Suede / “Dog Man Star” super deluxe edition 20th anniversary 7-disc box


Suede‘s 1994 album Dog Man Star will be reissued as an expansive multi-format 20th anniversary super deluxe edition collector’s box set in October.

Considered by many to be their masterpiece, the album was the last to feature guitarist Bernard Butler who left as the album was being mixed.

This celebratory set is packed with content and will include:

  • • Hi-res Pure Audio Blu-ray of album and B-sides (audio-only, no video content)
  • • Two CDs in mini gatefold sleeve
  • • Cassette of entire album, with original 1994 inlay
  • • A DVD featuring July 2013 interviews with Brett Anderson, Bernard Butler, Mat Osman and producer Ed Buller; Performances on Top Of The Pops and The O Zone in 1999 and Dog Man Star tour films, Stay Together promo video
  • • Twelve-inch vinyl singles of We Are The Pigs, The Wild Ones
  • • Seven-inch single of NME Flexi disc in original sleeve
  • • A Hardcover book which includes notes by Brett Anderson, photos, handwritten lyrics, recording info, press cuttings
  • • A 48-page sheet music book with five songs
  • • Plastic carrier bag with exclusive design
  • • 12” x 12” print

This set is currently available via Amazon in the UK, but 500 boxes are available via the Suede online store which exclusively come with an alternate orange-tinted cover design and a gatefold twelve-inch of non-album single Stay Together.

Amazon is currently more expensive but we have seen decent price drops in the past which have undercut the official store. Your purchasing decision will depend on how much you value the bonus Stay Together twelve-inch and the unique cover. The Suede store will deliver to Europe, US, and Australia and from next week Japan.

The Dog Man Star super deluxe collector’s box will be released on 20 October 2014.

Suede / Dog Man Star 20th Anniversary Collector's box
Alternate cover

Pre-order exclusive box set version (limited to 500)

Suede / Dog Man Star 20th Anniversary Collector's box
Standard cover

Pre-order standard box set version

Track listing

Hi-Res Blu-ray Audio (no video content)

  • 1. Introducing The Band
  • 2. We Are The Pigs
  • 3. Heroine
  • 4. The Wild Ones
  • 5. Daddy’s Speeding
  • 6. The Power
  • 7. New Generation
  • 8. This Hollywood Life
  • 9. The 2 Of Us
  • 10. Black Or Blue
  • 11. The Asphalt World
  • 12. Still Life

THE B-SIDES (and an A-side)

  • 13. Stay Together [full length version]
  • 14. My Dark Star
  • 15. The Living Dead
  • 16. Killing Of A Flash Boy
  • 17. Whipsnade
  • 18. This World Needs A Father
  • 19. Modern Boys
  • 20. Eno’s Introducing The Band

2CD Set (in gatefold wallet)

CD 1

  • 1. Introducing The Band
  • 2. We Are The Pigs
  • 3. Heroine
  • 4. The Wild Ones
  • 5. Daddy’s Speeding
  • 6. The Power
  • 7. New Generation
  • 8. This Hollywood Life
  • 9. The 2 Of Us
  • 10. Black Or Blue
  • 11. The Asphalt World
  • 12. Still Life

CD 2

THE B-SIDES (and an A-side)

  • 1. My Dark Star
  • 2. The Living Dead
  • 3. Stay Together [full length version]
  • 4. Killing Of A Flash Boy
  • 5. Whipsnade
  • 6. This World Needs A Father
  • 7. Modern Boys
  • 8. Eno’s Introducing The Band


  • 9. La Puissance (The Power)
  • 10. The Living Dead [piano version]
  • 11. We Believe in Showbiz [previously unreleased]
  • 12. Still Life [orchestral version]
  • 13. The Wild Ones [original unedited version]
  • 14. The Asphalt World [original unedited version]



  • 1. Introducing The Band
  • 2. We Are The Pigs
  • 3. Heroine
  • 4. The Wild Ones
  • 5. Daddy’s Speeding
  • 6. The Power
  • 7. New Generation


  • 1. This Hollywood Life
  • 2. The 2 Of Us
  • 3. Black Or Blue
  • 4. The Asphalt World
  • 5. Still Life

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Got mine delivered late last night by courier. So could not hide it from the wife.

Lots of very valid comments, but whilst I love the band, I tend to buy these SDE’s as an investment as well.

Got number 330/500 from Suede Store, packaging is super etc, as you would expect.

Played the CD this morning, no issues.

So all in all, happy with this.


Congratulations..the box set is very nice..but still i don´t understand the 5 songs missing (compare with 2cds+dvdv edsel deluxe edition) ….but when i can do it ….i will buy it …for now..money save to Wings box Set Venus & mars ..and At Speed of Sounds…and The jam Settin Sons


Received my DMS box set yesterday, I see a lot of negative comments towards it pre release. I have to say it is a high quality set, really well put together, I got 1 of the 500 suede store limited ones, when you have it in your hands it is a superb package, better than most reissues of late. The only thing missing from this set which would have made it incredible is the vinyl of the album, I recommend this set if you toying whether to buy or not

Mark Filby

If you order it direct from the Suede my play direct website for £99.99 (plus P&P) you get an alternative sleeve and a 12″ of Stay Together, however when you order it doesn’t confirm if you are in the first 500 and will get the limited version.
I’m torn on whether to buy it, I love Suede but I have no use for the cassette and what if I don’t get the “extras”. I think the band should forget the cassette and drop the price as the fans deserve better, I’d rather buy a concert ticket.


This boxset is pointless… I am a huge suede fan and I don’t think I will buy it… Suede are going too far in offering boxsets with the same stuff, a few extras… What’s the purpose for this? Celebrating a 20th year release with this boxset contents is a shame, a real shame from my favourite band. If you need some advices for what to include in the boxsets, contact me,. I am sure the other fans won’t be so upset!

Iain McCarthy

This has nothing to do with this boxset, but regarding the 2011 Dog Man Star Edsel re-issue, did anyone else have a problem playing the Bernard Butler & Brett Anderson interview on the DVD? I have had two copies and the interview wouldn’t play on either of them. Also, i have tried on several different players.

Bert Hopkins

We complained a lot about Peter Gabriel’s So deluxe set. In retrospect it was quite good [especially if you could get it at a discount – I got it for 60 euro] and puts this to shame.

Bert Hopkins

The sound quality on the 2011 reissue is crap. Too loud and over-compressed.


With these rip off box sets full of tat why don’t they give you something useful like an exclusive branded waste bin to put the “extras” in


The paragon of undnastrndieg these issues is right here!

whole life insurance

Thanks for spending time on the computer (writing) so others don’t have to.


Geez, that’s unbelievable. Kudos and such.


If you already own the reissue 2CD+DVD set at least the 2CD set herein will be pointless. The new DVD seems a bit low in special content. Something most fans will watch once and put aside. If you’re a sound freak, the BluRay is great, but I’m sure it will also be released separate for under 20 Euros soon. Christmas etc.., we know.
If you’re into vinyl and don’t own the 3 included 12″ singles yet, it might be nice to have “Stay Together” and the wild ones b-side “Eno’s introducing the band” on vinyl now . Keep in mind, that the rest of the vinyl b-sides already exist on the Sci-Fi Lullabies 3LP set you get for about 30 euros. I would not be surprised, if the band would come up with a 12″ singles Boxset anytime soon… then you have the next investment coming…and, right, will have stuff doubled and trippled …
So this set is more for die hard collector people with enough money, who already own everything of this band and are into collecting all their gods put out. The high price tag reflects imho, that exactly those fans are Suede’s main target :) …very similar concept compared to the recent Oasis boxset (tape, special 12er, essential tote or plastic bag aso)
Normal fans will consider this set complete and utter nonsens, especially it’s price tag. So if you’re complaining, just don’t buy it.
If you feel, that this set is absolutely stunning, please buy it as Suede probably needs all your money to keep things rolling..


I think the tracklisting + content is great… but only because it saves me lots of money, as in no way I would buy that boxset. What a laugh!


Doesn’t this really pose the question ‘what is a super-deluxe box set’? Increasingly, it seems as if ‘celebrating’ an album in this way means merely duplicating the basic original content in different formats with a bit of cheap toot as dressing and a lot of fresh air. Is that really super-deluxe?

For me, what it should mean is either the fullest works that remain in the vaults, demos, etc. or it should at least mean that you can see the effort made in the end product (originality, quality of materials etc) . For instance, the recent Small Faces SDL box. Yes, the music is mainly backing tracks and run throughs, but in this band’s case these are precious fragments and the supporting packaging content was full and the process of its sourcing and creation was explained.

There are no end of bands that would benefit form this treatment. What about the John Foxx era Island label Ultravox archive, full of great but unissued recordings (like ‘TV Orphans’); how about Siouxsie & The Banshees whose last four albums no less have never been reissued let alone re-mastered. A set like the complete Family back catalogue in one box (Burning Shed) are real celebrations as are Edsel’s Suede CD singles box and albums boxes vinyl and CD, all well received.

I can see that die-hard fans will want the Oasis, Dog Man Star Suede et al SDL boxes just as objects / art work, fair enough and of course license holders have the right to commercially exploit their catlalogues as they see fit, but beyond this and as an end user, I am starting to feel as uninspired by these identikit format offerings as the content itself.

Perhaps this points up the difference between super-fans of a specific artist (T Rex never fails) who want whatever comes out of their favourite artist even if it is merely repeating the content across different formats and those who collect SDL box sets as music/art packages more than how strongly they feel about the artist concerned and therefore demand a higher attention to content.

Should we be using a different or more accurate term for SDL boxes such as this pending Suede or the Oasis ones? How about ‘combined format box’? ‘Super Deluxe Box’ should maybe be reserved for something that adds to not merely replicates the content in varying formats.


No, alas, not all. The sonics were less than the original cd, let alone the vinyl album….


Where it says ‘Stay Together (full length version)’ does it mean it? The Edsel ‘long version’ was a minute shorter than the one on the original CD single, wasn’t it?


This is disappointing.
In the past, I thought Suede set the standard for deluxe releases. I loved the 3 disc sets they released a few years ago for each album. One disc for the album , one for b-sides/demos/etc and one dvd with a concert for the tour of the album, promo videos, tv appearances, etc.
But this is a waste.
No concert ? the dvd seems a total waste and the cassette is a joke. Very disappointed to see Suede dip into Oasis territory for laughable box sets.


Title had me hooked. Actually not too disappointed Suede completely screwed the pooch on this one. My wallet is certainly happier.


looks good, but who needs this … after the deluxe editions from a few years ago , and even this huge set is NOT COMPLETE.

save your money for other great re-re releases


I own many super deluxe box sets and this is possibly my favourite album of all time. I won’t be shelling out for this box of crap though.

Mark Reed

What’s on here that you haven’t already heard?


What’s on here that you haven’t already seen?

Some interviews, and some ancient TV appearances.

What’s not on here?

Blackpool 1994 radio broadcast, Paris 1993 video, any promotional videos, any footage from the Dog Man Star tour, any demos, any live material at all, the professionally shot 2014 Shanghai ‘Dog Man Star’ show, a download link to any vinyl only tracks, the print that came with “The Wild Ones” 12″* (* I think there was one)

What’s on here you don’t need?

A cassette. A book. A plastic bag. A poster. Probably some postcards from Whipsnade. All of it really.

There’s nothing on here worth me spending £99-£119 on to be honest.


Paul, you wicked man!! I believe you came up with that title on purpose :))

I wonder how many other people almost fainted with desire reading the headline – then read the contents! Still, it gave me a great laugh to read what’s included – partly out of relief for my bank balance.

Perhaps the most pointless SDE ever??


£122.99 for this?

Stan Butler

The 2CD + DVD Deluxe set shall suffice for me.

A cassette for heavens sake. Very few would have bought it on tape when it first came out and every hi-fi had a tape player back then.

You can get the cassette version on Amazon for 98p if you’re interested.


Cassette? They’re pulling your deluxe leg! ;)


As above the only desirable bit is the high definition audio on Blu-Ray, which going by previous history will probably be available as a download on Qobuz or HD Tracks (or similar).


Only those with loads of cash and not many brain cells will fall for this release and put money in the music companies bank account.


I will not be wasting my money on this! I bought all the previous 3 disc reissues which are fine. I do not need a carrier bag, a cassette, a flexi-disc or a print to enjoy the album, so happy with the edition I have.


I think that this set would be significantly more desirable if the included a scarf and marbles.


Having recently purchased both the singles and albums box-sets, the only way I’d have been tempted to buy this is if it’d included a double live CD and blu-ray of the recent RAH DMS 20th Anniversary live show.

With the exception of the blu-ray audio, this is largely a box of absolute tat! Talk about fleecing the hardcore fans…again.


Oh dear!

Alan Fenwick

Great album, terrible box set.

I have nothing else to say.


This is the funniest and most pointless box set I’ve seen so far! Suede wins!


As Morrisey sang:

“Re-issue! Re-package! Re-package!
Re-evaluate the songs
Double pack with a photograph
Extra Track (and a tacky badge)”

Well this does not even manage an extra track. As pr1eviously pointed out it actually appears to contain 5 fewer tracks than the still available Deluxe Edition (2CD/DVD) which is £13.88 on Amazon UK at the time of writing.

By my reckoning you get:

A blue-ray, 2cd’s, cassette and some vinyl (duplicating the musical content of the previous edition but missing 5 tracks from the cd’s),
A DVD with some difference in content from the previous Deluxe version (but on the face of it reduced overall content – no mention of live tracks on this new version),
2 books, a bag , a poster & a print

Where is the tacky badge?

I will pass thanks.


Maybe the 30th Anniversary SuperDuperDeluxe Boxset will include Asda Town (the full version, not the edited one that appeared in the latest re-releases), Together, Bentswood Boys, the New Generation single… :/

eric slangen

No shipping to The Netherlands????????
And indeed too expensive and NOT all the tracks.


Pre-ordered!! ….Just kidding…

A 7-disc set sounded intriguing…I thought it was going to be ‘complete sessions’ or something…. Then I read the description. What an absolute joke.


Wow, this is sort of a joke. Suede’s back catalog campaign has long ago stepped past the border into overkill mode, but the fact this is just a glorified version of the Edsel reissue released *several years ago* but without even the same content on CD is laughable. Not even any new exclusives other than the Blu-ray audio, which really should be available separately. This is going to be widely derided, as it well should…


Plastic carrier bag with exclusive design? I can get a plastic carrier bag for free at Tesco and I believe their design is exclusive too.

Seriously though, the decision makers have got to start splitting these boxes down into separate affordable parts because £100+ is far too much for a box celebrating one album with, what looks like at this stage, elements that are exclusive to the box such as the Blu-ray.

I doubt people who will desire the Blu-ray audio are salivating over a cassette or vinyl singles and a plastic bag. As with The Division Bell or further back Aqualung, the most desirable item is having to be purchased with £100 worth of stuff many don’t want and which is not remotely worthy of the price tag.


So, not even all the tracks from the 2011 re-release, and still missing the B-sides from New Generation. But we get a cassette and a carrier bag. Who thinks these things up?


Their argument for that one was that because they had new members when those B-sides were recorded, they should be on Coming Up. Does that make sense to anyone else? Because it doesn’t make sense to me. They’re from a Dog Man Star single so they should be on that album.

Also I wish they had included the original music videos in addition to the tour films.

This boxset, along with the CD albums boxset, seems incredibly pointless, and an odd move for Demon Music considering they’re usually one of the best in the reissue business.