Simply Red / Songbook 1985-2010


Rhino will release Song Book 1985-2010 in November, a four-disc set that celebrates 25 years of Simply Red. Each of the first three CDs represents a decade: the 80’s 90’s and 00’s, with the fourth disc being re-recordings of some previous hits, oddities and rarities.

The set will come packaged in a fatbox CD case with slipcase and 36-page booklet. Track listing is below – we are waiting for Warner Music to confirm exactly the nature of the the rarities and which tracks are re-recordings.

Songbook 1985-2010 is released on 25 November 2013.


Full track listing

CD1 (Eighties)

  • 1. Money’s Too Tight (To Mention)
  • 2. Holding Back The Years
  • 3. Sad Old Red
  • 4. Come To My Aid
  • 5. Open Up The Red Box
  • 6. Jericho
  • 7. The Right Thing
  • 8. Maybe Someday
  • 9. Every Time We Say Goodbye
  • 10. I Won’t Feel Bad
  • 11. It’s Only Love
  • 12. If You Don’t Know Me By Now
  • 13. A New Flame
  • 14. You’ve Got It
  • 15. Enough

CD2 (Nineties)

  • 1. Something Got Me Started
  • 2. Stars
  • 3. For Your Babies
  • 4. Thrill Me
  • 5. Your Mirror
  • 6. Lady Godiva’s Room
  • 7. Fairground
  • 8. Remembering The First Time
  • 9. Never Never Love
  • 10. We’re In This Together
  • 11. So Beautiful
  • 12. Angel
  • 13. Night Nurse
  • 14. The Air That I Breathe
  • 15. Ghetto Girl
  • 16. Ain’t That A Lot Of Love
  • 17. Say You Love Me

CD3 (‘Noughties’)

  • 1. Sunrise
  • 2. Your Eyes
  • 3. Fake
  • 4. You Make Me Feel Brand New
  • 5. Home
  • 6. My Perfect Love
  • 7. Smile
  • 8. Sad Old Red
  • 9. Positively 4th Street
  • 10. Oh! What A Girl
  • 11. Your Perfect Love
  • 12. Stay
  • 13. So Not Over You
  • 14. The World And You Tonight
  • 15. I Have The Love
  • 16. A Song For You
  • 17. It’s You

CD4 (Re-recordings and rarities)

  • 1. Picture Book
  • 2. Come To My Aid
  • 3. Heaven
  • 4. Jericho
  • 5. Infidelity
  • 6. Enough
  • 7. So Beautiful
  • 8. Out On The Range
  • 9. You Make Me Believe
  • 10. Mellow My Mind
  • 11. The Sky Is A Gypsy
  • 12. Something For You



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Finally the original single mix of Jericho is available on a dutch cd box called “Gerard Ekdom’s Hidden Treasures”.

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According to discogs the version of Jericho is the extended version which is nice.


Re: “The studio version of Lady Godiva’s Room would have been a nice touch, but presumably they’ve used the version of the live Montreux EP”
The booklet mentions that cd2 has the live version indeed, but they (inadvertently) have included the studio version that appeared as b-side and on the expanded Men and Women cd from 2008.

Alan Baldock

I’m not normally a fan of rerecording stuff, always seems a bit pointless and drives you back to the originals, but disc 4 is really rather good and stands up in its own right. Worth a tenner, never mind the other 3 discs, which are mighty fine as well.


just seen on Ama.uk for £ 10 !

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Gianluca De Caro

I also hope Rhino this time gives us the original 7″ versions for Money’s too tight, I won’t feel bad and above all Jericho and Open up the red box whose 7″ remixes are totally different than the album versions and til today still unreleased on cd. If this new compilation contains again the standard album versions it’s better not to buy it. Regarding 12″ versions are still unreleased on cd the first 12″ mix of Money’s too tight (I don’t mean the cutback mix but the one released on the UK 12″ EKR9T) and the first 12″ mix of Come to my aid in its full length duration of 6’36” (I don’t mean the Survival mix but the one released on UK 12″ EKR19T).


I agree with Omar. Disc 4 would be the ideal place for 12″ versions and other tracks that weren’t on the collector’s editions of the studio albums. For example, Picture Book In Dub is a fantastic, albeit eerie track which has been largely ignored. I only found it on a german dance/dub compilation cd.


£9.99 on Sainsburys.


I have a feeling that we’ll be getting the standard album mixes instead of the 7″ versions. Money’s Too Tight (7″) has never appeared on cd before, also Jericho (7″) isn’t that a fade out of the album version ? Instead of reworking their old stuff on disc 4,they could’ve put together 12″ mixes all on one cd.

Metal Mickey

Mick Hucknall is nothing if not a savvy businessman. He owns all of his later masters, and by splitting up a compilation like this (as opposed to having the early tracks making up the bulk of the collection), he gets a far bigger chunk of the royalties & payments, hence the re-records on CD4… even if the fans would prefer the old 12″ versions!


I totally agree with you. Where is ‘Infidelity’? This is a real chance to get a definitive and complete singles collection. Surely there’s room for it on CD1.

Also, at the risk of constantly repeating myself, please can these be the original 7″ single edits?

Killian Scott



Agree with 386320. There are so many other brilliant songs from the band and they never released this songs as singles. For example Picture Book, Move On Out, Shine, Suffer, Love Lays Its Tune, To Be With You, More, Funk On Out, Man Made The Gun, Close To You, Good Times Have Done Me Wrong, Money TV..


Very good value for the money, but average fan of the band have complete discography of the band + expanded editions of ‘Picture Book’, ‘A New Flame’ & ‘Stars’. This is just another greatest hits of the band (compilation #6). Expanded editions of all other albums will be a better option for fans of the band than this collection.


I do not see Infidelity. It looks like a single collection. However I like many others songs not released as a single.


Have they done anything in the last decade? ;)

Darren Dilliway

It actually says“4 cds XX tracks. All the biggest hits plus exclusive bonus disc of new recordings of Simply red classics.`

So, 4 cds :)


that does seem badly worded, if i picked that up and read it in a store i would reasonably expect it to be a special edition containing five discs.


…isn’t it a four disc box set plus a re-recordings bonus cd? It’s written: “4 cds plus exclusive bonus disc”…