The Rolling Stones / From The Vault: Marquee Club Live in 1971


This June, Eagle Rock will release the third of their Rolling Stones From The Vault series with The Marquee Club Live in 1971 issued across four physical formats.

This ‘club performance’ was filmed (for US TV) in 1971 at the legendary London venue a month before the release of Sticky Fingers and marked the first time Brown Sugar, Dead Flowers, Bitch and I Got The Blues were showcased live. The line-up at this time was Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, Mick Taylor and Bill Wyman.

This set is being issued as standalone DVD and SD-Blu-ray both with restored footage and sound mixed Bob Clearmountain. 5.1 surround sound is included on both formats, which also come with bonus footage. You can also opt to pick up combo editions; either DVD+CD or DVD+LP. 

Two tracks from this performance (Midnight Rambler and Bitch) are actually included in what amounts to a ‘teaser’ DVD within the deluxe box and super deluxe of the forthcoming Sticky Fingers reissue. If they were feeling generous the band would have included the whole thing as part of the super deluxe box.

No matter, From The Vault: The Marquee Club Live in 1971 is released on 22 June 2015



Track listing

  • • Live With Me
  • • Dead Flowers
  • • I Got The Blues
  • • Let It Rock
  • • Midnight Rambler
  • • (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
  • • Bitch
  • • Brown Sugar


  • • I Got The Blues – Take 1
  • • I Got The Blues – Take 2
  • • Bitch – Take 1
  • • Bitch – take 2
  • • Brown Sugar (Top Of The Pops, 1971)

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Rick Marino

Where’s the U.S. version???


I cancelled my super deluxe order. As much as I’d like the book and Leeds Cd, they’re not worth another £40. Anyone know what’s on the CD in the Dvd+cd pack?


I just cancelled my 2CD/DVD order and went to the 2CD version. What’s the point with a 2 track teaser DVD when the full thing comes out later on that month. Uninterested in the “book”.


Not sure how these From the Vault releases are planned, but I wish they would release the Roundhay Park Leeds gig from 1982. It is available on I-tunes I believe, so that will maybe complicate it and I guess there is plenty of cross over track wise with the Hampton Coliseum set

Ron Hatchell

“…and marked the first time Brown Sugar, Dead Flowers, Bitch and I Got The Blues were showcased live.”

Brown Sugar was played live at the Altamont in 1969.

Maybe by “showcased” they meant professionally recorded?

Mr. Ska '57

Jagger’s taken a page from the Pete Townshend Deluxe Edition book.


Mick’s an old LSE (London School of Economics) boy, don’t forget. He’s never shyed away from premium pricing. What might seem like ‘milking the fans’ to those of us unversed in the dismal science no doubt seems to him like ‘letting the market decide’.
And the cheeky bugger generally gets away with it. He will this time, too.

By the way, on an unrelated note from here in Australia – RIP Richie Benaud, a companion for way too many summers in front of the telly watching the Truly Beautiful game.

Mr Tim

Good Good, things had gone a bit quiet on the vault series so this is welcome. first time airing of three or four classics as well… cd and dvd combo of this and the deluxe 2cd of the sticky fingers re-issue sounds about best value.
As for the 2 track teaser on the super deluxe sticky fingers, that really is a bit unfunny now and odd but the “some girls”super deluxe set did it with just 3 tracks from the separately released live in texas 78′ set. maybe that what the marketing guys are genuinely doing, a teaser type job. At least they are being upfront about it, you will get this, you wont get that etc…and we know in advance of release. worse would be to shell out for the super deluxe set….and then 6 months later…oh look the whole show gets a dvd release.
But yes, harsh on the value front for those shelling out.

Ron Hatchell

Mr. Tim.

I agree. They let us know ahead and time, so there is no reason for anyone to feel cheated or ripped off or anything negative.

Mick and the band also understand the bootlegging industry (and file sharing) and know the more difficult it is for fans to get performances officially, the more likely they are to get them other ways.

The releases never seem to be what many of us really want (who does?), but they get close to it.

I remember is wasn’t that many years ago that I had doubts “any” of this would get released at all.

All of this is better than nothing (and better than bootleg quality), and it is a good thing.



8 bloody songs hardly worth more than $10.


Yep, I`ll be buying it with the vinyl and cancelling the deluxe edition.

BUT this does prove that Mick and his mates don`t give a rat`s behind about their fans. I`ll get the Leeds show from erm, other markets.


There is a box set also containing the 2cd Brussels Affair set, on Amazon.jp, for 10,800 yen


Complete and utterly mad to include a dvd with only two songs in the superdeluxe box of SF


Just like the DVD from “Exile on Main Street” Super Deluxe only had a short version of the “Stones in exile” doc and a few minutes of “Ladies & Gentlemen” scheduled to have full releases later. They are basically charging you for a trailer…again…