Trés Bon: Great French Deals

Some fantastic deals today on Amazon France across a variety of box sets, reissues and vinyl including David Bowie, Paul McCartney, Bee Gees, Bob Dylan and more… 


David Bowie / Five Years 13CD box

The last major archival box before David Bowie’s death hasn’t been cheap for ages, but this is around £72 (€84) at the moment.


Bob Dylan 1965-1966 / The Best of The Cutting Edge: The Bootleg Series Vol 12

Bob Dylan / Cutting Edge 5LP vinyl box

Dylan’s fantastic Bootleg Series Vol 12 on five LP vinyl is £29 (€34) at time of writing.


Paul McCartney / Tug of War 2CD deluxe

This deluxe edition features a remixed version of Paul McCartney’s 1982 album and a bonus disc containing demos and B-sides. About £6.50 (€8) right now.


Björk / Debut vinyl

Bjork’s stunning debut just … just £6 (€7.30) right now. Loads of other Bjork vinyl similarly cheap.


Taste / What’s Going On: Live at the Isle of Wight (vinyl)

This expanded LP includes four additional tracks which were not included on the original 1971 album. Just £8.50 (€10).


David Bowie / Bowie at the Beeb vinyl box

David Bowie / Bowie at the Beeb  4LP vinyl box

Last years box is just £42 (€50) right now.



Simple Minds / Once Upon A Time vinyl

Last year’s reissue, remastered on 180g vinyl – about £6.50 (€7.78)



The Velvet Underground / Peel Slowly and See 5CD box

Only £21 (€25) for the classic five-disc box set.


Steve Hackett / Wolflight (CD+Blu-ray)

Steve Hackett’s 2015 studio album is paired with a blu-ray in this special edition which includes the album in 5.1, bonus tracks and interviews. About £7.50 (€8.50).


David Gilmour / Rattle That Lock (vinyl)

Gilmour’s fourth studio album pressed on 180g vinyl. About £10 (€11.40)



The Sisters of Mercy / First And Last And Always vinyl box

Only £19 (€22) for last year’s 4LP vinyl box set!



David Bowie / Sound + Vision (4CD)

Fine Bowie 4CD set which is part hits collection and part rarities collection. Stupendous value at just £9 (€10.43)


Bee Gees / 1974-1979 five-disc box

Bee Gees / 1974-1979 (5CD box)

Brilliant five-CD box from the Bee Gees that covers the disco years with a bonus disc that mops up the soundtrack work. Only £9 (€10.50)



Grateful Dead / 30 Trips Around The Sun: The Definitive Live Story 

Four-CD set issued as part of the band’s 50th anniversary celebrations including a definitive collection of unreleased live recordings from 1965-1995. Great price of just £13.50 (€15.69)



David Bowie / Young Americans

Not the deluxe, but this superb album is just over £3 (€3.89) on CD.



Simple Minds / Big Music 2CD+DVD

Deluxe edition of the band’s 2014 album. Includes six additional tracks on bonus CD and a DVD of video and behind the scenes footage. Just a little over £7 (€8.50).



Elvis Costello / Taking Liberties vinyl

The 2015 reissue of Costello’s 1980 compilation album pressed on 180-gram vinyl (plus download code). Worth it for the cover. Just £6 (€7).



Tears For Fears / Songs From The Big Chair (2CD deluxe)

Reissue from 2014. This two-CD deluxe features an expanded version of the album, plus a bonus disc with single versions and rare edits. Just £6 (€7).


Note: All prices are correct at time of publication (10am BST 7/7/16) , but may change at any time.

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The Bowie Five Years box set has fallen further in price. Can now be purchased for around EUR75 (£63) all in, including postage. Great price!


A little note for those who copy Amazon links. In case you didn’t know, you can remove everything after the “B” number. The rest is tracking and other crap. So
becomes just

David Bates

Stock Aitken Waterman €75. Cheaper than UK.


Macca’s Tug of War 2cd is £7.99 on Amazon uk with the free MP3 Rip too! It has been this price for the last 2 weeks or so!

Mark Bumgardner

Thanks for the heads up on Songs From The Big Chair. Been wanting this for the bonus tracks. Got my order in earlier today, looks like I may have gotten the last one. Under $12 US – a very nice deal.


Even so cheap those dreadful Björk reissues are NOT. WORTH. IT.


This must be for UK only, b/c prices were just not the same as stated for the USA.

Peter Yarrow

Slightly different point, but I was initially attracted to the discounted Five Years box set, then thought to myself …. why wasn’t there a digital download with the vinyl box set I bought last year? It really does annoy me when you spend a fortune on vinyl and you don’t get the downloads for listening on the move … it should be standard in this day.


If you bought CD instead of vinyl you could burn your own. One of the many benefits of buying CD’s and creating a digital library. All my music is lossless, goes through my AV, can be played anywhere in my house and can be taken anywhere with me.

Sounds fantastic as well.

Peter Yarrow

I guess that’s my point – I prefer vinyl, I pay more for it but I can’t rip it onto iTunes. I could by CDs at a lower price and rip them. CDs are more practical but I just can’t love them the same way – I know, I know it’s irrational!


and again like he previous offers not available to the uk. (friends in Bordeaux can purchase no problem and send to me) very odd indeed. i posted this on the previous offer for Houses of the Holy and my comment and the link all disappeared. sorry amazon “anywhere” but if u buy from them then is it not just feeding the disease? why only links to amazon? great up to a point but come on people, really……..buy “limited cardboard and plastic”.

Neil McL

I bought Bob Dylan Bjork Simple Minds etc from the UK no problem. Missed the sisters mind!


hi Paul, my point is , I have friends in France who can access the Amazon.fr site the same as me and they can get the deals no problems, no error messages, no “not available from your selected seller , not available to Royaume Uni etc ” , all this at the same time as I, just seems a tad odd.

Zane Richardson

I live in Derby and buy from Amazon France all the time – you log in with the exact same details as you would with your Amazon UK account…


I’m in NZ. I’ve been trying to order Paul McCartney’s ‘Tug of War” from Amazon France for the past few hours. I can log in without any problems using my Amazon UK password (which I’ve done before because I have a wishlist on Amazon France). The website accepts my NZ address and I get through all the stages up until the “Paiement” screen. When I click on the yellow “Continuer” button, the button dips to show it has been clicked on but nothing else happens. There are no error messages and I don’t get taken to the next screen, which is the “Validation” screen. I tried the same credit card I use on Amazon UK as well as another one. I’ve tried re-loading the screen and re-starting my computer as well as deleting the CD from my basket and then putting it back in again, but the website still won’t let me order this CD. I randomly selected two other CDs and the same thing happened. I then logged on to Amazon Germany and selected a CD from my wishlist and got through to the “Bestatigen” screen (German equivalent to the French “Validation” screen) without any problems. I also logged on to Amazon UK to make sure it was still working, and it was – I got to the “Confirm” screen (UK equivalent to the French “Validation” screen and the German “Bestatigen” screen) without a problem. Seems to be problems with the Amazon France website.

Simon F

Universal Store has a major vinyl, CD, DVD/Blu Ray box set sale on right now. Some genuine bargains to be had…


I got Sparkle In Rain box set from there for £15.99 and the time i was considering buying James Laid / Wah Wah: Super Deluxe and it was £19.99 but now i have noticed it’s jumped to £34.99 which makes me wonder how the hell can that be a great offer. I wish they would hurry up and put Once Upon A Time on there at a decent price.

Jesper Jensen

Shite. I immediately took out my plastic from my wallet when I saw deal alerts from SDE in my newsfeed. The time is 13.45 here in Portugal right now and I cannot find the deals anymore on french Amazon. I wanted to buy five bargains, but i will get none. Hopefully Portugal will beat France (or Germany) on sunday. But thanks for this perfect site. Paul, when you are in my news feed I can usually feel new records or cds coming my way. But not today. Cheers anyway.


The Velvets box seems to be on offer at several places at the moment. jpc lists it for € 23,99 and i even saw it at a stationary seller in the Netherlands for € 19,99 the other week.


Scoundrel Days and Tug of War are just too good to pass up at those prices!

Antoine VEIT

You can also grab Bob Marley, Creedence Cleawater Revival and The Who vinyls for 10 euros each.


Thanks Paul, got the Velvets box for €25:60, I’ve been waiting for a bargain to show up and you found it for me!

Eric Slangen

Sisters of mercy gone but I picked David Bowie at THE Beeb vinyl.

Neil McL

Simple minds once upon a time vinyl 7.88 euros in Amazon France a steel

Geert De Wilde

Dylan LP box same price on Amazon.co.uk!

stephen d king

Took a good look and found VU Max’s LP for £10 and Bowie Hunky Dory LP for just under £12. Thanks for the heads up!

Paul Wren

The Taste album is ridiculously cheap – buy it now!


Tears for Fears – Songs From The Big Chair (Deluxe) is actually very cheap on Amazon.uk @6.70 so with Prime it will be cheaper than importing from France.



Bon soir, Paree! Le Bee Gees, tres bién!


Finally grabbed the Bowie box set been waiting fro a drop – Just waiting for the vinyl now and off course the next volume….. I see the Sound and Vision has shot back up. Couldn’t leave the Costello ‘Taking Liberties’ either. Thanks Paul makes up for being at work and missing the LZ Houses of the Holy box (again) yesterday


Great will check them out


What Records have it for £49.99 + postage




Great offers.Just grabbed the Bjork Biophilia live set but the Dylan vinyl is looking very tempting as well.


Beatles Anthology N0.2 on vinyl for about 16 quids!

Panda Ho

It seems like there will be more items under FR Vinyle Deals following the UK Vinyl Deals last 2 weeks.


I ordered some of these yesterday, along with the Zeppelin box and the Beatles 1+ deluxe (16€!). Great deals indeed.
Another one: https://www.amazon.fr/gp/product/B00XA5KG2E/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&psc=1&linkCode=ll1&tag=superdeluxe02-21&linkId=5d2edd1872e3533a5d55901159483a10

The Prophetman

Thanks so much !! Just ordered the Dylan super set !!


if for instance you click on the “click to order” button for the Bee Gees 5CD box it will take you to the Amazon France page. There you wil see “%SOLDES” somewhere at the bottom of the first page. Click on that and it will take you to al the discounts currently on offer ranging from 30% to 50%. Happy hunting!

Le Baron

Vive la France !! :)

Dave Gilmour's Cat

Thanks! Just picked up Bowie’s Sound + Vision box for £12.80 including delivery. That’s £3.20 per disc. Not bad for 70 tracks!


Velvets – Peel Slowly And See 5CD set €25:60


Some extraordinary deals there! The Sound + Vision box set is a steal. So much more than just a standard Best Of collection. On the subject of France, a few Serge Gainsbourg albums have been reissued on vinyl recently.

John Moore

Gone already- what a pity!!