Simply Red return with Big Love


Mick Hucknall returns in June with Big Love, the first Simply Red studio album in eight years.

The new release coincides with the 30th anniversary of the group’s debut Picture Book and features 12 Hucknall originals with Andy Wright co-producing. A Big Love European tour kicks off in October with London dates scheduled just before Christmas.

You can hear samples of the new music below. No news at present of any special or deluxe editions but Big Love is due for release on 1 June 2015.

Big Love on CD:

Track listing

1. Shine On
2. Daydreaming
3. Big Love
4. The Ghost Of Love
5. Dad
6. Love Wonders
7. Love Gave Me More
8. Tight Tones
9. Woru
10. Coming Home
11. The Old Man And The Beer
12. Each Day

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Turns out the Japanese bonus track is a cover of Neil Young’s song Heart of Gold.


Japanese edition (WPCR-16641) to come out August 5 with a bonus track Heart of Gold.


Well, its become a bit of a marketing thing to split and then ‘reform’ a few years later. Five years is a hiatus really. Mick has produced some great records and I for one am pleased to see the Simply Red name out there again. He had a bit of a lull in quality during the late 90’s before returning to from with ‘Home’

[…] was some feedback on SDE about how people felt let down because Hucknall had promised that he’d […]


Excellent albums up unitll ‘Stars’, but then – it all got a bit average.
Funny how he complains about the record company putting him out there as ‘Simply Red’ and not the band, but who choose to put his band on a wage and put himself on the cover of all albums? Please . . . .


The digital edition includesa bonus remix:
Shine On (Max Bidda Radio Mix)


I have loved a-ha and – I think – have every Simply Red album thus far. I’m just a bit too principled for my own good, haha.


But he promised he as finished with Simply Red. I remember the street parties and the bunting. Grrr *shakes fist*


Orig80’saddict, I am sure special editions will be along soon ;-)


Hi there from Russia!
I’m huge SR & MH fan and collector – so it’s a great news that they’re together again. We all know that Mick has wonderful soulful voice and that he can write beautiful songs, but let’s face it, all SR songs and albums – if you’re not a fan – sounds like one pretty beautiful boring song. So there’s nothing new in this “new” songs, and I know there’s nothing new in autumn shows and the same old songs and hits will be performed and even nothing new in sleeve design – just Mick’s portrait like on each of previous SR albums BUT anyway I am happy with the fact of new release from one of my all time favourite bands – and I wait for new songs, for new shows, for new fairytales from MH’s magic voice))
And I hope this time they’ll release new material on vinyl!


Picture Book is one of the finest debut albums I’ve ever heard. Fairground aside I can’t say that much he’s done since has excited me. My mum adores SR which says something about how he’s blanded out!


No deluxe version? What about some remixes? Love the latest Simply Red reissues. Will have to order this.


This must be the most predictable comeback ever. And really, what is the point, Mick Hucknall is Simply Red.
Hope that cover is a mock up and not the real thing.


That’s a big but though. Horrendous sleeve, looks like a child’s book.

If he wants to keep retiring the Simply Red name, only to bring it out again X years down the line, that’s his prerogative of course but it doesn’t do his integrity any favours.


Exactly. That’s why I used integrity rather than credibility, as the press have never given him his dues, even when he thoroughly deserved some. The whole “I’m retiring…oh no I’m not” and farewell tours feels more like the antics of a female diva (Cher etc) than a male singer-songwriter who has always viewed his work as a “catalogue” designed to stand the test of time.


Didn’t he say: no more Simply Red? Money’s Too Much To Mention?


Money’s Too Tight for Mr Hucknall? he’s worth around £40 million!


Glad to hear. The snippets on soundcloud were quite nice. It’s also the 30th anniversary of Picture Book. Does that mean a reissue is on the way? Perhaps with tracks that were left of the 2008 reissue?