Some suggestions for future

Kid Creole & The Coconuts – The Lifeboat Party (12”)
Yello – Vicious Games (Vicious Remix)
Lou Gramm – Ready Or Not (Rock Remix, not the Extended Dance Mix)
Taco ‎– Superphysical Resurrection (12”)
Charlie ‎– It’s Inevitable (Special Maxi Version)
Wall Of Voodoo – Mexican Radio (Special Dub Mix)
U2 – Discothèque (DM Tec Club Mix)
The Essence – The Cat (Extended Version)
Lindsey Buckingham – Go Insane (Unreleased Version from B-Side of UK Promo 12”)
Boys Don’t Cry – Cities On Fire (either the US or UK 12” mix)
Lene Lovich – It’s You, Only You (Mein Schmerz) (Extended Dance Mix)
Shriekback – Lined Up (Disco Mix)
Endgames – Love Cares (Extended Version)
Industry – State Of The Nation (Version Longue)
Was (Not Was) – Spy In The House Of Love (In House Mix)
Stacey Q – Music Out Of Bounds (Vocal/Out Of Bounds Mix)
Live Cinema – Pop Density (Dakeyne or original mixes)
Breakfast Club – Rico Mambo (Plausibly Deniable Mix)
The Jets – You Better Dance (Justin Strauss Remix)
Ministry – Work For Love (Extended Version)

[…] Michael or Wham! reissues (although Blank & Jones managed to include a new-to-CD rarity on so80s 12). I’m not counting the ‘Last Christmas’ white vinyl seven inch which was dull and […]


would love so kate bush on the so80s remixes


Late again.

Just ordered Vol 13 from SDE shop but Vol 12 sadly sold out.
Are you getting more stock,Paul?
Or will I need to shop around?


I’m glad I pre-ordered my set from Paul. I’ve been a fan of Blank & Jones since the days of their creative club CD’s. I miss their so80s mix discs, though. These guys impress me because their So80s / so90s masterpieces are thoughtfully curated using the best sources, unlike the schlock reissues the 3 majors pump out that suffer from the fatiguing ‘loudness wars’.
The current state of the music industry is sad when vinyl is now outselling optical media and downloads. It cracks me up to see all the complaints on AMZ about “warped/crackly/skipping vinyl releases. Why do they think CD’s were invented?!?! Us oldtimers suffered thru the vinyl era once and I don’t care to re-live that frustration.


I’ve got some more suggestions concerning remixes that have not yet appeared on CD before, at least not on a sampler!

Fabulon – Life On An Island 4:35 (1984)

Fair Fax – Young Girls Young Girls (Special-Mid-Atlantic-Mix) 5:55 (1986)

Fair Fax – Slow Motion (Fast-Emotion-Mix) 5:16 (1986)

Fair Fax – Satellite Dream (The Capricorn Disaster Mix) 7:49 (1986)

Fashion T. – The Dance 4:45 (1985)

Fashion T. – I Won’t Forget 6:28 (1986)

Feargal Sharkey – Loving You 5:59 (1985)

Fiction Factory ‎- Not The Only One (Extended Mix) 6:13 (1985)

First Affair – Stay (Don’t Hide Away) (Special Maxi Version) 6:20 (1985)

First Cut – Tell Me, Tell Me (Shadow Dancing) 7:13 or (Mix Bizarre) 5:05 (1986)

First Cut – Christmas Time 5:15 (1986)

First Cut – Treat Me Gently 6:10 (1987)

First Cut – Voices On The Radio 7:10 (1987)

First Cut – There’s Something In Your Eyes (Maxi Version) 6:42 (1989)

For-U – Highway To China (Final Chinese Wall Mix) 5:50 (1986)

Fou Gorki – Big House (Extended Dance Version) 6:01 (1986)

Fou Gorki – Save Me (Dancefloor-Mix) 7:22 (1987)

Frame By Frame – Lies 7:30 (1985)

Frankel – Cold As Ice (Gimme Dynamite) 6:40 (1985)

Frazier Chorus – Sloppy Heart 5:55 (1987)

Frazier Chorus – Dream Kitchen (Extended Mix) 4:24 (1988)

Frazier Chorus – 40 Winks (Extended Mix) 4:26 (1988)

Froon – Missing Pieces (Extended Version) 7:38 (1988)

Funkmeister – War Dance (Invasion Mix) 6:26 or (The Glory Mix) 7:46 or (Under Fire Mix) 4:52 or (The Debauch Mix) 5:20 (1984)

Future Sense – People From Nowhere 7:15 (1987)

Future Toys – Perfect Strangers 5:08 (1981)

Geff Harrison – Bad New York City 6:40 (1987)

Geff Harrison – I Was Born A Rolling Stone (Extended Version) 6:01 (1985)

Gentle Kick – Stay By You Tonight (Heartbeat Mix) 7:04 or (Groove Mix) 4:17 (1987)

Gentleman In War – Why Many Things In The End (Extended Version) 4:30 (1987)

George Monroe – I’m Not In Love (Drumversion) 7:07 or (Romantic Version) 4:57 (1986)

Gianna Nannini‎ – I Maschi (Extra Long Version) 11:53 (1987)

Gina Lamour – I’m Gonna Make You Want Me 6:40 (1985)

Gino – Everybody Is Chic (Funky Mix) 6:35 or (Electro Mix) 5:53 (1986)

Girly – Working Girl (One Way Love Affair) 5:10 (1984)

Girly – Trouble 5:38 (1984)

Glass Tiger – Diamond Sun (Extended Re-Mix) 7:11 (1988)

Glen White – TV Lover 6:02 (1987)

Glen White – Higher Tonight (Dancefloor Club Mix) 6:01 (1987)

The Glove – Like An Animal (Club, What Club? Mix) 6:36 (1983)

Go – Let Your Love Flow (Extended Version) 6:54 (1989)

Go To – Girl Of The 80s 7:00 (1986)

Grace Slick – All The Machines 4:47 (1984)

H2O – I Dream To Sleep 5:21 or (Engineers Mix) 3:47 (1983)

H2O – Just Outside Of Heaven (Extended Mix) 4:19 or (6 A.M. Mix) 5:34 (1983)

H2O – All That Glitters (Rusts In Time) (Extended Mix) (1983)

H2O – Who’ll Stop The Rain (Remix) 7:01 (1984)

H2O – You Take My Breath Away (Extended Version) (1984)

H2O – Blue Diamond (Extended Mix) 5:10 (1987)

Hammond And West – Give A Little Love 5:46 (1986)

Hanover Fist – Razor Garden (12″) 8:06 or (Dance Mix) 7:10 (1986)

Hanover Fist – The Tyger 6:00 or (Purr Version) 5:14 (1985)

Hanover Fist – American Dream (Dance Mix) 6:08 (1987)

Hanover Fist – Femme Fatale (Dance Mix) 5:48 (1987)

Hanover Fist – Love Kills (Dance Mix) 5:45 (1988)

Hanover Fist – Boys In Furs (Baton Rouge Mix) 7:03 (1988)

HBO – Come With Me (Disco Version) 6:15 (1986)

Heartbreak Force – Partytalk 5:38 (1985)

Helen Arnesen – Dr. Love 7:15 (1986)

Helen Arnesen – Bobby’s Girl (Special Disco Re-Mix For Disco And Radio) 6:54 (1983)

Herwig Mitteregger – Immer Mehr (Maxi Version) 6:45 (1985)

Herwig Rudolf Mitteregger – Rudi (12” Special Mix) 6:26 (1983)

Herwig Mitteregger – Wo (Megamaniac-Mix) 8:49 (1987)

Herwig Mitteregger – Blinder Passagier (Extended Version) 7:04 (1987)

Hohokam – Harlequin Tears (Extended Mix) 8:18 (1985)

Hohokam – King 6:56 (1984)

Hohokam – Don’t You Know 5:22 (1986)

Hoorah! Boys Hoorah! – Is This What You Promised Me? (Extended Dance Mix) 5:15 (1984)

Hot Rox – Summer Fever (Put Your Emotions In Motion) (Beach Mix) 5:00 (1984)

Howard Grace – Monovision (Special Long Version) 5:42 (1985)

Howard Grace – Colombo (Special Long Version) 6:45 (1985)

Howard Jones – Look Mama (Megamamamix) 9:15 (1985)

Inga & Anete Humpe – No Longer Friends (Extended Version) 5:35 (1988)

Humpe Humpe – Geschrien Im Schlaf (Remix) 7:00 (1986)

Inga & Anete Humpe – Careless Love (Extended Version) 6:23 (1987)

Humphrey Robertson – Don’t Stop Loving Me (Disco Mix) 5:40 (1987)


Phillip, I’m an ex-club & mobile DJ and these are so obscure even I’ve never heard of them. A comp like this won’t sell enough to recoup the massive investment of time & money required. Sorry dude. Maybe ripping the vinyl would be the easiest for you to enjoy.


Not sure I’d buy a 2 CD set just for that Talk Talk 12″… although I’m tempted!


Hi Paul, Hi Piet!
Here are some titles that have not been found yet on CD!

-“Musique Non-Stop” – Kraftwerk
-“The Telephone Call (remix)” – Kraftwerk
-“Moonlight & Muzak” – M (the 6mn version)
-“Rock Your Body” – The 202 Machine
-“Mercy (album version)” – Carol Jiani
-“109 [u.s.a. 12″ re-mix]” – Chaz Jankel
-“Passion [original mix]” – The Flirts
-“The Apple Stretching” – Grace Jones
-“I’m The One [dance version]” – Material
-“King In A Catholic Style (wake up)” – China Crisis
-“Right By The Moon [extented vocal]” – K-Barré
-“The Lifeboat Party” – Kid Creole & The Coconuts
-“Warning Sign (bullet to your head) [u.s. remix]” – Nick Heyward
-“On The Air Tonight [extra long mix]” – Willy Finlayson
-“Get Ready (special long version)” – Traks
-“Mountains ” – Prince & The Revolution
-“Paisley Park [remix]” – Prince & The Revolution
-“One More Chance [original bobby orlando remix] – Pet Shop Boys (exists but sounds Always badly!!!)
-“The Anvil [dance mix]” – Visage
-“Love In Motion” – 1000 Ohm
-“A Love Bizarre [pts. I and II]” – Sheila E.
-“Staying Power” – Queen
-“Back Chat” – Queen
-“Mony Mony [steel toe cat dub]” – Billy Idol
-“I Only Have Eyes For You” – Bonnie Forman
-“Draw Of The Cards [special long version]” – KIm Carnes
-“Physical [special disco mix]” – Olivia Newton-John
-“This Is The House” – Eurythmics
-“Party Girl [extended remix]” – Grace Jones
-“Too Late For Goodbyes [vocal extended special mix]”- Julian Lennon
-“If I Only Had A Brain” – The Coconuts
-“Time Out [u.s. remix]” – Material
-“Caroline Was A Drop Out [extented remix]” – Kid Creole & The Coconuts
-“Caroline Was A Drop-Out [european mix]” – Kid Creole & The Coconuts
-“Delirio Mind [remix) / Disco Band [remix] – Scotch
-“Dancing Machine” – Roni Griffith
… This list is far from being exhaustive!!!


Hi.I happened to come across these cds over the years:
Julian Lennon too late for goodbyes 12″ is on this cd.

China Crisis King in a Catholic Style (wake up) 12″ is on this cd.

Sheila E A Love Bizzare 12″ is on this cd

Larry Davis

Oh I’ll buy these…I have the first 11 volumes, as well as many of their artist collections and “So90s”…when will they pick up that series again with a Volume 2?? The 1st one was damn good!! So are the 80s collections…the 12” of Chicago’s “Along Comes A Woman” is icing on the cake, always loved that song…many Chicago fans hate their 80s period, and I can see why, with 80s mainstream overly slick productions (David Foster/Ron Nevison/etc) & reliance on outside writers like Diane Warren…it’s what labels and radio demanded…it almost ruined bands like Heart, Aerosmith & Cheap Trick cuz they never worked that way and it almost sterilized their sound for radio programmer consumption…unfortunately, Chicago fell into this trap too because of Bill Champlin & David Foster…luckily, somehow, the band survived and Chicago’s albums 16, 17, 18 & 19 did not totally suck & are sorta guilty pleasures, espesh the Cetera albums 16 & 17…”Along Comes A Woman” from 17, a Cetera co-write, is a great powerpop song with a killer chorus and the single version has a cool synth riff over the top but the 2nd verse (before chorus #1) is missing…hopefully the 12″ is the full song like the album version, but with the single’s mix…one hypothesis…Chicago released a great punk/new wave-influenced album in 1980, Chicago 14, but it tanked, resulting in the band losing their original Columbia deal and changing direction to the mainstream with David Foster…I think, if 14 did NOT tank, perhaps the band would have never lost their coolness?? Maybe their 80s albums after 14 coulda been more credible, like synthpop Pet Shop Boys with horns, or an Oingo Boingo/ska 2-Tone direction?? Just some thoughts…


Thank Paul S. for this post and your site as always. Thank you B&J/Piet. Although not all the tracks are my cup of tea I will buy them. I have most of the tracks already which I’m a fan of. Perhaps of 1-2 mixes from each volume I really want or don’t have yet. I just pre-ordered them both. Sorry Paul S. & Piet. If I’m living in the UK or Germany perhaps I would have ordered from your shops. At the moment I can only afford what’s cheapest for me if I still want to continue supporting physical media and So80s-series hoping one day I will see more of my fav remixes.


Thanks B&J for all their effort & dedication to release another 2 compilations with so many rare tracks. As a collector of 80’s club & (re)mixes I’m very happy with tracks like Sade, Third World, Mason, Peter Jacques Band & George Benson.
These tracks are very hard to find or been released for the 1st time on cd now.

@Piet for some more suggestions;
– Atlantic Starr – Armed and Dangerous (Arthur Baker Mix 6’10) 1986
– Billy Crystal – You Look Marvelous (Arthur Baker Mix 7’31) 1985
– Fatback – Spread Love (M&M Remix 8’00) 1984
– Fiona Franklin – Busted Up On Love 7’10 1984
– Gayle Adams – I’m Warning You 6’02 1984
– Hall & Oates – Adult Education (Jellybean Remix 6’05!) 1984
– Manfriday – Winners (Larry Levan Mix 6’42) 1986
– Herb Alpert – Bullish (Remix 5’49) 1984
– Simphonia – It Ain’t Right (Whatcha Do) (Clubmix 8’42) 1986
– Urbaniax – Love Don’t Grow On Trees 8’43 1984
– Will Downing – A Love Supreme (Chasin’ The Trane Mix 8’08) 1988

Charlie Shine

Adult Education Jellybean Remix aka Special Club Mix, is already available in digital format on MP3 compilation only ‘Extended Mixes’ available in Amazon, Spotify and Apple music stores. The sound is amazing!!!!


@Charlie Shine : mp3 is not quality we’re looking for so therefore it should be released on cd !


Qobuz has the Hall & Oates extended (and single) mixes in CD quality, at least in the US and UK.

Charlie Shine

@JW: Yeah! But, it sounds much better than any other source your might have.


Ordered! These are great compilations. I’ll be thrilled to finally have the “Why Is It So Hard?” Extended Version on CD. I never could figure out why that was left off of Asides Besides.


I’ve got some more suggestions concerning remixes for further volumes which haven’t appeared on CD or at least on a sampler yet:

Christopher Moore – Tomorrow (Mix 1) 5:08 (1985)

Christopher Moore – Tomorrow (Mix 2) 4:34 (1985)

The Climb – I Can’t Forget (A Mother’s Crime) 6:18 (1981)

Colour Scream – Dance No More (Sir Arthur Mix) 4:52 or (Tiananmen Square Mix) 6:16 (1989)

Communal Drop – Fanatics (Long) 5:10 (1985)

Con Act – Lucky Dog (Extended Version) 5:31 (1986)

Con Act – Beautiful (Edited Dance Version) 4:46 (1987)

Coney Island – Dream Walker 6:01 (1985)

Coney Island – Undertown 6:55 (1986)

Cox – China (Extended Chinese-Mix) 5:41 (1986)

Cox – Golden Waters 6:58 (1987)

Crazy House – Burning Rain (Generic Mix) 6:39 or (Genetic Mix) 7:17 (1988)

Crown Of Thorns – World Radio (Extended Crown Mix) 6:33 (1984)

Cunning Toy – Searching 7:44 (1987)

Dalbello – Animal (Jungle Mix) 7:30 or (Tribal Mix) 5:38 (1984)

Dalbello – Gonna Get Close To You (Extended Version) 6:29 (1984)

Dalbello – Black On Black (Extended Version) 6:15 (1985)

Dalbello – Talk To Me (12″ Remix) 6:31 (1987)

Dance Like A Mother – You Ain’t So Tough (Club Mix) 6:45 (1987)

Dance Like A Mother – Love Or Lust (Club Mix) 6:35 (1987)

Dance Like A Mother – Private Number (Club Mix) 5:06 (1987)

David Bowie – Day-In Day-Out (Extended Dance Mix) 7:17 (1987)

David Bowie – Day-In Day-Out (Remix) 6:30 (1987)

David Cassidy – Romance (Let Your Heart Go) Love Mix 5:59 (1985)

David Cassidy – The Last Kiss (Extended Mix) 6:47 (1985)

David Cassidy – She Knows All About Boys (Remixed) 6:33 (1985)

Debbie Sharp – Zapped By Love (Remix) 7:05 (1985)

Debbie Sharp – Zapped By Love (Original) 6:39 (1985)

Deborah Allen – Telepathy (Club Mix) 7:55 (1987)

Dekka Danse – Immagnetized (Extended Mix) 4:56 (1984)

Denis Haines – It Spoke To Me Of You (Extended Version) 5:44 (1984)

Donnette Robbins – Stop! (You Take My Breath Away) 5:56 (1985)

Donnette Robbins – We’re Close To Heaven (Vocal Version) 4:46 (1986)

Dragon – Rain (Dance Mix) 6:45 (1983)

Dramatis – No-One Lives Forever (Remixed long version) 5:50 (1981)

Dramatis – Ex Luna Scientia 4:57 (1981)

Dramatis – The Shame (Dance Party Mix 1) 5:35 (1982)

Dramatis – I Can See Her Now 6:05 (1982)

Duck You Sucker – Love Is Criminal (Magimix) 8:12 (1985)

Duck You Sucker – Love Is Criminal (Un-edited Version) 4:54 (1985)

Dusty Springfield – Sometimes Like Butterflies (Extended Mix) 6:06 (1985)

Eight Point Five – Mary (Extended Version) 5:37 (1987)

Elephant – I Don’t Wanna Lose You (Remix) 4:57 (1983)

Elephant – Just Tonight (Remix) 6:45 (1985)

Ellie Warren – Satellites (The Club Mix) 5:37 or (Euro ’86 Mix) 7:45 (1986)

Ellie Warren – Primitive Love 5:06 (1982)

Ellie Warren – The Loving Game (Medley) 12:40 (1987)

English Evenings – English Evenings (Extended Vocal Version) 5:37 or (Club Mix) 6:54 (1983)

English Evenings – Tear You Down (Extended Version) 6:13 or (G.C.B. Mix) 5:15 (1984)

English Evenings – Touch (Extended Version) 5:42 or (After Dark Mix) 7:43 (1984)

English Evenings – I Will Return (Midnight Manoeuvres Mix) 6:07 (1985)

Exotic Birds – Heartbeat Like A Drum (Rhythmix) 6:44 or (E-Z Listening Mix) 7:05 (1989)

Matthew McKinnon

Hello Piet!

One quick question: is True Dub from a master, or ripped from a vinyl copy?

Many thanks,


All tracks are always taken from tapes in this series.

Piet Blank

we received the master from the warner archive in the uk who baked the tape and transferred it in finest quality…really sounds fantastic…no re-touch or anything else needed really : )

Matthew McKinnon

Fantastic. Ordering now.
Thank you!

dj xrey

Piet – really appreciate your efforts to source the master tapes, considering the 2008 UMG fire & 2019’s exposure of the cover-up and extent of the losses. Pre-ordrred #12 & #13 today. I will miss the 3rd mixed disc that’s your legendary strength.


I look forward to the new releases! Well done!
I would like to request some remixes for further volumes, most of which haven’t been released on CD before!

The 3 Rockies – Stop Wasting Your Time (You Could Be Wasting Mine) 7:04 (1984)

Amri – All Your Words (Long Version) 4:52 (1987)

Amri – Return To The Gold 6:59 (1986)

Andrew Zernicke – Organ Player 6:05 or (Times Square Mix) 7:07 (1984)

Angel Chorus – Devil On My Shoulder (Devilishly Extended Mix) 7:38 (1985)

Anouschka Renzi – Robot Love 6:45 (1988)

Anthony Clark – Am I Really In Love? 5:29 (1985)

April – Boys Come And Go (Vocal) 5:25 or (Vocal Remix) 7:05 or (French Version) 6:40 (1985)

Art – Perfect Touch (Long Version) 5:10 (1989)

Art Fine – Dark Silence (Long Version) 8:03 (1985)

Art Of Emotion – A Day A Day 5:35 (1986)

B-Point 2 – After Midnight 6:31 (1988)

Baiser – Summer Breeze (U.K. Mix) 7:28 (1984)

Baiser – Darling Forever (Vocal) 6:57 (1985)

Bill Goins – Lone Rider (Vocal) 6:24 (1985)

Bill Nelson – Flaming Desire (Long Version) 5:55 (1982)

Binary – The Meaning (Extended Version) 4:49 (1985)

Birch And Hallam – What You Say (Extended Version) 6:46 (1983)

Birger Heymann System Of Sound featuring George Kranz – (Extended Disco Version) 5:29 (1985)

Bogart – A Rider In The Sky 4:24 (1981)

Bogart – Modern Girl 6:06 (1985)

Bogart – When The Sun Goes Down 5:18 (1984)

Bogart – Call Me Up 8:11 (1987)

Bond – Take A Walk On The Rainbow (Extended Version) 4:17 (1987)

Bond – I’m No Dancer (Extended Version) 5:15 (1986)

Bond – Boys’ Toys (Extended Dance Mix) 5:22 (1987)

Bone Symphony – It’s A Jungle Out There (Dance Version) 6:40 (1983)

Boom Boom Room – Here Comes The Man (Extended Version) 6:30 (1986)

Boom Boom Room – Love Your Face (Extended Version) 5:08

Bourgie Bourgie – Breaking Point (Extended Version) 5:38

Bourgie Bourgie – Careless (Extended Version) 4:40

Boy Waiting – Where Did All The Boys Go (Dance Mix) 5:37 (1985)

Boys Say Go – Holy War (D-D-Dance Mix) 5:42 (1985)

C.A. And The Box – Out Of The Box (Normal Version) 5:18 (1985)

Call It Heaven – Dreaming (Extended Version) 6:20 (1986)

Candy – Catch Me (Rescue Mix) 6:24 (1987)

Caron – Out Of The Night (The First Step) 7:09 (1986)

The Cat Club – One Last Kiss (A Kiss Like This Mix) 5:10 (1987)

Charlie’s Brother – The Wishing Tree (Megatree Mix) 5:00 (1984)

Christine East ‎- This Is Forever 7:04 (1987)

Christopher Horn – Love Is A Dance 6:58 (1986)


That’s an impressive list there in the fact that i have not heard of any of these artists.


“11. True Dub – New Order 10:43”
Wow, almost worth the price of the album just for this.


Yeah well done guys for including this. 32 years is a long wait for a remix :)

Dave Myrvold

For Piet Blank to comment on:

A story that broke last month has caused quite a stir in the record industry. Apparently, there was a fire at Universal Studios back in 2008 and it’s said that nearly 200,000 original studio master tapes were destroyed. Originally, it was conveyed that little was lost but a New York Times article last month exposed that was incorrect. Since the story broke a list of many artists affected have come out, it’s become a large legal matter with artists going after the label and a team having been assembled to go through the various Universal master vaults to take stock of what’s actually missing.

Piet: Has this made it difficult to licence some tracks from Universal ?

Piet Blank

yes, i’ve the story…also heard rumours from freinds in the industry before…
looking back it might have effected only one request which we had for the universal catalogue: ABC – How To Be Millionaire (Nickel & Dime Mix) …we had approval of the mix and then were informed that the master was not traceable in the US…maybe that was one…generally in so8os we don’t have too many US signed artists…most european stuff is treasured in the uk, so we are happy with that…that said: we wanted to re-release the mixed version of the VISAGE Best of some years ago…evreyone was happy to do so…incl rusty egan who mixed it at the time…but no master was located…even if Visage were a uk band, they were signed to polodor usa (uk team passed when offered “fade to grey”)…so the master tapes would be in the US i guess….


Really looking forward to this release, especially for the Sade mixes. Thank you in advance!

My one request for a future release, if possible: I’ve always loved the extended mix of Pat Benatar’s “Sex as a Weapon” and would love to see it released on CD at some point.

Many thanks for all the awesome music!


Stephen Jackson

Very much this. It’s pretty much my Holy Grail at this point in my life. I have a poor vinyl rip to keep the wolf from the door, but a quality version of ‘SAAW’ would be just dandy.


Hello Piet Blank! – in your last SDE interview with the release of so80s 11 you mentioned your friendship with Yello. Call It Love (Trego Snare Version 2) with Billy Mackenzie first time on cd on so80s 11. (A great mix)

Yello said many years ago that they had another album worth of Billy Mackenzie tracks recorded but unreleased – Would you ask them to release this?

Will there ever be an Associates / Billy Mackenzie so80s collection? There are so many mixes never made it onto cd.

Piet Blank

i think it is always difficult with people who have sadly passed away and unreleased recordings (see george michael or prince) …there was probably a reason why they kept it away from public…and i am not sure how i would deal with that to be honest…i can ask boris the next time i speak to him…but i would not think that it is likely to happen…


Many thanks for your answer Piet. I know it was a bit cheeky to ask but if I didn’t ask how would I ever know the answer. It’s my Number 1 music dream to listen to those recordings. Perhaps a So80s ‘Yello with Billy Mackenzie’ collection is a possibility?! To collate the tracks already released on the Yello albums and those from the unreleased archive…
I will keep dreaming that one day it will come true.


Thanks Blank and JOnes for another 2 great additions to mine ever expanding 80s 12” collection. Beeing from 1969 it’s the period I grew up and spend almost all mine money back then om 12” records. I would often travel from Arnheim to Köln to the Hansa Ring/Saturn. Record stores in The Netherlands were very small in that day compared to the HMV and Virgin stores in London or that Hansaring Saturn. It was always a sort of…. wow….

Anyways, maybe a stupid question. Does it make any difference if I buy your/these cd’s at the SDE website, or the dutch bol.com or the German amazon etc? Will your (B&J) income be the same? I rather spend mine money so that you get the profit then some bol/amazon whatever organisation/ company.

Might be a stupid question but I always think that no matter where I buy music the artist will get the same % from that sale. But I’m not sure how that works with compilers/ compiled cd’s.

Piet Blank

hey edu, thank you for the question…when you buy here at paul’s shop or our webshop, you can be sure that the share of the shop will support paul’s or our activities…same as when you buy at your local record shop instead of buying on amazon to make sure that shop will stay there…the share for the featured artists will of course be everywhere the same…so if you like this blog or appreciate our work, we would be delighted if you shop on one of these two…

i was a lucky kid…i grew up in cologne…and caught a subway to the hansaring minimum twice a week after school…just to spend time in that store….saturn hansaring was like a candystore for me ; ) it’s really not imaginable for todays kids what it meant to actually get on your feet and try to find records…ha ha….


Thanks for your quick reply Piet.
Ordered both at Paul’s webshop just now. Thanks…..

Out of curiosity, is the quantity printed for 12/13 the same as it was with part 1 or say part 5, or do you see a rise in numbers due to popularity of this series (or decline because of all the downloads and refusal of the youth to buy cd’s). Ofcourse if this is ‘business information no to share with others’ I understand and just ignore this posting. But just curious….


I don’t know if it’s the same one, but I spent about three hours in one of the Saturn stores in Cologne back in the summer of ’94. Wall to wall CDs of stuff you just didn’t find in independent shops. I must have bought about a dozen CDs that day and it’s easily the best record shop I’ve ever visited. Very reasonable prices too. I drove a 250 mile round trip just to visit it the following year.


This compilation contains one of the best covers made in the 80s – Why Can’t We Live Together (12“ Version) – Mike Anthony.
Also from Belgium, like 1000 ohm.

Geoff C

Very excited to add both of these to the collection! I really appreciate the care Blank and Jones put into these releases and I love discovering tracks I missed out on back in the 80s. I’ve seen lots of good suggestions in the comments for future volumes. I’ll throw out one from my wantlist: Imagination (Extended Version) by Helen Reddy. A great dance pop track from 1983 that you’d never guess was Helen Reddy since it was so outside her typical output. Unfortunately that baggage (and an indifferent label) kept it from getting much airplay and the single and album flopped.


I love the So80S releases so thanks again Mr Blank & Jones. Now I know you folks are all into your physical media but I’m not fussed so will there be a digital release of 13 & 14 .. iTunes Germany at least ?

Piet Blank

yes, due to territorial right restrictions we can only release a bundle digital version in germany, austria and swiss. the pre-order link should be up early next week at iTunes…we also switched on the “pre-listening” option, so evryone who wants to check out the tracks which he/she might not know, can do so then…if you are outside germany and want a download of the album via iTunes the only option is to get a iTunes gift card from german itunes store….we hope you still dig cds as we put much love in the booklet…every 12″ single cover is on one individual booklet side….

monika klama

Blue Live In China is actually using the vocals from ’85 Philadelphia gig at the Vets Stadium – the Whamamerica! Tour.


A Blank & Jones reconstructed WHAM album on its own would be much appreciated! I think there is enough stuff to release a great album only as a tribute to WHAM.


I’ve always loved the Wham! track Blue.

The version on the b-side to Club Tropicana is the instrumental mix. Following the tradition of the vast majority of Wham! singles to be backed with an instrumental.

Some may find it odd this is considered an instrumental as it actually includes a repeat of some lines from the chorus, but you’ll find all of the Wham! instrumentals do this.

The full vocal studio version is sadly still unreleased.

Maybe David Austin will help steer the family to allow deluxe editions to be released. However we do need to respect the family’s official statement when they asked fans not to expect any unreleased material to be released.

We can all only hope they change their mind.

The 2019 Last Christmas project is a special case as George had already collaborated on the idea and material to be included.


I agree on all points here Paul! I wish the fans were listened to more. And record labels – the releases the fans want would clearly generate a fair bit of cash – don’t they want our money??!


Always love these releases–so much better than all the cookie-cutter ones that rehash the same old mixes again and again. I wish Tina Turner’s Break Every Rule tracks would get some attention from someone though. There are several b-sides and handful of 12″ mixes that have hardly ever seen the light of day on CD. It would be nice if her label would get it together and put out a rarities compilation that included these tracks, as well as the neglected mixes of One of the Living that should have come with Private Dancer.


The version of “Wind Him Up” by Saga appears to be the same length as the normal album version, so I’m not sure what’s any different about it here.

A few gems here but still a several dozen remixes of Top 40 hits by major artists from the 80s that seem like they’ll never see the light of day on CD, and I can only assume that labels are somehow just too stupid to license them, because they can’t be bothered to find the masters (even though often they don’t use masters anyway).

ABC, B-52s, Billy Crystal, Bruce Springsteen, Depeche Mode, Debbie Gibson, Don Henley, EBN-OZN, Escape Club, Eurythmics, Fine Young Cannibals, The Fixx, Glenn Frey, Greg Kihn, Hall & Oates, Harold Faltermeyer, Heart, Huey Lewis & The News, Human League, Joe Jackson, Kim Carnes, Lene Lovich, Michael Sembello, New Edition, Olivia-Newton John, PP Arnold, Pat Benatar, Peter Wolf, Prince, Ready For the World, Robbie Nevil, Rockwell, Rolling Stones, Scritti Politti, Stevie Nicks, Sting, The Truth, Thomas Dolby, Tom Petty…. every single one on that list has as least one decent hit with remixes that hasn’t seen CD release, and more than a few of them have several.

If the major labels aren’t going to do anything with them, I don’t get why they can’t license them to someone who will other than sheer laziness.

Piet Blank

yes…that is indeed a big issue…but the reason are really very varied…some artists really “hate” their 12″ mixes from back in the 80s…so there is the first “no go”…some labels simply have no paperwork about the 12” versions and therefore don’t want to license them as they might not have the 100% rights…today a contract would say something like “we license song YXZ including all additional mixes” – back in the 80s it only say: we licsense XYZ…next and main thing: these days compilations like so8os don’t generate much income for the big labels…we can not get streaming rights and are restricted to one territory (in our case germany) with the cd…a track that is not in their so called “global repertoire system” – which is the case with all unreleased 12″ versions of the 80s to be honest – they would have to invest a lot of back office wiork…like generating a lablecopy, putting the original deal with band in computer (that alone can take weeks to chase the contract), looking for the master tape (difficult for 12″ mixes as they have not been searched for over 35 years) …so compared to an income of a few 100 bucks it simply makes not economic sense to them…with the cd sales going even more down i don’t see much improvement in the future….i personally think that the only chance is that the artists approach the companys and ask them to release all their mixes….but that said – a lot of artists have very bad deals for the old songs, so they usually don’t support any acivities without getting a better deal…which is something the componies would not want ; )….so sorry for this long and maybe sometimes confusing note, but you have no idea what digger like us (and also paul with avrious projects) go through sometimes…. so the encouragement from your side here really really helps to keep on doing this….


Thank you for the insight into this process, I’m sure it’s just as frustrating for you as it is for us. Why do you think that there were so many remix compilations about 10-15 years ago but now it’s really just down to you and Ben Liebrand? Is it because all the tracks that were easy to license were pounced upon by many labels and now there’s mostly scraps to pick over?

Also, is the ABC remix project truly dead? I and so many others were terribly excited for this. Even if they just reissued How To Be.. as a super deluxe, that would be about as good.


1000 Ω, little Belgian band with the 12″ of A.G.N.E.S – tempting…
I still have the original self-released 7″ they made to promote themselves.


Coincidentally, Love in Motion by 1000 Ohm is getting a re-release on 12″ this week.


Piet Blank

yes…we got the license from frank himself and are very proud of this track ….clearly depeche mode heard that song on repead before creating the speak and spell album ; )


Depeche Mode probably listened to A.G.N.E.S. … but the single is definitely influenced by early Fad Gadget (Ricky’s Hand). Never knew there was a 12″ version. Look forward to it. Thanx!

Robert Morgenstern

Talk Talk has a few 12inch or alternative Versions not released on CD until today. Such a shame that they presumably will never be released as a talk talk rarities compilation.


There was an album called 12 x 12 Original Remixes that EMI released 20 years ago. They also released a Talking Heads one with the same title. There may have been others in the series. Here’s the Talk Talk 12 x 12 track listing:
1 Talk Talk (Extended Mix) Producer – Colin Thurston 4:33
2 Today (Extended Mix) Mixed By – Mike Robinson 4:32
3 My Foolish Friend (Extended Mix) Producer – Rhett Davies 5:29
4 It’s My Life (Extended Mix) Producer, Remix – Tim Friese-Greene 6:18
5 Such A Shame (Extended Mix) Producer, Remix – Tim Friese-Greene 7:00
6 Dum Dum Girl (12″ Mix) Producer – Tim Friese-GreeneRemix – Steve Thompson 5:22
7 Without You (12″ Mix) Producer – Tim Friese-Greene 5:54
8 Life’s What You Make It (Extended Mix) Producer, Remix – Tim Friese-Greene 6:54
9 Living In Another World (Extended Remix) Producer – Tim Friese-GreeneRemix – Gavin MacKillop 8:58
10 Pictures Of Bernadette (Dance Mix) Producer – Tim Friese-Greene 8:06
11 Happiness Is Easy (12″ Mix) Producer – Tim Friese-GreeneRemix – Lee Harris, Paul Webb 7:01
12 Such A Shame (Dub Mix) Producer – Tim Friese-GreeneRemix – Steve Thompson 6:33

Tom m hans

This is also released on asides/besides as disc one.


I’ll presume from his comment that Robert knows this, but for other readers, there’s an excellent Talk Talk compilation, the cleverly titled Asides Besides. It includes all the great remixes BJ mentions on disc one and has some great alternative versions on disc two, perhaps most notably “Call In The Night Boy” (Piano Version) and demos of “Talk Talk” and a couple other tracks.

Apparently in addition to the Extended Version of “Why Is It So Hard” we’ll finally be getting on So80s 12, there was an extended 12″ version of “It’s So Serious” which I’d welcome on CD.

I always thought Talk Talk would be a great candidate for 2-disc SDE reissues of their first three albums, given the wealth of remixes, dub mixes and B-sides and how there were yet a few cuts I knew of unreleased on CD. I love that first album in particular and it deserves that special treatment to restore them to their proper place in the public’s recollection of that era’s music, as I feel the recent Alphaville release has done. I hope you’re wrong, Robert, and that someone will mine the remaining rarities for the many of us who’d love to own them.

Robert Morgenstern

Thank you for pointing out this release, which has the same versions like the a-sides / b-sides release. The unreleased versions on cd beside the US Remix of such a shame which you can find on a extremly rare french maxi cd are:

It’s My Life (US Mix by Steve Thompson) 6:14 (EMI America V-7821-1)

Such A Shame (US Extended Remix by Steve Thompson) 6:21 (EMI America V-7828-1/2)

Life’s What You Make It (Extended Version by Dennis Weinreich) 8:03 (12EMI-5540)

Life’s What You Make It (Early Mix by Tim Friese-Greene) 6:40 (12EMIX-5540)

Life’s What You Make It (Dub Mix by Mark Berry) 6:04 (EMI America V-19203)

Living In Another World (US Re-mix by Gavin McKillop) 8:39 (12EMIX-5551)

Why Is It So Hard (US Remix by Steve Thompson) 6:04 (EMI America ST-6542)
(now on the so80s)

B-sides or single

Talk Talk (Version Recorded at BBC for David Jenson Show) 2:35
(12EMI-5284) (12EMI-5352)

It’s So Serious (Version Recorded at BBC) 4:16 (12EMI-5314)

Mirror Man (Longer) 3:32 (7″:EMI 5352)

Such A Shame (US Single Mix by Steve Thompson) 3:55 (EMI America B-8215)

So you can fill a proper CD with this missing alternatives.

Dave H

A couple of the US remixes have been previously released on CD but it would be nice to have them all in one place.

It’s My Life (US Mix by Steve Thompson) 6:14 (EMI America V-7821-1) has been released on 12″/80s Disc 2

Such A Shame (US Extended Remix by Steve Thompson) 6:21 (EMI America V-7828-1/2) has been released on Grand 12 Inches Disc 6

I actually have 4 versions of ‘Why Is It So Hard’ I have no other info on these or any idea in what order these were recorded

A Sides B Sides Version.
Zabou film soundtrack version (German CD)
US 12″ Remix (finally released on So80’s)
US 7″ (Sedated in the Eighties CD no. 4)


AFAIK there was one other installment in the 12×12″ series and that was by Thomas Dolby. Maybe die some weird reason all artists names in this series had to start with the letter “T”. ;-)

Only the releases of Talk Talk and the Talking Heads have been re-released in 2001 with a different artwork and the title “Remixed”.

Simon Webb

What other Talk Talk unreleased on CD were released today then?


Hello to Cologne,

thanks a lot for two new volumes of so8os!
I ordered today with some other B&J-items.
See a lot of interesting material, but I like especially Heinz Rudolf Kunze and Markus.
Checking the time of HRK, so I hope for the complete 12″ Version, not the edited 12″ Version (included at the Deluxe-Edition of the album).

So, many thanks again to B&J, now we lay one over “a dutzend”, hope it continuous…
And thanks to Paul for this great newsletter!


Piet Blank

thank you for the kind words…and yes, it’s the full extended version which was produced by Conny Plank (Ultravox, Eurythmics etc) of the HRK track


Excellent news! Dropped into my inbox first thing this morning and purchased both immediately! Thank you Blank & Jones for the CDs and thank you Paul for your hard work and incredible love for the music!


Many thanks to Mr. Blank & Jones to continue this great series of so80s, I like all the tracklist of this two new volumes , particularly the 12″ of Linda Di Franco, Capitan Sensible and Georgie Red. Great also Blue Night “Turn me loose” and superb is Lois Lane “It’s The First Time”.
Very curious for me the choice of Sammy Barbot (produced by Paul Micioni, involved in the first productions of Mike Francis songs) … what’s the story Piet (if there is) of this inclusion. Regards from Italy.


Many thanks to Mr. Blank & Jones to continue this great series of so80s, I like all the tracklist of this two new volumes , particularly the 12″ of Linda Di Franco, Capitan Sensible and Georgie Red. Great also Blue Night “Turn me loose” and superb is Lois Lane “It’s The First Time”.
Very curious for me the choice of Sammy Barbot (produced by Paul Micioni, involved in the first productions of Mike Francis songs) … what’s the story Piet (if there is) of this inclusion. Regards from Italy.


Both sets ordered! Thanks Paul! And thanks to B&J! :)


Rare to see a remix compilation with more than one track I really want and don’t already have, and getting me over the hurdle of the price. With both “Wind Him Up” and “Why Is It So Hard,” Vol. 12 is a must-have for me. Keep mixing in pop-rock remixes with the dance-pop, I love most of the ’80s genres but rock remixes can be hardest to track down in CD/digital format.

I realize availability of tracks is limited, but as I know Piet Blank has been known to visit these threads and I don’t think I’ve ever done this, here is my ’80s Blank & Jones wish list:

Blank & Jones So80s LAURA BRANIGAN

Branigan was a quintessential ’80s artist, strongly associated with the decade yet yet not overrepresented in latter-day compilations.

Gloria, Solitaire, Self Control, The Lucky One, Satisfaction, Spanish Eddie, Tenderness, Hold Me, Maybe Tonight, Shattered Glass, Spirit Of Love, Heart Of Me, and early cut Looking Out For Number One all from the ’80s.

Despite her close association with dance music, with the exception of John Robie’s The Lucky One and Cerrone’s Heart of Me, Branigan’s ’80s output was devoid of Dub Versions and Alternate Mixes. I’d love to see you do a Reconstruction disc for her as you’ve done for a couple others, reimagining remixes using the original tracks and adding in period embellishments.

Album cuts Please Stay, Go Away; I’m Not The Only One; Heart; Forever Young; Sanctuary; Power Of Love and Wherever I Go all beg for remixes and I always thought someday Der Kommissar rewrite Deep In The Dark (intended as a single until After The Fire nabbed a transatlantic hit) would get a mash-up with the Falco original and ATF.

Individual remixes I humbly request you consider, many never on CD, roughly in order:

Blanket Of Secrecy—“Say You Will” [5:32 Extended Version] (1982)

Boys Don’t Cry—”Cities On Fire” [6:00 Shep Pettibone U.S. Remix, 5:26 Instrumental, 5:40 UK 12″ Mix] (1986)

E.G. Daily—”Mind Over Matter” [S/A/W production. 7:06 Remix, 6:19 Edit] (1987)

DeFilm—”Bitter Surprise” [5:54 Extended Remix] (1986)

John Farnham—”Thunder In Your Heart” [4:37 Extended Version] (1986)

Rick Springfield—”Dance This World Away” [6:00 Remix] (1985)

Lou Gramm—”Ready Or Not” [Rock Remix, Extended Dance Mix, Instrumental] (1987)

Ebn-Ozn—”Bag Lady” [4:37 Late Night Version, 7:04 Instrumental, 3:48 Short Version] (1984)

Stephanie Mills—”Bit By Bit” [4:44 Remix, 5:24 Remix Edit] (1985)

Styx—”Mr. Roboto” [8:45 Japanese Dance Mix I, 8:28 Mix II] (1983)

Asia—”Go” [8:04 Exteneded Version, 8:11 Instrumental] (1985)

Wax U.K.—”American English” [Concorde Mix] (1987)

Tommy Shaw—”No Such Thing” [6:33 Maxi Version] (1987)

Stevie Nicks—”I Can’t Wait” [5:57 Rock Mix, 6:20 Dance Mix, 4:23 Dance Dub, 5:46 Rock Dubt] (1985)

Foreigner—”Reaction To Action” [7:17 Vocal/Long Version, 4:53 Vocal Edit, 5:48 Instr.] (1984)

Device—”Who Says?” [Dance Mix & Dub] (1986)

Wild Blue—”International Language Of Dance” [Extended & Dub] (1986)

Paul Lekakis—“You Blow Me Away” [Shep Pettibone 12″ Vocal/Dub/Bonus Beats] (1989)

Robin George—“Heartline” [5:44 Dangerous Mix. Extant CD omits final “Goodbye”] (1984)

After The Fire—”Der Kommissar” [4:53 Dub] (1982)

Device—“Hanging On A Heart Attack” [Jellybean Dance Mix & Dub Version] (1986)

Fate—”Won’t Stop” [6:32 Maxi Version] (1986)

Saga—”The Flyer” [5:13 Extended Rock Mix, 6:19 Club Version] (1983)

Taxxi—“The Real Thing” [Dance Mix/Dub Version edited by The Latin Rascals] (1985)

Some terrific ’80s tracks not remixed to my knowledge but desperately need CD release:

Laura Branigan—”Hollywood Wives” (Campy TV miniseries theme with her signature style), “One Day” (love theme from Violets Are Blue), Helpless (from Backstage, cover of The Flirts)

3-Speed—”Once Bitten” [3:40] (1985) Danceable urgent pop-rock with husky, belting, sustained vocals in the Laura Branigan vein; someone should compile their soundtrack cuts & demo tape and release an LP at last. Another standout, “Back On The Street,” a Vinnie Vincent cover.

Taxxi—”Metro Boulot Dodo” [5:01] (1983) Their lone best-of omits this ’80s gem that was a favorite of mine along with “I’m Leaving,” “The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter” and “Still In Love.”

Danny Spanos—”Hot Cherie” + “One Track Heart” (1983) iTunes features re-recorded versions that, while good, don’t match the originals. Former track covered by Journey guitarist Neil Schon’s Hardline.

Thanks to anyone who made it this far!

Piet Blank

hey J T…thank you for all this input…i love reading lists like that…it’s so cool to meet so many addicted lovers here….it’s really nerdy stuff, but with thanks to the web we can come together and exchange so many great music….many of your ideas i really have to look up…maybe i don’t even have them on vinyl, although i would guess that i own at least 10 to 15k 12″ maxi singles from the 80s…sadly it’s not so easy to license tracks…i have written a few words about this here…maybe you scroll down/up to it…anyway…love the laua branigan idea…but look up what was already included in those gold legion re-issues..maybe that would be something for the future, if managament/family agrees…(see george michael)…


I had the Japanese CD single which featured Blue. Actually prefer the live in China version. Read the news release that the GM estate released for his birthday this year. They said the Christie’s auction & the film & soundtrack Last Christmas is what they are focusing on in 2019. The soundtrack will feature at least 1 unreleased song. David Austin is also working on having all the GM albums on vinyl available for purchase. As a fan since 1984 I would like expanded reissues of the 3 Wham! albums most.


Thanks again, Piet for taking the time to do this, and Paul for making them available here. I’ll be ordering soon.

Piet, any chance you can license any of Peter Wolf’s early 12″ mixes next time, if there is a next time? François Kevorkian remixed “Lights Out” and “I Need You Tonight,” and Arthur Baker remixed “Oo-Ee-Diddley-Bop!” all to great effect.


Really wish I would have got the box set of volumes 1-10.
Am always hoping for a re release of this! If you have any influence on this Paul that would be appreciated! And I am going to order these two anyway as love volume 11 (purchased from SDE!)


Just wondering, is smooth operator basically the same as the video clip version but then without the shooting sounds etc?


(Also, that mix of “Tell Her About It” is on the YouTubes…


I would note that Two Wheels Good, the US edition of Steve McQueen, features that earlier mix of “When Love Breaks Down”, but it is 3:46—so if that is the mix used here, then it could be considered an “extended” version.

I used to have that Billy Joel song on 12″; it’s a Jellybean Benitez mix, with the background vocals notably more prominent.


Great news 4 collectors – great job from the Kölsche Jungs!!


I personally feel it’s good to see those two mixes from New Order and Talk Talk on CD at last but unfortunately none of the rest of those tracks on these two compilations interest me and half of them i have never heard and were probably only hits in Europe and not the UK. The inclusion of
When Love Breaks Down (Extended Version) which doesn’t exist btw is a poor choice and they could have at least went to the effort of including a Prefab Sprout track that hasn’t appeared on CD before like the long version of Nightingales.


I used to hate extended versions that weren’t much longer than the single! So disappointing! haha. I always thought 6 mins was the minimum an extended version should be back in the day – I was obsessed! One of the most disappointing extended versions was Cher’s I Found Someone – the album version was 3:43 and
the extended version was 4:05! Wounded!!


Have the 4:22 version thanks to the kind efforts of Matt Coplestone. For those who adore Prefab Sprout, hearing the “extended” version will not match the surprise when you first heard the Dolby version after falling in love with the Phil Thornalley version, or vice versa.


If you enjoy the So80s discs you could also check out Ben Liebrand’s Grand 12 Inches compilations he does a similar thing in unearthing all kinds of rare 12 Inch versions. He sells direct too. http://www.benliebrand.nl/grand12/


Great news!!
I’m curious to know why they added the extended version of Tina Turner’s “Better Be Good To Me”? It’s on the 2cd deluxe version of “Private Dancer” AND the 1997 remastered edition of that album. It’s been widely available for years. Why not add the extended version of the brilliant “One Of A Living”? It was criminally left off the deluxe version of “Private Dancer” and not available anywhere.

Auntie Sabrina

The versions previously released were faded about the 7 minutes 4 seconds mark, Kauwgompie


I see, you are right, 7’04 vs 7’44. Now we are getting the real version as it was meant to be. Thank you Sabrina. Hopefully they can add the extended version of “One Of The Living” next time.


Wind Him Up (Special Maxi Version) – Saga 5:45 ?? …that’s enough to sell me. Thanks for letting everyone know about these, Paul.

Kevin M

12″ of Captain Sensible’s Wot! Brilliant, I loved that as a kid. I saw Let the Music Play and thought it was that great Shannon single. That and her Give Me Tonight were fabulous 80s singles, I must look her up, I no longer own them.

I wonder if the older of these compilations are still in print, never heard of them before, great stuff.


I’m currently working my way through the So8os CDs in the car, currently up to vol 5, which has had me wondering if there will be a new volume soon, so to get two is unexpected & welcome news.

I’ve found myself really enjoying the minor UK hits I’m less familiar with such as Certain things are likely by Kissing the pink, and The Promise by When in Rome, along with the tracks I’ve never heard of that were maybe only popular in mainland Europe. It looks like there’s plenty of things new to my ears on these two sets.

When the guys put New Order’s Touched by the hand of dub on vol 9 I did hope they would add True Dub to a future version, as I’ve always preferred it to the a-side remix. Lo and behold, here it is, especially welcome after True Faith dub mix on the Brotherhood reissue disappointlingly was a modern rather than the 1987 contemporary mix.

Thank you to Blank & Jones for continuing the series, your hard work is very much appreciated.

A couple of questions for Piet if he pops by this thread:
1) Is there a particular reason why Self Control by RAF was only included on the mix disc & not as an unmixed track on Vol 5? I’m not complaining, just very interested in what goes on behind the scenes.
2) Speaking of behind the scenes, do you know if there are English translations of the sleeve notes from the first few volumes anywehere? I’ve looked online without luck & GCSE German was a long long time ago!
3) (yes, I know I said a couple!) Any news on the ABC project? Fo me personally, Alphabet City is crying out for the full on SDE.
4) (OK, so this is pushing it, but this is a suggestion rather than a question!!) I know you get inundated with requests for future volumes, but I would just like to put out there Bowie’s Day In Day Out Shep Pettibone remixes & Freeez’s IOU Arthur Baker Ultimate Club/Dub remixes (works as one long track). Shep & Arthur were absolutely on fire in 1987 for me as a 15 year old splurging my paper round money!

Piet Blank

thank you for the encouraging words…this really keeps us going…
(1) yes…here is the story on RAF: we requested the track from warner in germany. they received an approval from warner italy for the song. so we got the 12″ master from the archive in germany. while we were mixing we received the news that warner could not find the specific contract about the 12″ version and were unsure if they own it, therefore sublicense it…but as we already had it in the mix (which was a very time intense thing) and the part we used was only from the album version, it was agreed that we can keep it the mix, but must take it off from the unmixed cd….the really sad thing was, that just a few months later the 12″ version was released as vinyl rip on some other compilation and nobody knew how that could happen….
(2) sorry, as we only license for german speaking territory we did it in our native language…we only discovered much later that the cds travel as imports around the globe…that’s when we started to do english liner notes as well…will be on 12 and 13 included in english
(3) yes…abc…was just chatting with paul about this as well…we really don’t understand why the project was denied by universal uk…the german team was up for it and everything was set….never heard about it again…sadly…
(4)yes, shep and arthur were real heros when it comes to 80s 12″ mixes…i am not too positive about getting bowie 12″ mixes approved, and freeez…i think that was released somewhere before…you might have to search…


To Piet:
ABC: Try it again, it would be worth it!”


There are plans for some ABC deluxe projects going on,
with Vinny Vero. Abracadabra is up first.


Fred van de Peppel

End of the year SDE’s of first 3 Wang (Huang) Chung albums curated by Vinny Vero!!

check out his Twitter acount for updates:

”First 3 albums by Wang Chung will be released as deluxe editions. “Huang Chung”, “Points On The Curve”, and “To Live And Die In L.A.” will hit the “shops” this fall. Lovingly researched, curated and produced by yours truly. Lots of involvement with the band. ”


I adore your work.
Living in Tel Aviv, it was extremely difficult coming by those maxis in real time.

Cannot thank you enough for the Forever Young project. Will we ever have an instrumental version of it? Please? :)


Thanks Piet, much appreciated.


Ditto re True Dub. Great to finally get this on CD. Been waiting for years.

David Hannah

Slight error in the piece above. Blue never appeared on The Final CD at all. The live version was only included on the US version and Last Christmas 85. Will be good to finally get the single version on CD!


Same on the Australian edition (of the cassette at least) plus most tracks were the extended mixes too. I’m your man was a particular fave. “He’s brave, he’s tough, Mr Ridgeley do your stuuuuuuff” *crash* “Ah, where’s the bar?”

David Hannah

I know. It didn’t appear on the CD in any form except on Music From The Edge… your article states it did appear on CD. That was my point…

David Hannah

no probs :)


Any idea if it’s going to be the unreleased studio version of “Blue” or the known, instrumental one?


Paul there are alt. versions of Last Christmas on 2CD VA – The All Time Greatest Christmas Songs (2000) & I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me) on VA – I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me) Smash Hits Party! (2008), not sure what versions they are but they are not the standard 7″ mix


Worth it for Smooth Operator alone!