The Sisters of Mercy / First and Last and Always / vinyl box set


Rhino will next month reissue a 4LP vinyl box set of The Sisters of Mercy‘s 1985 debut First and Last and Always.

The box will feature the original album together with three 12-inch EPs from that era: Body And Soul, No Time To Cry and Walk Away. All four records will be pressed on 180g vinyl, and are bundled together in an outer slipcase. While there appears to be no CD equivalent, the set is being made available for download as a collection or individually.

The First and Last and Always vinyl box is released on 24 July 2015.

Track listing

First Last And Always

Side One
1.    “Black Planet” 
2.    “Walk Away”
3.    “No Time To Cry”
4.    “A Rock And A Hard Place”
5.    “Marian”

Side Two
6.    “First And Last And Always”
7.    “Possession”
8.    “Nine While Nine”
9.    “Logic”
10.    “Some Kind Of Stranger”

Body And Soul

Side One
1.    “Body And Soul”
2.    “Body Electric” (1984 version)

Side Two
3.    “Train”
4.    “Afterhours”

Walk Away

Side One 
1.    “Walk Away”

Side Two
2.    “Poison Door”
3.    “On The Wire”

No Time To Cry

Side One
1.    “No Time To Cry”

Side Two
2.    “Blood Money”
3.    “Bury Me Deep”

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[…] Sisters Of Mercy follow-up their First and Last and Always vinyl box with a similar set for their second album, 1987’s Floodland. The album was a significant […]


The good news is that box really looks great and the 12 inches comes with there original sleeve art work. I already have the 12 inches but without the art work. The sound is almost like the original albums. Now for the bad news. The box comes with a voucher for one complete digital download. So for the very first time you can download the Body and Soul 12 inch and obtain the 3 missing tracks that where never digital available before. I’m talking about the tracks. Body Electric (1984 version), Train and Afterhours (Body And Soul track was available on the greatest hits volume 1 CD).
Here the bad thing starts. My all time favorite Sisters of Mercy track is the 1984 version of Body Electric. The digital download doesn’t have the 1984 version of Body Electric…You guessed it, it’s the original 1982 version. Aaggghhh. Will there ever be a digital version of 1984 version of the Body Electric??


will be 1985 vinyl mix. not will be japanese. 2006 cd is remaster of 1985 vinyl. 1992 cd is remaster of japanese version.


One of the best dark rock acts of the eighties (nineties), but another boring release. There will not be included the bonus tracks of the digipak reissue, neither there are any other “new” tracks unreleased on vinyl…like “the wake” live recordings or the massive demos material. Of coz I will buy it, but to have the 12″ again on 12″ format…boring. Only coz I collect them all. Would be more interesting to have all the wea tracks on a double LP with some extra demo tracks and “the wake” live recordings as bonus double LP. That’s why bootleggers work…


I’m sticking with my MoFi, and my Some Girls Wander By Mistake CD. May, in a moment of tipsy weakness, go for the digital, but will try to hold the line.


@James – MSFL version is the best sounding one of the four versions – at least it is on my turntable.

Steve F

First time for the Body & Soul EP tracks in digital, as far as I know. I hope they can be downloaded in lossless.

Billy Dojcak

I’m going to buy this even though Rhino couldn’t be bothered to ask my opinion on what should be included.


I bought the mobile fidelity copy of FALAA couple of years ago and was underwhelmed with the mastering , although maybe just a result of the quality of the source material I suppose. I agree it’s a shame Wake (RAH gig) isn’t here although there are plenty of great boots of it around ripped straight from VHS


Although I’ve heard some digital sourced vinyl that sounds great, I’m wondering if this box set is all analog or digital?


All from the original masters if I well understood !

Saar Freedman

I assume this is the original version as used in the 2006 remaster and not the “Japanese version” ?


Shame haven’t included the Alice 12″ and the Temple of Love 12″. That would have made me buy it…..

Robert Atkin

I won’t bother as I own the original album, the 3 x 12 inchers and the reissue CD from the Noughties. Alice and Temple were on the Mercyful Release label so would not be reissued with this release originally by Warner Bros.


Great news about the download if there is no CD. Shame they have not included the audio of the highly sought after Albert Hall concert from the tour of the album in 85. It was only ever officially released on VHS afaik.