Status Quo / The Vinyl Collection 1972-1980 / box set


August 2015 sees the release of The Vinyl Collection 1972-1980 a new vinyl box set collecting the classic era of Status Quo.

The 11LP box set kicks off with 1972’s Piledriver and finishes with 1980’s Just Supposin’. In total, nine studio albums, and the double Live! album from 1977.

All the music is remastered from the original tapes and pressed on 180g vinyl. Original covers and inserts are respected and each record also comes with a poster. This set comes with a download code for MP3s.

The Vinyl Collection 1972-1980 is to be released on 14 August 2015.

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Albums in the box

  1. Piledriver (1972)
  2. Hello (1973)
  3. Quo (1974)
  4. On The Level (1975)
  5. Blue For You (1976)
  6. Rockin’ All Over The World (1977)
  7. Live! (1977)
  8. If You Can’t Stand the Heat (1978)
  9. Whatever You Want (1979)
  10. Just Supposin’ (1980)

Full track listing:

Side A
Don’t Waste My Time
Oh Baby
A Year
Unspoken Words

Side B
Big Fat Mama
Paper Plane
All the Reasons
Roadhouse Blues

Side A
Roll Over Lay Down
A Reason For Living
Blue Eyed Lady

Side B
SIDE Caroline
Softer Ride
And It’s Better Now
Forty-Five Hundred Times

Side A
Just Take Me
Break The Rules
Drifting Away

Side B
Don’t Think It Matters
Fine Fine Fine
Lonely Man
Slow Train

On The Level
Side A
Little Lady
Most Of The Time
I Saw The Light
Over And Done

Side B
Down Down
Broken Man
What To Do
Where I Am
Bye Bye Johnny

Blue For You
Side A
Is There A Better Way
Mad About The Boy
Ring Of A Change
Blue For You

Side B
Rolling Home
That’s A Fact
Ease Your Mind
Mystery Song

Rockin’ All Over The World
Side A
Hard Time
Can’t Give You More
Let’s Ride
Baby Boy
You Don’t Own Me
Rockers Rollin’

Side B
Rockin’ All Over The World
Who Am I?
Too Far Gone
For You
Dirty Water
Hold You Back

Side A
Juniors Wailing
Backwater / Just Take Me
Is There A Better Way
In My Chair

Side B
Little Lady / Most Of The Time
Forty Five Hundred Times

Side C
Roll Over Lay Down
Big Fat Mama
Bye Bye Johnny

Side D
Don’t Waste My Time
Roadhouse Blues

If You Can’t Stand the Heat
Side A
Again And Again
I’m Giving Up My Worryin’
Gonna Teach You To Love Me
Someone Show Me Home
Long Legged Linda

Side B
Oh! What A Night
Accident Prone
Let Me Fly
Like A Good Girl

Whatever You Want
Side A
Whatever You Want
Shady Lady
Who Asked You
Your Smiling Face
Living On An Island

Side B
Come Rock With Me
Rockin’ On
High Flyer
Breaking Away

Just Supposin’
Side A
What You’re Proposing
Run To Mummy
Don’t Drive My Car
Over The Edge

Side B
The Wild Ones
Name Of The Game
Coming And Going
Rock ‘N’ Roll

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Julian H

Thanks Paul! Yes, I noticed Steve’s name in the credits. It just seemed odd to me that no mastering credits were included. I just received QUO and RAOTW yesterday. Not listened to them yet.


@ Patrick,
Any updates about Amazon Italy ? Just ordered one boxset and wonder if they sent you the missing LP?
Thank you. LMRC.


Despite the problem with “Whatever You Want” I should mention that the records sound fabulous, very close indeed to the originals. There is no info regarding who mastered these which is strange because they have done a great job, no hint of compression or loudness issues. In fact I suspect that this is a straight remaster with no fiddling with EQ or similar. The only differences I can hear is that everything sounds cleaner & clearer which might be due just to the new vinyl.

Julian H

2014 deluxe editions of Piledriver and Live! had no mastering credits either. Since the upcoming deluxe editions (Hello!, Quo and RAOTW) are being remastered by Andy Pearce with assistance from Bob Young, Pearce might have also done the previous two CD editions as well as this LP box set.

@Paul – only two weeks until the deluxe editions are released and no mention on SDE?!

Julian H

Is that an official confirmation then?! Because I’ve been debating this with other fans on the MB’s for months. If so, he did a great job and the upcoming remasters will sound good as well. Much better than the compressed 2005/2006 editions IMO.

Something very strange is happening with the new compilation “Accept No Substitute”. The 3CD and 2DVD are supposedly out, some have em already, but according to Amazon.de the CD is released in mid-December, and the DVD doesn’t even exist???

Not really interested in the CD unless the sound quality is a dramatic improvement, but the DVDs have some gems. Perhaps I’ll just pick them up at a real store.


I have received 2 boxsets from Amazon.it & both have the same problem.
“Whatever You want” contains the “Hello” LP. I have contacted Amazon to see if they can sort this. Obviously a problem at the factory. If anyone has bough this box & not yet checked it might be a good idea to do so.

Steen Pihl

Or even better, Paul can you find information on when/if there’s any Hi-Res FLAC files coming? That will give the magic touch to the QUO sound!

Julian H

Also Paul, Live! was released before RAOTW.

Julian H

As has been said before on the Quo MB – why leave off Never Too Late?!

Paul – can you investigate upon this? NTL was the last album of the original lineup before John Coghlan went and the sound changed. Many fans aren’t interested in a second box even if it happens to include NTL because many of the albums after that are not among Quo’s finest hours. Also, NTL was recorded at the same sessions as Just Supposin’ so it really makes no sense whatsoever.

Nigel Pond

Amazon briefly had a pre-order price of £110.10.

Steve Benson

What is the point of issuing remastered versions of tracks on vinyl? I assume the remastering is intended to get a good sound on CD etc. This doesn’t necessarily work well on vinyl an anyway don’t people want it on vinyl the way it sounded on original vinyl releases but without the skips and scratches and beer stains?


Hopefully, record companies realize that the majority of those who buy new vinyl want analog mastering.

Les London

Why do we need yet another reissue of Quo’s back catalogue, if your a fan you would have this stuff enough times already. Not sure who this is aimed at really as fan myself of the band since 1974 it’s not something I will be buying.

Simon F

Wow! This looks great. A reminder of how good the Quo used to be before it all went horribly wrong and they ended up as an end-of-the-pier act. Shame it does not go up to the 1+9+8+2 album which is really the cut-off point.