“so80s presents ZTT”: Full track listing and running times revealed.


DJs Blank & Jones have finished mixing the audio for their so80s presents ZTT two-CD release. This project involved going back to original Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Art of Noise, and Propaganda multi-track master tapes and creating brand new mixes ONLY from the existing archive audio.

We revealed the track listing to readers of the SDE weekly newsletter on Sunday, but wanted to bring everyone here up to speed, with the added bonus of having the full running times for all tracks for the first time (see below for details). If you’d like to know more about the track selection for this release, Piet Blank offers some insight in amongst the comments here.

so80s (SoEighties) presents ZTT will be released on 28 April 2014

Exclusive: Blank & Jones "SoEighties presents ZTT" cover art revealed

Full track listing with track timings:


  • 1. Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Relax (Blank & Jones so8os Reconstruction) 9:50
  • 2. Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Rage Hard (Blank & Jones so8os Reconstruction) 10:54
  • 3. Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Two Tribes (Blank & Jones so8os Reconstruction) 8:12
  • 4. Propaganda – Duel (Blank & Jones so8os Reconstruction) 12:16
  • 5. Frankie Goes To Hollywood – San Jose (Blank & Jones so8os Reconstruction) 5:55
  • 6. Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Warriors Of The Wasteland (Blank & Jones so8os Reconstruction) 11:05
  • 7. Propaganda – Dr. Mabuse (Blank & Jones so8os Reconstruction) 9:56


  • 1. Frankie Goes To Hollywood – The Power Of Love (Blank & Jones so8os Reconstruction) 12:04
  • 2. Art Of Noise – Moments In Love (Blank & Jones so8os Reconstruction) 6:36
  • 3. Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Black Night White Light (Blank & Jones so8os Reconstruction) 8:33
  • 4. Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Watching The Wildlife (Blank & Jones so8os Reconstruction) 8:54
  • 5. Propaganda – A Dream Within A Dream (Blank & Jones so8os Reconstruction) 9:03
  • 6. Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Welcome To The Pleasuredome (Blank & Jones so8os Reconstruction) 15:59

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in the mid 80’s XETRA-FM (aka “91X”) in San Diego played a “Revenge Mix” of FGTH’s “Two Tribes” that I’ve never found. It was more of a straight forward disco mix than the other versions. They no longer have it or know anything about it as perhaps it was owned by a specific DJ. Has anyone heard of this unique version? It’s not something they could have made themselves as the mix was very different than the commonly released versions.

[…] The track is one of 13 brand new remixes that have been created only using audio from the original ZTT Records‘ master tapes and compiled on the forthcoming two-CD release so80s presents ZTT which is out on Monday 28 April (full track listing here). […]


…well, if you aren’t happy with the tracklist STILL BUY THIS to ensure there’s a volume two…three….four… we all know B&J are amazing!


Yeah, ‘San Jose’ is bold to say the least.


good times

Derek M

San Jose? I could live without a renix of that! What about Slave To The Rhythm? Now thats one i would like remade to around the 20 minute mark!

a different Paul W

I feel distinctly underwhelmed by this. Don’t get me wrong, the chances of my buying this are high; but it’s too Frankie-centric.

There has been much criticism in the past about the exploitation of the Frankie catalogue, and it seems to me this set should be no exception. And yet it’s not happening.

“San Jose”, one of the worst, ill-advised cover versions ever conceived, had better be bloody fantastic. Where is “War”? Why so little from the Art of Noise?

A celebration of ZTT has to be more than just FGTH. Either make a Frankie remix compilation direct from the original masters, or make a truly eclectic ZTT set.

Can’t wait to hear it…


Finally, “Black Night White Light” the best Frankie Non-Single track gets its long avaited remix.


Thanks for the update Piet. Such a shame so many multitracks are not available for you to complete your remix wish list.


yes paul w, we are working on a second studio clip…stay tuned…

Paul W

Piet if your reading this will there be any samples coming soon? I for one cannot wait for this it’s gonna be amazing.


This is SO promising !


Looking forward to this release. Would have liked to have heard Blank & Jones’ take on Close (To The Edit) but that’s just nitpicking.

Steve Marine

I’m so excited for this I can’t stand it!!! YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!


If i count well, there is mainly FGTH on this one, 3 Propaganda… and only one Art Of Noise? Was there not much more to mix for this wonderful and strange band ?


I’m only curious about Dream Within A Dream. It’s my favorite Propaganda track.


Excellent! Totally excited.
See also Piet’s insight on the other page, very interesting.


I am SO looking forward to hearing these. And what about the lengths of the tracks? Fantastic!


can’t wait to hear this new versions. after having heard so many mixes since the 80s which basically just re-arrange effects and sounds, it should be great to hear totally new made mixes from the basic material! also like it that almost all new b&j mixes are around the 10 minute mark