T. Rex / Seven-inch Singles Box


A new T. Rex vinyl box set will be released in March that contains 26 seven-inch singles.

The singles feature rare artwork from various territories around the world and this set also comes with a 20-page booklet. There are 24 T. Rex singles and two ‘bonus’ 45s by ‘Big Carrot‘ and Marc Bolan & Gloria Jones.

This set is limited to 1000 copies but at the moment is only available via the official store which is limited to Europe only. It may or may not end up on Amazon UK at some point.

If you’re quick and are bothered about such things, you can get your name on a personalised poster (first 300 pre-orders).

The T.Rex Seven-inch Singles Box will ship on 16 March 2015. See full track listing details below.

Official Store


Track listing

  1. Ride A White Swan / Is It Love / Summertime Blues
  2. Hot Love / Woodland Rock / The King Of The Mountain Cometh
  3. Get It On / There Was A Time – Raw Ramp
  4. Jeepster / Life’s A Gas
  5. Telegram Sam / Cadilac / Baby Strange
  6. Metal Guru / Thunderwing / Lady
  7. Children Of The Revolution / Jitterbug Love / Sunken Rags
  8. Solid Gold Easy Action / Xmas Riff – Born To Boogie
  9. 20th Century Boy / Free Angel
  10. The Groover / Midnight
  11. Truck On (Tyke) / Sitting Here
  12. Teenage Dream / Satisfaction Pony
  13. Light Of Love / Explosive Mouth
  14. Zip Gun Boogie / Space Boss
  15. New York City / Chrome Sitar
  16. Dreamy Lady / Do You Wanna Dance? / Dock Of The Bay
  17. Christmas Bop / Telegram Sam / Metal Guru
  18. London Boys / Solid Baby
  19. I Love To Boogie / Baby Boomerang
  20. Laser Love / Life’s An Elevator
  21. The Soul Of My Suit / All Alone
  22. Dandy In The Underworld / Groove A Little / Tame My Tiger
  23. Celebrate Summer / Ride My Wheels
  24. Crimson Moon / Jason B. Sad

Bonus singles

  • BIG CARROT: Blackjack / Squint Eye Mangle
  • MARC BOLAN & GLORIA JONES: To Know You Is To Love You / City Port

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The 7″ Singles Box Set (26 X 7inch+Booklet) [Vinyl Single]
Marc Bolan & T Rex

69,32 Euro



Received my box today. What can I say except that it’s beautiful?

[…] T. Rex / Seven Inch Singles box (vinyl […]


Simon, please read my original post before joining in this thread to attack fellow members for not being ‘real’ fans, I was clearly talking about the Complete Albums box set released last year and questioning how that set was missing key Fly label tracks that are included in the new box set.

Paul Wren

It’s less than £4 per single which is cheap compared to the typical £7 per new release single charged routinely these days. It’s a shame that they couldn’t have gone for coloured vinyl.


Spin CDs in UK are offering pre-orders of the set @ £99.99 so for international fans, it may be a way of getting it.

I have the 2 x CD singles sets that also sport international picture sleeves, so not sure I need the vinyl one as well. Still, it’s a nice collectors box.


Let me guess… Edsel!


Yes but the box set was missing essential tracks eg Hot Love and Ride A White Swan. It was supposed to be a complete one stop T.Rex collection, everything released by T.Rex in one package, yet it did not include some of the early Fly label tracks.


Agree with you Bob…I wanted to buy the CD Box Set but missing White Swan, Raw ramp, Hot love, Mountain cometh,.etc..essential tracks !!! I can’t buy this box !!! It’s a pity because I wanted the complete collection with bonus tracks !!!

Simon F

Oh dear, oh dear. If you and Bob were real T.Rex fans you would know that White Swan, Raw Ramp, Hot Love, etc, etc were never on any album. They were issued as singles only, back in a time when many bands put out exclusive singles only tracks instead of ripping everything off an album.
If you want these things on album then look out a copy of the compilation LP “Bolan Boogie”.
This is a really nice collection; good to see the previously unissued “Christmas Bop” in there, plus the Big Carrot and Bolan/Jones tracks as well. If I had the cash and storage space I would jump on this and the vinyl LP collection as well. Guess I will have stick with the CD’s.


Oh dear oh dear indeed. I have in fact been a T.Rex fan since 1970. Children Of The Revolution was also a stand alone single, as was 20th Century Boy, The Groover, Solid Gold Easy Action to name but a few, yet all of these non album singles were included on the bonus 2 CDs on the (in)Complete T.Rex Collection box Set.
But then again, given that you are a ‘real’ T.Rex fan you would have already known that, wouldn’t you?

Simon F

Woah, back off boogaloo. I’m talking about the vinyl set. No bonus singles collections in that.


That’s a really good price – less than £4.00 per single. Mine’s ordered.

And I don’t get Bob’s comment – they did sort out the licensing problems for the boxed sets which came out before Christmas. All T.Rex LPs were included.


So they can sort out licensing issues for this box set to include the Fly label singles, but they couldn’t for the ‘complete albums collection’ box set released a few months ago.
A new year and nothing has changed in the world of Bolan/T.Rex, still releasing cash grab box sets with seemingly no real thought or planning going into them.