The Jam / About The Young Idea + When You’re Young / blu-ray+DVD


Following on from the exhibition in London’s Somerset House and the two-CD hits collection, Eagle Rock will issue The Jam‘s About The Young Idea as a blu-ray and DVD set in November.

The blu-ray features the documentary About The Young Idea and charts the band’s career from formation in the early seventies, to their break up in 1982. The programme features extensive, brand new interviews with Paul Weller, Bruce Foxton and Rick Buckler alongside archive performance footage and new contributions from fans, journalists and the like.

As well as the new documentary on blu-ray, this package offers a bonus in the shape of When You’re Young – The Jam’s previously unreleased performance on famous German TV show Rockpalast from 1980. This is a a DVD, presumably because the footage didn’t really justify being hosted on a hi-def blu-ray disc. A deluxe CD+2DVD+book edition is also available.

About The Young Idea will be released on 27 November 2015..


2DVD+CD+Book Edition

Blu-ray + DVD Edition


Disc 1Blu-ray: About The Young Idea documentary

Disc 2DVD – When You’re Young: Performance on famous German TV show Rockpalast from 1980

  •  1) Dream Time
  • 2) Thick As Thieves
  • 3) Boy About Town
  • 4) Going Underground
  • 5) Pretty Green
  • 6) Man In The Corner Shop
  • 7) Set The House Ablaze
  • 8) Private Hell
  • 9) Liza Radley
  • 10) Dreams Of Children
  • 11) Modern World
  • 12) Little Boy Soldiers
  • 13) But I m Different Now
  • 14) Start
  • 15) Scrape Away
  • 16) Strange Town
  • 17) When You re Young
  • 18) In The City
  • 19) To Be Someone
  • 20) David Watts
  • 21) The Eton Rifles
  • 22) Down In The Tube Station At Midnight

Sound formats: DTS-HD Master Audion, LPCM Stereo (Blu-ray) / DTS Surround Sound, Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby

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I would assume this would be region free. Paul, any ideas?

The alternative Absolute Beginners was the first version they filmed, I think but was scrapped. I looks more lo-fi and is mostly a performance video.

I didn’t know it existed until I saw it at the exhibition. The same with the clips from The Rainbow ’79 gig, but these are clearly a home video filmed from the side of the stage.


Does anyone know if this will be issued on Region 1 DVD for the U.S. market.

And can anyone tell me about that “lost” “Absolute Beginners” promo clip? That may be the only thing I’d never seen before!


The Deluxe is only in DVD format and not Bluray. That’s s a bit cheeky, if you want the CD of the gig as well.

Universal really have gone beyond scraping the barrel with The Jam this year.

Maybe next year they will finally start to look at The Style Council catalogue…


Hi – the description on Amazon says this a set with :
The Jam About The Young Idea [Book + 2DVD + CD] …but i havent seen any description about a ‘book’ included – anybody any ideas ? Thanks

E Machin

The Deluxe Edition of About The Young Idea contains the two DVDs plus a CD of the 1980 live show in a 40 page DVD sized hardback book.



Currently down to £12.15 on Amazon UK.


According to the Amazon listing of the DVD version, extras seem to be :

Additional interviews not included in the broadcast version / Live tracks from The Rainbow, London, 1979: (1) It s Too Bad (2) Saturday s Kids / Live tracks from The Ritz, New York City, May 1981: (1) The Modern World (2) The Eton Rifles –Bonus Features on disc one



Rather disappointed the documentary won’t be released on DVD. Oh well!


But given Amazon description, I doubt there will be other extras (no pun intended), which make the Blue Ray a bit “empty” (but the Blue Ray is still a format not so popular, thinking about BFI making sometimes a Blue Ray/DVD package for certain movies).


E Machin

According to the BBFC website there are almost 40 minutes of bonus features: http://www.bbfc.co.uk/releases/jam-about-young-idea-video


I would imagine those features to be the two mini films shown at the exhibition (guide to Woking and John Weller documentary) plus the lost Absolute Beginners video and advert… hopefully!


I stand with Dogfaceboy query: other than the Rockpalast gig anything else?

I start to wonder whether it won’t be a bad idea to wait a while before buying the live 6 CDs set and invest first in this, given the bonus DVD.


Any extra interview or archive bits with the documentary or just same edit as TV version?

Stan Butler

These were both on Sky Arts last week.
The documentary is very good. David Cameron does not appear.
The Rockpalast show may lack a bit of the atmosphere of an actual gig but the performance is great. Picture quality was, as stated, average by today’s HD standards.