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Steven Wilson‘s new studio album Hand.Cannot.Erase is released this week across a number of formats.

The musician and producer’s fourth long player takes inspiration from the chilling true story of Joyce Vincent, who died alone in a bedsit in London’s Wood Green in 2003 and tragically remained undiscovered for over two years.

The album has been receiving glowing reviews and is available in a number of formats including a now tricky to get hold of deluxe box set.

A standalone blu-ray audio edition features hi-res 5.1 surround sound version of the album along with seven additional tracks including alternative & radio mixes plus a solo version of the track Routine with Ninet Tayeb on vocals and a studio documentary. This comes with MP3 and FLAC downloads. A CD+DVDV ‘media book’ edition offers similar content with 5.1 on the DVD, but omits the seven additional tracks.

A double vinyl LP is also available and comes with the same download options as the blu-ray. All formats can be purchased via the official Kscope online store or using the links below.

Hand. Cannot. Erase. is out now.

CD+DVDV Media Book Edition


Blu-ray Audio


180g 2LP Vinyl

CD Track listing:

  1. First Regret (2.01)
  2. 3 Years Older (10.18)
  3. Hand Cannot Erase (4.13)
  4. Perfect Life (4.43)
  5. Routine (8.58)
  6. Home Invasion (6.24)
  7. Regret #9 (5.00)
  8. Transience (2.43)
  9. Ancestral (13.30)
  10. Happy Returns (6.00)
  11. Ascendant Here On…(1.54)

Blu-ray Audio track listing

  • 1. First Regret
  • 2. 3 Years Older
  • 3. Hand Cannot Erase
  • 4. Perfect Life
  • 5. Routine
  • 6. Home Invasion
  • 7. Regret #9
  • 8. Transience
  • 9. Ancestral
  • 10. Happy Returns
  • 11. Ascendant Here On…
  • 12. First Regret (instrumental)
  • 13. 3 Years Older (instrumental)
  • 14. Hand Cannot Erase (instrumental)
  • 15. Perfect Life (instrumental)
  • 16. Routine (instrumental)
  • 17. Home Invasion (instrumental)
  • 18. Regret #9 (instrumental)
  • 19. Transience (instrumental)
  • 20. Ancestral (instrumental)
  • 21. Happy Returns (instrumental)
  • 22. Ascendant Here On… (instrumental)
  • 23. Studio Documentary filmed and edited by Lasse Hoile
  • 24. Photo Gallery
  • 25. First Regret (Alternate Mix)
  • 26. Hand Cannot Erase (Radio Edit)
  • 27. Perfect Life (Grand Union Mix)
  • 28. Routine (Ninet Solo Vocal Version)

CD+DVDV Media Book track listing

Disc: 1

1. First Regret ( 02:01 )
2. 3 Years Older ( 10:18 )
3. Hand Cannot Erase ( 04:13 )
4. Perfect Life ( 04:43 )
5. Routine ( 08:58 )
6. Home Invasion ( 06:24 )
7. Regret #9 ( 05:01 )
8. Transience ( 02:45 )
9. Ancestral ( 13:30 )
10. Happy Returns ( 06:00 )
11. Ascendant Here On.. ( 01:54 )

Disc: 2
1. First Regret ( 5.1 + Hi-Res Stereo ) ( 02:01 )
2. 3 Years Older ( 5.1 + Hi-Res Stereo ) ( 10:18 )
3. Hand Cannot Erase ( 5.1 + Hi-Res Stereo ) ( 04:13 )
4. Perfect Life ( 5.1 + Hi-Res Stereo ) ( 04:43 )
5. Routine ( 5.1 + Hi-Res Stereo ) ( 08:58 )
6. Home Invasion ( 5.1 + Hi-Res Stereo ) ( 06:24 )
7. Regret #9 ( 5.1 + Hi-Res Stereo ) ( 05:01 )
8. Transience ( 5.1 + Hi-Res Stereo ) ( 02:45 )
9. Ancestral ( 5.1 + Hi-Res Stereo ) ( 13:30 )
10. Happy Returns ( 5.1 + Hi-Res Stereo ) ( 06:00 )
11. Ascendant Here On… ( 5.1 + Hi-Res Stereo ) ( 01:54 )

CD+DVDV Media Book Edition


Blu-ray Audio


180g 2LP Vinyl

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Oops…forgot the link to the super deluxe edition page.



Missed out on the super deluxe edition (like me)? Limited quantities are available direct from Burning Shed. Ordered my copy and eagerly awaiting its arrival!

“Burning Shed will be receiving a limited allocation of the Hand. Cannot. Erase. deluxe edition from the Steven Wilson European Tour stock. These will be with us after the first leg of the tour – around 3rd of April.
You can pre-order this now, but only one copy per person.”


Took delivery in Australia of the Deluxe book last week, and it’s all I’ve been listening to. Been listening to his work for years now, and just when you think he can’t come up with yet another brilliant album….he does. The 5.1 mix seems to take a few more liberties with placement, which pay off beautifully. The packaging is superb as well, a real immersive experience in story and song.

As far as buying is concerned, I would only ever deal with Burning Shed. They’re awesome.


Stuck with the BR edition and the stand-alone CD. Didn’t need the CD/DVD combo as the BR has everything that the DVD has and then some.
While you may call it loosely a concept album, it seems to jump all over the place in the genres.


Thanks Paul,
Amazon justed posted the CD-DVD at $16.99 shipping from Amazon on March 14..ordered
Best to you and the readers of your great blog.
from Detroit.

David Neal

I got the blu-ray and the CD/DVD set. I ordered the latter as soon as it showed up on Amazon. I’ve listened to the album every day in my car since it arrived.


Ok, horribly frustrated in Detroit trying to come up with the CD-DVDv copy of Hand.Cannot.Erase. Even trying to source through amazon.co.uk is failing miserably as they go to third party vendors.

Anyone have any suggestions or luck ?


Saw the same thing with the amazon US link, I guess that I will just have to stalk it for a while. It would seem that the 5.1 DVDv is well worth having.


anyone notice that the Amazon US link for the CD+DVDv is showing it at $150? hope they fix that


Anyway of previewing any of these tracks – I have a couple of Porcupine Tree albums but have never really heard much of Wilson’s solo stuff.

I am a huge No-Man fan but of course he has moved on a lot since then :-)

My Jelly

The album/cd/blu-ray/download of the year has arrived so early in 2015. What a superb experience invest in this Steven Wilson masterpiece. I purchased the Blu-Ray for under a tenner what an absolute bargain, the whole album instrumental versions and bonus tracks in addition to mp3 and Flac quality downloads who needs to invest in these SuperDeluxe box sets costing ridiculous amounts of spondoolies.
If your a fan of Yes and King Crimson be prepared to be transported back to 1972-1976 period of progressive rock, but completely updated with crystal clear stereophonic surroundphonic sound. Tune in to track 2 it’s the Manic Street Preachers it must be ‘but no’ it’s Steven Wilson what a phenomenal instrumentalist blessed with excellent musicianship all round.
A quality recording to be fully appreciated on a quality hi-fi system not coke cans and string. Treat yourself get enveloped in the musical ears and world of Steven Wilson

Ben Mills in Colorado

I ordered from independant shop: Amoeba.
2 web stores that have deluxe in stock:



Happy listening!

alan hansen

for those not interested in blu-ray or the like, but wanting a little more music, the japanese edition comes with the bonus track “perfect life (grand union mix)”


That track [perfect life (grand union mix)] is on the Blu-ray edition as well…

Rob Puricelli

It’s a stunning album with a superb 5.1 mix and the book is exquisite. Worth every penny :-)