Word of warning over Annie Lennox Nostalgia two-disc combo sets

If you are thinking of picking up Annie Lennox‘s recent An Evening Of Nostalgia With… release (out this week), then you might have considered opting for the CD+DVD or CD+Blu-ray combo. However, you need to be careful since these are perhaps not what you think.

You might naturally assume that you get the video of the ‘evening’ on the DVD or blu-ray and then the audio of the same ‘evening’ on CD. Wrong! What you are actually getting in these bundles is the studio album Nostalgia packaged with the DVD or blu-ray of the evening. Given that if you are in the market for this DVD or blu-ray, you are highly likely to already own Nostalgia in some format or other, this seemed worth pointing out to all you Annie Lennox fans out there.

So if you do own the album already, just buy the standalone blu-ray (or DVD) of the ‘evening’ and you are good to go. These combos sets appear to be US-only anyway, making them unnecessarily expensive if you are outside American, and there is also a question mark over region coding for both formats.

An Evening of Nostalgia with Annie Lennox is out now.



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So disappointed with the things that Amy Lennox has put out lately. I find all the songs to be so slow and depressing. What a shame for someone who got her start in the middle of the best music created in the eighties. Love the Eurhythmics and love Annie Lennox but is this music she thinks the fans really wants? I guess I could get on board if she was releasing remixes.


Sadly, I would have to agree. Her new music is just depressing and that Christmas album didn’t help matters. One of the best female voices hands down, and I was a HUGE fan of all of Eurythmics’ career. There were rumours that she was going to do an all electronic/dance album a while back and then this came out instead.

Too bad.


Thanks for the warning!
I’ll buy it, but won’t watch it anyway, unless I need something to put me to sleep.


I got stung by this…however, I will be giving my original nostalgia CD to my aunt…so its ok…I just would have liked to have had a CD of the concert…oh well

Billy Dojcak

Buy them from Amazon US from UK sellers. Might be cheaper that way.


Tricky bastards!

Wayne Carter

I bought the BluRay from the artist website so not exactly sure what is coming my way now.