The Killers / “Direct Hits” deluxe


Update 11/11/13 – The DVD has been dropped from this deluxe edition – it is now only a single CD with the three bonus tracks.

The Killers celebrate ten years of music, with their first hits collection, appropriately titled Direct Hits.

The 15-track selection includes the singles from the Las Vegas band’s four studio albums, Hot Fuss (2004), Sam’s Town (2006), Day & Age (2008) and Battle Born (2012), as well as including two new tracks Shot At The Night and Just Another Girl.

A deluxe CD+DVD edition is also available which comes with three bonus tracks on the audio disc, one of which is the original demo of Mr Brightside. The DVD features a never-before-seen Killers documentary.

In addition, Island Records are creating a Super Deluxe Edition which will be sold exclusively via their online store. This repeats the content of the standard CD+DVD deluxe edition, and adds a unique collection of 5 x 10″ vinyl records featuring all the singles on the album.

Direct Hits will be released on 11 November 2013.


Direct Hits CD+DVD Deluxe Edition


Direct Hits Standard CD Edition

Direct Hits track listing

  • 1. Mr Brightside
  • 2. Somebody Told Me
  • 3. Smile Like You Mean It
  • 4. All These Things That I’ve Done
  • 5. When You Were Young
  • 6. Read My Mind
  • 7. For Reasons Unknown
  • 8. Human
  • 9. Spaceman
  • 10. A Dustland Fairytale
  • 11. Runaways
  • 12. Miss Atomic Bomb
  • 13. The Way It Was
  • 14. Shot At The Night
  • 15. Just Another Girl
  • 16. Mr. Brightside (Original Demo)*
  • 17. When You Were Young (Calvin Harris Remix)*
  • 18. Be Still*

*on CD+DVD deluxe only

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This did look like an excellent box set which I have pre-ordered but today I received an email saying the DVD documentary is not being included in this box set as originally advertised, Are they allowed to get away with this? People have paid a lot of money for this vinyl box set. I have contacted Universal as that is where I ordered it from but no reply.

The Super Deluxe CD/DVD version also doesn’t seem to have the DVD with it anymore according to amazon, not very deluxe is it??

Matthew Jervis

Hi To All Of The Killers Please Could Put All Of Your Hit Singles Videos On The Direct Hits CD/DVD For All Of The Fans Worldwide As Is Huge Massive Fan Of The Music You Guys Make Everytime That Everyone So Happy To Buy The New Album When It Comes In Shops Monday 11th November 2013 And Goes Straight To Number One In The Albums Chart
Plus You Are A Huge Insperation So Many People Many Thanks And Big Respect From Superstar Matthew Jervis


Hmmm Superstar Matthew Jervis, I doubt that The Killers actually read comments on this blog. Maybe you should write that on their Facebook page or something.

Tim Larkham

I too am in the slightly disappointed camp considering they haven’t included every hit single or much in the way of rarities given they have the space to di so. Although I do think leaving off the Christmas singles was a good move. Maybe in a few years time we’ll get a Christmas Killers album. That would be very cool.


…does the dvd feature all the videos, doesn’t it?


I was expecting a bit more from the bonus disk with this.
Maybe a collection of b-sides, cover versions, remixes etc.
I guess it’s just for the casual fan.

g man

thought this would make a great end of the year release tbh, perfect for christmas

Dave Van Musicmaster

don’t know why that’s duplicated the titles? – looked OK on the datasource

Dave Van Musicmaster

many HITS have been left off – WHY?

Release First Charted Last Charted Peak Appearances
Somebody Told Me Somebody Told Me 27/03/2004 16/07/2011 3 21
Mr Brightside Mr Brightside 05/06/2004 29/09/2012 10 84
All These Things That I’ve Done All These Things That I’ve Done 11/09/2004 02/10/2004 18 4
Smile Like You Mean It Smile Like You Mean It 14/05/2005 16/07/2005 11 6
When You Were Young When You Were Young 23/09/2006 10/03/2007 2 14
Bones Bones 02/12/2006 13/01/2007 15 7
Read My Mind Read My Mind 24/02/2007 07/07/2007 15 14
For Reasons Unknown For Reasons Unknown 07/07/2007 07/07/2007 53 1
Tranquilize Tranquilize 20/10/2007 01/12/2007 13 7
Romeo and Juliet 01/12/2007 01/12/2007 86 1
Don’t Shoot Me Santa Don’t Shoot Me Santa 15/12/2007 05/01/2008 34 4
Human Human 22/11/2008 05/05/2012 3 54
Spaceman Spaceman 06/12/2008 21/03/2009 40 8
Joseph Better You Than Me Joseph Better You Than Me 27/12/2008 27/12/2008 88 1
The World We Live In The World We Live In 13/06/2009 13/06/2009 82 1
Boots Boots 11/12/2010 18/12/2010 53 2
Runaways Runaways 22/09/2012 13/10/2012 18 4

That’s the complete list up to the Nov 2012 last year …

Alan Fenwick

Does anyone know how many of the Deluxe Vinyl box sets are being produced?