Signed Roxy Music boxes re-available

Out today is the super deluxe edition of Roxy Music‘s 1972 debut album and if you missed out back in December, there is a small number of the limited edition box set which come with a poster/print SIGNED by Bryan Ferry available right now! This is a 500-only limited edition and these are currently available via the official Roxy Music Store.

Order the 4-disc super deluxe with Bryan Ferry SIGNED Print



  • Re-Make/Re-Model
  • Ladytron
  • If There Is Something
  • Virginia Plain
  • 2 H.B.
  • The Bob (Medley)
  • Chance Meeting
  • Would You Believe?
  • Sea Breezes
  • Bitters End



EARLY DEMOS April/May 71

  • Ladytron
  • 2 HB
  • Chance Meeting
  • The Bob (Medley)


  • Instrumental
  • Re-Make/Re-Model
  • Ladytron
  • If There Is Something
  • 2 H.B.
  • The Bob (Medley)
  • Chance Meeting
  • Sea Breezes
  • Bitters End
  • Virginia Plain

DISC THREE (disc two on the 2CD deluxe)



  • If There Is Something
  • The Bob (Medley)
  • Would You Believe?
  • Sea Breezes
  • Re-Make/Re-Model


  • 2 HB
  • Ladytron
  • Chance Meeting


  • Virginia Plain
  • If There Is Something


  • The Bob (Medley)
  • Sea Breezes
  • Virginia Plain
  • Chance Meeting
  • Re-Make/Re-Model


The full album remixed in 5.1 by Steven Wilson


  • Re-Make/Re-Model – The Royal College Of Art, 6/6/72
  • Ladytron – The Old Grey Whistle Test, 20/6/72
  • Virginia Plain – Top Of The Pops, 24/8/72
  • Re-Make/Re-Model – Full House, 25/11/72
  • Ladytron Full House, 25/11/72

French TV, Bataclan, Paris, 26/11/72:

  • Would You Believe
  • If There Is Something
  • Sea Breezes
  • Virginia Plain

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Quick update. I contacted customer service and they said the signed prints were sent via a different shipment for some unknown reason.

I am awaiting their arrival and will confirm receipt in case anyone else experienced the same thing I, (and another SDE reader) did.


I did not get my Poster either – ordered mine from Amazon.fr.
When are they going to ship them?



My version didn’t have the signed print? I used the SDE link the hour it was posted. Love the box set so far, but really hope this will be fixed.

David Bly

I don’t know why I didn’t get my set in the US where it seems others got it ten days ago, but
I also did not get the signed print, and having a problem (slow computer) contacting the website. I can’t find SDE link that was supposed to be here.
Do you still have one?

Thanks, by the way for all you do!

David Bly


I meant that I ordered the signed print and it was listed on the invoice, but like the others here I have not gotten it yet.

I did contact them on Friday night after hours so I hope they will respond on Mopnday


Same thing happened to me. I received the box set today over here in the States. No signed print came with it….

How strange. I’ve contacted customer service and will update if i learn anything.


Odd that The Numberer is missing. It’s the B-side of the RSD version of Ladytron – which is of course the stereo Steven Wilson Mix version. Very glad I bought that now though it does make me wonder if there will be another release with this stereo mix further down the line…..


… and the sleeve of that 10″ single clearly states the two “2015 Stereo Remixes by STEVEN WILSON” are “Taken from the forthcoming Super Deluxe Edition of ROXY MUSIC”.


Deal Alert: Rozy Music SDE $80 on amazon.com. Even with shipping and taxes that should be wayyy lower than purchasing this anywhere in Europe. I jumped.


Odd, it’s somewhat early (noon) in the day on the east coast (North Carolina . Amazon is showing me $159. I used the link you provided.



Listened to the box set today its been a long time since I’ve heard in its entirety. Its definitely a very unusual album naive in many ways yet somehow ethereal with “2 HB” “The Bob” and “Sea Breezes” Was my brothers (RIP) favourite album and he would loved this!
Understand why Roxy could n’t make it in the US just so ahead of its time.
Paul thanks for the discussion re the price etc. looking forward to “For Your Pleasure”!

Terry Stevens

I’ll stick with my vinyl for the meantime…….until the price drops.
I’ve got a set of the first four albums signed by the whole band at Wembley in 1975….so not rushing for Bryan’s poster

Mic Smith

My copy was delivered today. Signed poster by Ferry is a disappointment for sure and I should have got the Manzenera version for £50 cheaper. But the item itself is really nice. I can’t wait to hear the music and read the book. I agree it’s overpriced but the First Roxy Music album was an event back in 1972 (I remember it well) and all the extras are well worth having. Ok no The Numberer but that was in the studio albums box set so won’t be missed by me.


Got the boxset today and I am very pleased with it. Very premium looking (haven’t listened to/watched the contents yet). Yes, it’s ridiculously expensive, but having Bryan Ferry’s signature is a nice touch. And it reached me on release date, which almost never happens if you live in Eastern Europe. Amazon, for instance, never ships before release date, so I usually get pre-order items up to one week after that date. The Roxy store shipped it yesterday, that’s thoughtful of them, I thought. And, if I needed one additional justification, it’s a bloody great album with a fantastic cover ;-)

Janice P

I originally ordered the box set (without the signed repro poster) at £130, then saw sense and cancelled. However, now that the signed version is available again (for an extra £20), I have succumbed! Yes it is a lot of money, but who knows – one day it may be worth a bob or two for my family to flog when I depart this mortal coil. And the interest in the bank is pretty much non existent, so an investment for the future perhaps? Besides, I love Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music, so that’s a good enough excuse for me!


I have an idea Paul. A commercial idea no less! Through your SDE webpage, try to get a feel from your readers about the level of interest they might have in purchasing such a ‘pricey’ box set. You will probably get those who will want it no matter what the price, those who have no interest whatsoever regardless of the price and, of course, the vast majority whose decision will exclusively price driven. (Normal distribution curve anyone?) I would imagine that if you could collect a sizeable enough order and approached a wholesaler with that order, I’m sure there would be massive savings to be made, which you could then pass on to your readers. Surely bulk buying is the answer here and you, through your webpage have the means to do that? What do you think?


A lot of work for Paolo to take-on! We’d have to make subscription fees to SDE to make it worthwhile for our editor.
Otherwise, he’ll have to get his kids more hands-on with work at SDE towers but that might fall of child labour laws.


This has to be the SDE of 2018, everybody is waiting for the price drop.

Phil Davies

Trivial note, can anyone shed light on what looks like a line of black felt tip pen on the bottom right hand corner of one of the covers? (it’s illustrated this way in the book so is obviously meant to be there).


It’s not marker pen – it’s a comb (and just to the left is a white mirror)…

Phil Jones

Just received my copy from Amazon. No outer packaging at all… how on earth it arrived not completely trashed is amazing, just a sticker onto the Universal cardboard protector. Have complained re packaging to Amazon before and guess what they send a replacement exactly the same way. Very lucky this time.


It’s not uncommon for the price of box sets to be sky high when released. Ultra fans will want to ge their hands on it ASAP. Wouldn’t be surprised if this drops to £60 in a few months time.


Well, I just checked the Canada price and it went up to $160. So that road has been cut off. They caught on. It was good while it lasted. Our only hope now is a Deal Alert.

Gary Hunter

I believe Bryan ferry will be delivering this Super Deluxe Edition to you in person :)


What’s the shipping and import costs from Canada?


At that price? Nope! Poxy Music!!

Phil Davies

I was aware the BF signature amounts to little more than an indecipherable squiggle but add the fact it is on a poor repro advert instead of the album cover print I was expecting – very underwhelmed. This will be staying in it’s tube!


I just can’t believe that price..also it’s a fugly cover…compared with the rest of the albums which are smart..I also bought the Avalon vinyl in the Amazon sale..it a horrible production….the cover is to big for a 180grm sleeve!….having said that the press is quiet and the cover is amazing!..

Peter Muscutt

Perhaps we need some sort of ‘super deluxe box set’ regulator (I vote for Mr. Sinclair!) who can cap prices off at a sensible level (!!) We could draw up criteria according to whether it’s an LP box set, 1/2/3/4 CD edition, whether it comes with paraphernalia/merchandise etc… just think! An end to £150-200 box sets! A fanciful dream, I know…until then, we shall just have to keep voting by keeping our wallets closed. I’m not a huge Roxy fan but remember how much the Kraftwerk 3D catalogue 4-disc Bluray set was and how unimpressed I was, so I can relate!

Derek Langsford

But it won a Grammy :-) I got the 4 x Blu-ray set at a good price (£86.84 and £3.08 shipping to the USA) but was shocked at how short the individual album tracks are, with 5 of 8 albums coming in at 25-33 mins, one at 38 mins and The Mix at over hour but just a compilation of the other tracks already presented in the set (save for Planet of Visions). Sound quality and visual presentation was excellent, but I would have preferred more music and a smaller or no book if it cost less and shrank the size of the box. Then of course without some technical know-how you still had to buy the CDs for another £50 to listen to them outside your living room.

Pete B

Looks like it’s still available through Phil Manzanera’s site for just £120 – no tee or signed bits, but still thirty quid cheaper than the Roxy site.

Still not tempted, mind…


all this overpriced reissue has done is make me revisit my old Roxy vinyl and soulseek :)

Stu Stuart

It’s out pricing fans and making their music become elitist to those who are only able to financially buy it. I love Ferry & Roxy and buy everything but sadly in these hard times I have to miss this set. Gutted!! Mr Ferry and co need to give back a little to fans not take more away.


Have a signed poster and think I can well imitate Bryans signature. If someone is interested send me your Roxy Box or everything else where Bryans signature useful.
Watch out: just 25€ for every signature. Postage is your issue!


I can’t find the 2cd version in Amazon


I’ll pass on this one thanks, I’m happy with the Signed Copies Of The Jazz Age LP I Bought a couple of months ago from Bryans Webstore for £14 each! £150 is Too Crazy even for me …..


Would love one of these, but just can’t justify that price…


The audio content doesn’t seem to have hit Spotify yet apart from two songs as ”promo”. Is it expected soon?
I do wonder about the strategies of labels with these big reissue boxes – it probably makes more sense for them to hold-off putting the released on streaming sites for a while to hoover-up as many physical sales while it’s exclusive. Or maybe they figure people who want to buy expensive boxset reissues will do so regardless of a lot of the content being available to stream.


If anyone knows why there was no room for the Virginia Plain B side in this big box, please say! They can’t have just forgotten it existed, it must have been a decision.

Phil G.

My signed print copy was just delivered.

Impressed with the quality of the boxset itself and its contents, though I haven’t heard the 5.1 mix yet (but it’s Steven Wilson, so it’s going to be nothing short of excellent!).

The signed print is…OK. I had hoped for a glossy 12 x 12 reproduction of the album cover but it’s a thick paper reproduction of a vintage ad for the album, signed by Mr Ferry with a gold Sharpie. Nice to have it shipped in a sturdy cardboard tube.

I’m pleased to own the set but the guilt of spending £150 on it lingers on…


I paid 130 Euros for the signed Phil Manzanera edition which comes with a really cool shirt. This includes the international postage (why it is so expensive to send something from the island to the continent?), so it is a fair price for me, comparable to the last Sargent Pepper or the News of the world boxes.
I know the Jethro Tull und the Misplaced Childhood boxes are real money for value, but unfortunately I want to buy some music in physical formats.


Thanks for the heads up Paul! I snagged one this time.

Totally agree with the comments regarding the outrageous price point. But the signed copy aspect makes it unique enough an opportunity for me to justify the purchase.

Stevie B

So a limited edition that sold out in December, now there are more copies available? Was it an overall limited edition of 500 back in December and they’ve held some back or is this a second set of ‘limited editions’ with more to follow?

Chris Squires

I doubt it very much. Typically many people see the advert back in early December and place their order, so they fill out the 500 orders. At some point between then and now people cancel, whether it is because they see sense, or the Mrs. nobbles them or their current financial situation takes a dive whatever it is the last few days before release always sees a few of any limited edition re-emerge. It holds with Amazon too. There are always conspiracy theories that more are being printed and some people’s dislike of amazon is so great that they are willing to believe anything bad put their way.

I’ve done it, I am sure most people here have done it. You put a holding order in and with two days to go you cancel. It only takes a dozen people to do it and suddenly there are a dozen copies left to sell on the last day.

The other reason people cancel is that they want to see if it is a well received set before they have to commit. A well received set means it’s value will go up, a badly received set’s value will stick or drop and the incentive to buy diminishes.

The only way to stop it is to take money up from with no refunds and that can’t happen so it’ll continue. It just pays to keep an eye on the site to see when (not if) it happens.


A good (and I believe accurate) analysis/hypothesis.

Peter Muscutt

More often than not I completely forget I’ve preordered something and have a nice surprise waiting for me at home! I just realised last night I pre-ordered an LP of the Italian group Goblin performing their ‘Dawn of the Dead’ score live…must have done that way before Xmas!! If only I didn’t order so many of them, I might keep track of purchases better….!

Stevie B

I would love to own this but the price is outrageous and I just can’t justify it.

Howard Pitfield

Just over £60 from Amazon Canada shipped to a friend in US. I’ll pick it up later.


This is the toughest sale of the year. No way I’d buy at this price. Not even close. It’s no wonder the sale of physical media is in decline. Instead of trying to lead the market, to grow it, they decide to go for this over-priced, under-baked, attempt to put their hands into the pockets of Roxy’s biggest fans.


Mark Carroll

No Ta….

Kevin M

No offence to Paul intended, but must say I’m really sick of reading about this ridiculous release now.
And so much for the signed one being sold out within hours, tut tut. Very depressing.

As Mark E Smith wrote 15 or so years ago… “Distilled Mug Art”.

Mathew Lauren

Give it to Paul, this is a big day as “Roxy Music” has finally been released and unlike after the 15 years we waited for “FM ‘75,” “RM” is at least receiving a 5.1 DTS 24/96 audio codec, which is superior in every-way (especially for music on Audio DVD-V discs) to the movie-specific AC-3 / DD5.1 audio codec that “FM’ 75” received, as its ONLY, 5.1, DVD-V, audio option.

Also, consider Roxy Music to PAUL is like Led Zeppelin to ME; and if Jimmy Page ever worked with SW and created cd/Blu-ray booksets featuring discrete, surround sound whether traditional 5.1 or spatial audio, object-based, 3D-surround (for some of the latter albums in Zep’s catalogue), I’d post something about each album, EVERYDAY — even posting reviews and thoughts AFTER the STREET DATE!

So, insert your favourite band HERE. Then consider how much ‘content-redundancy’ or ‘content-bloat’ and ‘price-gouging’ you would be willing to endure to get THAT for which you have waited so long (SW-mixed, 5.1 in this case); and maybe then, you can empathise with Paul and be happy for him, as well as fellow SDE.com, Roxy Music fans, as this day has finally arrived!

Kevin M

I’d still read it even if Joe Dolce or Su Pollard box sets were on the news here every day, it’s a nice site, and I have big respect for the civilised debate and criticism here, for what it’s worth. The poor value gouging going on just makes me sad.

Jeremy K

This is the craziest, most overpriced SD box I’ve seen….Have you seen any worse Paul?


Not sure I agree Flowers In The Dirt is worse. It comes with a bunch of unnecessary (picture) books, no 5.1, ridiculous downloads and wayyyyy overpriced but the price on Amazon.com was always around $110 to $120. That is still about $30 to $40 less expensive than Roxy Music.

Only Amazon in Canada sells Roxy Music for a $100. Still ridiculous but wayyy better than the $150 elsewhere. I’m torn. Should I jump on the Canada price because soon they will wake up and start asking the same price as everywhere else or will the rest of the world come down to Canada levels and even better? Is this a somewhat limited edition like with the Tears For Fears boxes so you can’t wait forever?
I waited and waited for a decent price on Flowers In The Dirt and it never got lower than about $90, on which I jumped, throwing all my principles out the window. I think I may just go with the Canada price. I’m fortunate that I can do that being in the USA. If you’re in the EU, you’ll have to pay additional taxes (and probably shipping) which may make the Canada purchase counter productive.

Erik van der Scheer

The Eagles – Hotel California.


It still costs £120 bloody quid though! :-(


£105 from Phil Manzanera inc p&p, a t-shirt and a signed postcard.

Mathew Lauren

Don’t forget Rush’s “AFTK” SDE (w/SW-mixed 5.1) is still $108 on Amazon in U.S. (it was $149 yesterday) and ~$150 (U.S. DOLLARS) in UK today.

These are all great examples of price-gouging!


Thanks for this info Paul!!