The Smiths / The Queen is Dead issued as anniversary 12-inch and 7-inch single

Warners have today issued a 12-inch vinyl and seven-inch picture disc of The Queen is Dead, the title track of The Smiths‘ 1986 album.

The release (which marks 31 years to the day that the album was released) was deliberately kept low-key with retailers, who were encouraged not to publicise it in advance. The two versions of the single are not available online and SDE’s understanding was that these were for independent record stores only, although that appears not to be the case because HMV are selling them.

7-inch picture disc – click to enlarge

The Queen is Dead was never a single back in the day and the new seven-inch picture disc is backed with I Keep Mine Hidden, a song included on the 12-inch of Girlfriend in a Coma and was the last song The Smiths recorded.

The 12-inch features a trio of instrumentals on its B-side – Oscillate Wildly, Money Changes Everything and The Draize Train –  although there is nothing printed on the back of the sleeve to indicate this! The sleeve is spined and the vinyl comes with a high quality poly-lined inner sleeve.

This release follows the RSD release of The Boy With The Thorn In His Side which was, in the words of the record label, “building towards the overall plan for The Queen Is Dead releases next year”.

12-inch: A-side – click to enlarge

12-inch: B-side – click to enlarge

The Queen Is Dead – seven-inch picture disc

A – The Queen Is Dead
B – I Keep Mine Hidden

The Queen Is Dead – 12-inch black vinyl

A – The Queen Is Dead
B – Oscillate Wildly, Money Changes Everything and The Draize Train

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[…] why the secrecy? Who knows! Inglot is not credited on the recent 12-inch of The Queen Is Dead and that presumably used the newly remastered audio. That single […]

Kevin Eccleston

I keep mine hidden , work is a four letter word, death at ones elbow and I wont share you were for me as a fan who seen the beginning and end period of the band live were all part of the final decline in quality on stage they were remote ,separated rock stars becoming a lads band love them to bits but hope they never reform, it will spoil the legacy and it seems both Morrisey andMarr know this. Why do they let things like this get released?

Jorje Chica

Like Tracey I easily found a copy of the 12 inch here in the States. The shop I went to had tons of both the 12 and 7 inch versions, but I passed on the 7 inch. I’m not much of a fan of picture discs (I own one), and as should be clear from my comments above, I Keep Mine Hidden is one of my least favorite Smiths songs.

I find it odd that after the now (in)famous Trump etching on RSD release, the 12 inch has no runout groove message. Those etched messages as much a part of Smiths vinyl singles as the look of the artwork. Does the 7 inch have a message?

Simon T

Just got both the 7″ pic disc and 12″ for 8 quid each in HMV Hong Kong. Bargain!


These were released in the U.S. yesterday. I was able to find copies of both the 7″ and 12″ singles this morning. However, my usual “go to” store didn’t receive their shipment…and if any store in the Dallas area was going to have these on the shelves, I would have expected it to be them.

I find it strange the the RSD 7″ release had unreleased material, but that these two releases don’t. Nonetheless, I (along with thousands of other fans of The Smiths) am hoping these recent releases are leading up to a fantastic SDE of TQID.


Any info on which are offering preorders? I see that they’re up on HMV Hong Kong but it appears that they have a policy of not mailing vinyl or turntables… Very frustrating as they have them for an amazing price. It’s becoming particularly difficult to secure copies of these. Agree that it’s unfair to most international and rural fans not to offer at least a few for online sales. And damn Bullmoose! Other U.S. indie stores such as Plaid Room mail internationally (and even use amazing Whiplash LP mailers), so for such a big name store not to (especially when they seem to get all the exclusives) is just such a poor effort. It shouldn’t be this hard, should it?

Albert Camus

Well, it will be released in Europe at 27/06/2017. Some european online stores listed them for pre-order.


Now, let’s hope for more of such 7inch and 12inch releases from other artists!

Miguel Rocha

Actually, totally in keeping with the Smiths legacy of using classic, often European, film stills. This one is an actress portraying the Virgin Mary from Pasolini’s classic film Il Vangelo Secondo Matteo (The Gospel According To St. Matthew) from 1964.


Grabbed the 12″ yesterday in my local HMV – They had loads. No pic discs though. Good release but a little over priced. Cover is weird

Ian McJannet

I’ve bought EVERY official release the Smiths have put out since they started including the ‘Complete’ set .. I would dearly love this for my collection but I live in Canada now.
Can anyone tell me how I can get hold of this 12 inch without having to sell my soul ???
Bullmoose have it but they only ship to the U.S. HELP !!!!!!


Got to HMV Doncaster at 9am yesterday and both had sold out. Nowhere else nearby to get them. But I certainly won’t be going to line some aresholes pockets on eBay for either version.

John Moore

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Paul for this info – although a headache to get the set it was great to have the heads up- much appreciated!


Horrid sleeve, not in keeping with The Smiths legacy.

Alan B

Managed to get both versions from my local HMV. Unfortunately HMV attaches those hideous white plastic security tags to the products they sell and the ones they use at the moment have the strength of industrial superglue. When I tried to remove the hideous thing from the PVC sleeve of the picture disc it ripped off the bottom right top layer of the label showing the details of the release (which sealed the PVC sleeve at the top) as someone at HMV decided to attach part of it to the sticker. When I tried to remove the tag from the 12 inch it ripped a large hole in the cellophane as it could not be peeled off. Why do HMV use these hideous damaging tags? Years ago Virgin used to use hideous price stickers which removed the top layer of covers when removed. I stopped buying records from Virgin for many years because of this.

Tom of FIN

Oh well, were both on Big mouth strikes again maxi, depending on release version.

Tom of FIN

Hey, two instrumentals on 12 inch are never heard to me: Money Changes Everything and The Draize Train. When released previously? Oscillate wildy has been for example on US targeted Louder than bombs compilation.

Steven Roberts

BTW, who is the girl on the cover of the Smiths single?

Steven Roberts

I just picked up the Sainbury’s Madonna coloured vinyls…in FNAC, France (Annecy).

They had at least half a dozen of the Like A Prayer. Sainsbury green Tull as well.

Go figure!

Peter Yarrow

Assai in Edinburgh still has a lot of copies £14.99 for 12″ and £12.99 for 7″ … I’m now very happy .

Also picked up the Iggy Pop coloured vinyls in Fopp


Yup, Cardiff HMV still has shedloads of the 12″ but only a couple of 7″.

this charming man

Just bought the 12″ for £12.99 and the 7″ pic disc for £9.99 from HMV Guildford along with The Clash/Give ‘Em Enough Rope Blue Vinyl

Peter Yarrow

I’ve struggled in Edinburgh … Fopp sold out, Coda sold out, Underground Solshun are going to try and get it. I definitely won’t pay eBay prices though


There both still available in hmv manchester and bury


So not only do we have this cloak and dagger nonsense with RSD, it’s now looking like the same for any ‘limited edition’ tat the record companies feel like churning out. I am not buying the same music over and over again.


Idiotic, unless you live near a main city and can get to a HMV or one of the few other shops that might have a copy you have to pay around triple more than the already high RRP (or just not bother obviously). Not allowing online sales for these is just filling the pockets of flippers.

I’m holding off for now, it’s averaging around £70 for both on ebay now – no thanks !

Gary C

Terrible release,
can not see the actual point at all, and I Keep Mine Hidden is down there with Golden Lights at the low end of The Smiths catalogue. It is also the B-side to a a single lifted from Strangeways, Here We Come, so why couple it with the TQID title track?

If there was something new about this release, sure I’d bite, but different art work and stupid choices of songs does not cut it. I bought the RSD2017 release because it had something different, but this is lazy all day.

Peter Hogg

Selling on eBay £60-70 for the 12″ and 7″ picture disc combo – RIP OFF

Jorje Chica

Very curious selection of b-sides. For the 7 inch, I Keep Mine Hidden, which is by far one of The Smiths weakest songs, and along with Work Is A Four Letter Word was the last straw for Johnny Marr and helped precipitate his departure from the band. As for the 12 inch, the three instrumentals as b-sides means Moz will earn much less than Marr for the sale of that format, because he doesn’t have a song-writing credit on those songs. Maybe a fig leaf to Marr for the bad choice of b-side on the 7 inch?

Jorje Chica

Okay, so Marr gets 50 percent more song writing residuals on this release than Moz instead of 75 percent more. Still looks like a fig leaf.

And if this and the RSD release of Boy With The Thorn etc. is any indication, it looks like they (Warners, Smiths, both, who to blame?) will dribble out rare and unreleased mixes to maximize profits. We can thank that old Queen Moz for that. Marr wanted to put a load of unreleased stuff on the misleadingly titled “Complete” (more like Incomplete) box set, but Moz stomped all over that entirely reasonable idea. Wanker.


My local HMV came up trumps for both formats – and after I called to check stock they kindly put aside for me as I made my way over – great service – but i appear to be one of the few not bunging them straight on eBay – nice touch with the 3 instrumental b sides on the flip – olive branch to mr marr from mozza?
The picture disc appears to be more limited – own all uk original vinyl so glad to have

also nice to pick up a gold ziggy at the same time


We live in a mafia world that stimulates the speculative machine. I love the Smiths like so many other groups, but I will not fall into the trap of price abusers, speculators, and scam artists promoted in any way by the major labels. Abuse at vinyl prices and limited editions, is another way to promote piracy.


I picked these up from my local this morning. He said he’d ordered 15 of each and got 5 of one, and 6 of the other. He thought they were gonna be allowed to sell online after a week but that they won’t stick around that long.


Ok. So what is the overall Queen is Dead project that these singles are building up to? Is there a box set edition coming out? Given it was overlooked for its 30th anniversary, it seems a bit odd. Anyone any ideas?


i’d like to know this too! these 2 releases don’t interest me, but a box set or expanded edition certainly would!

Rik Skyline

Over-rated? Yeah whatever – you keep scratching that head. By the time they had recorded everything and split up they were still just young Lads in their 20’s. Widely regarded by music lovers and critics alike as one of the best and most influential bands of all time. This is not opinion, these are the facts.

Steven Roberts

No, that’s opinion.


The 7″ was 16.99 and the 12″ 19.99 in Tower, Dublin. Ridiculous, even by the inflated standard we’ve been subjected to by now.


Bull Moose in the US has both listed for a 6/20 release:



BTW what a horrible cover, it looks like a virgin, doesn’t have “The Smiths” feeling and taste.

Tom of FIN

Agree, sort of plan B choice. Whoever in charge was out of touch.


“building towards the overall plan for The Queen Is Dead releases next year”…hope the are smart enough to release this on digital formats too…


One of the most over rated bands in the history of music with a dreadfully terrible vocalist. I know you Brits loved them but here in the States most of us just scratched our heads.


The Smiths catalog is as perfect as The Beatles one. Not a single lame song imo.

Ben Williams

I agree, always said that myself!


Not one for sweeping generalisations, are you?


Lol. Scratch away….

Paul E.

@JackC…I’m here in the US and do not agree with you. Was lucky enough to see “The Queen Is Dead” 1986 tour @ 16 year old and have seen Moz several times as well. I think Smiths’ fandom is almost equal UK to US actually.

David Cornyn

Sorry, JackC, The Smiths are one of the greatest with a brilliant lyricist and virtuoso guitarist. I think you will find they are quite a big band Stateside, certainly amongst college types, and they are absolutely huge in Mexico.


Cool story, dude.

Mark stuart

Well said.I’ve always thought they didn’t live up to the hype.Morrissey is as bad a singer as man brown.

Mark stuart

Man brown? I mean ian.


They were a quintessential English band and loved for it as they spoke for things people understood – The fact that you don’t get it probably says it all


…said the guy from the country that invented rap.


Chatting to my local indie emporium.
Apparently when pre sold in last week, no titles were given.

Simon Thornhill

Just picked up copies of both at Piccadilly Records Manchester


On a brighter note
Sainsburys come up with goods AGAIN!

10 COPIES of Ziggy gold vinyl in my local store

£14 !!!!!!


Some people are asking a minimum monthly brazilian wage for the record on e-bay! Uau!


Just bought a copy of the 12″ from HMV Oxford St, I’m not interested in the picture disc.

Michael Bird

It’s not been released in the U.S. I can tell you that with certainty.


As Moz himself once said…

Re-issue! Re-package! Re-package!
Re-evaluate the songs
Double-pack with a photograph
Extra track (and a tacky badge)

Paul E.

@Mr. Sinclair: [apologies first] “Stop me, oh, stop me / Stop me if you think that you’ve heard this one before…”


Ha ha! Sorry, Paul – couldn’t resist! I’m just jealous that I couldn’t pick these up as I am a huge fan – though oddly didn’t like anything that Morrissey / Marr went on to do after the Smiths. Sum of the parts and all that I suppose.


This quote isn’t about re-issuing your own work. It’s about taking advantage of a dead srar’s talent for financial gains you didn’t earn


A dead star. Like The Smiths?

Matthew Langhorn

I was talking to the owner of my local record store this morning, and he was told they weren’t allowed to advertise these or limit them to 1 per customer!

(For info, they also weren’t allowed to advertise the gold vinyl Ziggy!)


LOL just craziness, all that music is 30 years old FGS…

Alan B

We are now starting to get releases that are “in store only” such as this one and the recent Bowie Hunky Dory gold vinyl. Do the record companies employ someone to police all record store websites and what punishment can they dish out? What’s next? In Store buyers wearing blue jackets only? Or online order only. But must be ordered via fax? Utter nonsense.


Hi, Paul. Is this exclusively UK shops as far as you know?


It’s in hmv.I got them just now.thanks paul

Ben Williams

Shame it’s already being flogged on eBay for eye watering prices..
Wish Warner would stick out a double disc set of Queen Is Dead special edition with all the relevant b-sides and some live stuff.