Tim Bowness / Abandoned Dancehall Dreams


Tim Bowness of art-pop duo No-Man will issue Abandoned Dancehall Dreams, a new solo record, later next month.

Produced with No-Man partner (and celebrated 5.1 remixer) Steven Wilson, the album features contributions from an impressive array of talent including Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson), Colin Edwin (Porcupine Tree), Anna Phoebe (Trans-Siberian Orchestra) and members of the No-Man live band. Abandoned Dancehall Dreams was also mastered by Pink Floyd engineer Andy Jackson.

Our sneak preview of The Warm Up Man Forever suggests an exciting long-player. The track features heavy tribal drumming, a great string arrangement, wistful lyrics and towards the end a ferocious Taxman-esque guitar solo (courtesy of No-Man’s Mike Bearpark).

The new release is available as a double-CD edition, which features remixes and alternates on the second disc, as well as a gatefold vinyl edition (which also comes with CD of the 8-track album). A very limited white vinyl has unfortunately already sold out already!

Abandoned Dancehall Dreams will be released on 23 June 2014 and can be pre-ordered from the Burning Shed online store.

Track listing

2CD Media Book Edition

Disc 1: Abandoned Dancehall Dreams:

  • 1. The Warm-Up Man Forever (4.06)
  • 2. Smiler At 50 (8.19)
  • 3. Songs Of Distant Summers (5.02)
  • 4. Waterfoot (4.14)
  • 5. Dancing For You (5.59)
  • 6. Smiler At 52 (4.05)
  • 7. I Fought Against The South (8.51)
  • 8. Beaten By Love (3.28)

Disc 2: Abandoned Dancehall Mixes and Outtakes

  • 1. There Were Days (Smiler At 52, Grasscut mix) (4.53)
  • 2. Sounds Of Distant Summers (Songs Of Distant Summers, Richard Barbieri mix) (5.31)
  • 3. Singing For You (Dancing For You, UXB mix) (4.42)
  • 4. Abandoned Dancehall Dream (2.25)
  • 5. The Sweetest Bitter Pill (3.51)
  • 6. The Warm-Up Man Forever (band version) (4.15)
  • 7. Songs Of Distant Summers Part 1 (band version) (4.55)
  • 8. Songs Of Distant Summers Part 2 (band version) (3.59)

Gatefold Black vinyl LP+ single CD

Side 1:

  • 1. The Warm-Up Man Forever (4.06)
  • 2. Smiler At 50 (8.19)
  • 3. Songs Of Distant Summers (5.02)
  • 4. Waterfoot (4.14)

Side 2:

  • 1. Dancing For You (5.59)
  • 2. Smiler At 52 (4.05)
  • 3. I Fought Against The South (8.51)
  • 4. Beaten By Love (3.28)

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Tim Bowness is often overlooked in favour of the wonderful Steven Wilson but I think the man is equally wonderful and I am really looking forward to this, no-man have some exquisite work, I wish they would re-release loveblows and lovecries and give it the deluxe edition overhaul.

So good to see this site mention Tim also, thanks Paul

Robert van Diggele

Looking forward to this release a lot. The majority of the songs were written with no-man in mind, but Steven Wilson could not find the time to commit to this as a no-man album. Luckily he has been mixing this album.

When you want to hear more experimental music from Bowness, you should check out California, Norfolk from Tim Bowness/Peter Chilvers. Rereleased last year by Burning Shed in a 2 cd edition. Great stuff!


To “trash”: you can subscribe to Burning Shed’s newsletter which I recommend highly, I got quite a few interesting items that way!


@Michel – thanks for the tip. I should do that as I have ordered a few things from them over the years (Karn, Jansen, XTC, Dolby…).


Ah No-Man…

Really loved their work.
Been less of a fan of Bowness’ work (much as I like his voice).
Might check this out though…

Thanks for the tip-off (not sure how I would have found out about it otherwise).


Yahoo… got the newsletter from Steve Wilson and also Burning Shed… SO… i’ve got me a (signed) white vinyl album.. ;-)


Thank you for ordering from Burning Shed
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Tim Bowness – Abandoned Dancehall Dreams (white vinyl preorder)