Sisters of Mercy / Floodland box


The Sisters Of Mercy follow-up their First and Last and Always vinyl box with a similar set for their second album, 1987’s Floodland.

The album was a significant success and spawned three top 20 singles in the UK, including top ten hit This Corrosion. This new Floodland collection contains four vinyl records; the album and three 12-inch singles with B-sides and extra tracks – see full details below.

The box set will be released on 25 September 2015 by Rhino.




Side A
“Dominion/Mother Russia”
“Flood I”
“Lucretia My Reflection”

Side B
“This Corrosion”
“Flood II”
“Driven Like The Snow”
“Never Land (A Fragment)”

This Corrosion 12-inch
Side A
This Corrosion

Side B
Dominion 12-inch
Side A
Dominion (12″ Edit)

Side B

Lucretia My Reflection
Side A
Lucretia My Reflection

Side B
Long Train (1984)

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I picked this up last week, and can’t find a download card anywhere in the packaging. :(

James Boudreau

no download card with mine either just got it today

Simon Thornhill

I have really enjoyed the first two box sets Finding them to be responsible in price & well put to together. I know there may not be much to entice hard core purists But for folks such as my self who haven’t previously owned the albums on vinyl I think this is a great ways to go. Hoping to to hear some news on the Vision Thing vinyl box set to round off the studio LPs & 12″ singles released from the albums. Hopefully then a rarities vinyl box to bring any remaining releases together.


Has anybody received a copy or even seen one in the wild yet?

Paul Anthony Chapman

any news on the bigh-res digital? as they did with the last set


Chuck, looks like your order was “mercifully released” … Ahem.

You ordered garbage from Germany? Really? No trash of your own?


Amazon US pre-order page has vanished. my pre-order still shows in my orders though- not yet shipped but arriving between Oct 1-3. Can I depend on this or should I order from France or Germany (I have Garbage coming from Germany also). Does amazon notify you if they will be shipping an item after taking pre-orders or does the order just linger on?

Robin Vosika

The Sisters of Mercy s classic 1987 beast of gothic bombast, Floodland, will be reissued next month as a 4-LP vinyl box from Rhino records featuring the original album along with three 12-inches fr..


I sprang for the MoFi edition of this last year, even though it was part of the Silver Series. Anyway, lack of significant bonus tracks is likely to have me taking a pass on this one.

Andrew Robinson

Quite a disappointment – just the original vinyl in a box. The longer CD single version of This Corrosion or the full 11 minutes of Neverland could have added some more interest, as could the inclusion of the 7″ edits of the singles.


Andrew Eldritch’s relationship with the record company pretty much hit rock bottom after Vision Thing, so I would doubt that any re-release would include unreleased demos, live material or otherwise.

This box set – like the previous one – is basically a rehash of the album plus the singles released to support it. It’s a shame, because I, like many others, anticipated lots of unreleased extras, but when I saw the track listing I was disappointed.


I loved this album and its singles, but yet again the box is vinyl-oriented so no sale for me.

Paul Trotman

Completely agree.


It’ll get a high-resolution download release too, as with the debut.

Paul English

any 7″ mixes?

Dr Avalanche

Oh and the official bandname is “The Sisters Of Mercy”. Could that be corrected? :)

Billy Dojcak

You must have awoken the Doctor from his long slumber.

Dr Avalanche

Looks nice, but no more than that. No extra tracks, demo’s etc or anything? That’s what TSOM fans are waiting for; at least I am…

There must be some archives at Warner that contain some interesting material I should think. After 20+ years of not releasing anything new, just some little teaser/special/limited edition treatment might/would be expected.

A shame really.


Might go for this one, I prefer it to their 1st. However the A side tracks on the 12″s are the same as on the album apart from the excellent extended mix of Lucretia, My Reflection. One of the best bass riffs ever?!


If I remember correctly, the 12″ versions were all different to the album versions


Unlike Lucretia, which is similar to the album version but different enough (and considerably longer), the other two really aren’t that different from the LP versions. I think Dominion is mostly just an edit, fading before the Mother Russia part, and Corrosion is just the ending extended another minute.

(Yeah, I could probably listen to Lucretia’s bass line on a loop for quite a while and still dig it each time around.)

Of course the extended Lucretia is on the greatest hits album, so you don’t need to go in for this to get it. I don’t recall the B-side being *that* great.

Marc G

The Lucretia on the ‘A Slight Case Of Overbombing’ compilation is the extended version but has been truncated to 8:43(original full length extended version: 9:51).

Billy Dojcak

12″ of a This Corrosion was a few minutes shorter than the album version


Oh, I’m really looking forward to this one… It’s one of my favorite albums. :)
And judging by the previous “First and Last and Always” box, this is gonna be brilliant.

Simon Thornhill

Love the FALAA Boxset so very excited for this release

Michael Bird

Do these boxes include download cards?

Liam Bastick

Your Amazon Italy link is currently pointing to the Spanish Amazon site..?