Suede gold vinyl LP available online

Gold vinyl only at HMV

HMV’s exclusive coloured vinyl edition of Suede‘s 1993 debut is now available online.

The Mercury Music Prize winning album features the hits The Drowners, Metal Mickey, Animal Nitrate and So Young and is available as an exclusive gold vinyl edition. Initially, (it was released on 16 June) this was in-store only, but it’s now available to order from the HMV website, albeit they only ship to the UK.

The UK retailer is also offering coloured vinyl exclusives from Bill Wyman and Saxon (at reduced prices).

Side 1

1. So Young
2. Animal Nitrate
3. She’s Not Dead
4. Moving
5. Pantomime Horse

Side 2

1. The Drowners
2. Sleeping Pills
3. Breakdown
4. Metal Mickey
5. Animal Lover
6. The Next Life

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Anyone in the UK want to be a vinyl mule for this American? :)


Don’t know, Peter… Too many to choose from. I am afraid I too have developed a rather expensive little penchant for coloured, clear, splattered, patterned etc vinyl (when care has been taken). Bowie’s Bureau Supply series is unofficial but lovely and the Stranger Things box is sitting there with my finger on the trigger at the moment, just waiting for the moment any minute now. Yes, these things are gimmicky and I’ve heard murmurs about compromised quality etc, but frankly they blow the little kid inside of me’s mind. Honestly, clear vinyl with random, vibrant explosions of colour? Etchings? Liquid filled records? Colour schemes based on themes associated with something the record is soundtracking? Even borderline gauging regarding multiple variations (within reason)? Sign me up. Sometimes I look at my little shelf and wonder how much I’ve spent on tracking down these sorts of things recently, but sometimes I just sit and look in wonder. I’m a sucker for these, and proud of it! With the way the world is right now, I think our little indulgence is a harmless one and combines many elements of plain and simple goodness. As long as we donate some our money to good causes as well, I think we’re helping make the world a better place in some small way. Next up I want Prince(‘s Estate) to try their hand at deluxe vinyl sets (CD etc too!), I’ve always felt his work deserves it, even cries out for it. Here’s to Purple Rain (hurry up and get here!) being the first of many, increasingly opulent and lovingly-assembled Super Deluxe Editions to come. And always, much respect to Paul for his properly imperial site. Don’t know what we’d do without you.

Alan B

I too was very disappointed in this year’s releases. I wandered into my local HMV at 9 am on the day. There were only two other customers around these releases and I only purchased the Clash coloured vinyl.
By far the poorest year of the three that this has been running. And as the quality of the releases had gone downhill rapidly the actual number pressed had risen dramatically. There were thousands of that Ed Sheeren pressed. Two years ago we had 3 Morrissey gold vinyls at 500 copies each.

Peter Muscutt

What are people’s favourite coloured/patterned vinyls? It’s not released yet, but the new 4LP boxed set of the ‘Stranger Things’ soundtrack looks pretty cool – whatever ‘flashlight’ coloured vinyl is…I presume it’s meant to represent the glare from looking directly into one…saying that, didn’t Jack White’s Third Man label release a 12″ with liquid inside it once? Madness! We’ll have edible vinyl next!!

elliott buckingham

the gold pressings always seem to have watermarkings all over them


Ed Sheeran Orange Vinyl also available at HMV…

Steve Rickard

The original pressing is orange vinyl, only the sleeve is differen, to match x and ÷ sleeves.


If it’s as awful as my Hunky Dory pressing I shall pass. Maybe I got unlucky but the gold vinyl was very patchy with blobs of dark colour here and there. Maybe I’m fussy but if I pay for a coloured vinyl the least I expect is a product which looks the part. There seems to be a lack of care and attention put in to more and more of these editions. (The La’s being another example of poor execution).


Would have to agree it was a pretty poor selection compared to last year, or for my tastes at least. I understand Suede and Demon working the back catalogue but a gold pressing is pretty underwhelming. I did pick up the Creation 2LP out of curiosity, but that was all.

I’ll say one thing, at least the HMV exclusives aren’t priced at RSD levels.


Only delivered in the UK?

Ian Hicks

I would say the Porcupine Tree where the only goodies in my opinion and that’s because they were 2LP sets.


I can’t believe it.


Totally agree with Steve. I think whoever came up with the titles should be fired! I am actually wondering if there was more copies pressed for each title than stated??

Steve Rickard

This years HMV exclusives weren’t great, two weeks later and the Plymouth store has shit loads of most titles still on the shelf !

Sheldon Cole

Spot on Steve – I thought it was a very disappointing selection of albums – HMV Taunton still has most titles for sale.
The recent coloured vinyl for sale in Sainsbury’s (Kylie Minogue “Fever”, T Rex “The Slider”, Ian Dury “New Boots And Panties) wasn’t a great selection either in my opinion!


Sheldon..completely spot on..HMV titles were rubbish {apart from the Clash}, last years titles were far superior.. Sainbury’s.. to be honest all i wanted was Ian Dury..luckily not so popular as Kylie


Speak for yourself but Kylie was a really nice treat for me.

Auntie Sabrina

I remember Biff wearing a particularly tight pair of blue spandex trousers and the Saxon vinyl ought to have been a homage to them.