ZTT in their Element with new releases from Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Art of Noise and 808State

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23/08/11 Update: Amazon have removed the listings for Sexmix and Art of the 12″ II. However these releases were confirmed to us by Ian Peel/ZTT independently of amazon’s listings. The release date is now TBA but the releases are confirmed.

ZTT are set to revisit the Frankie Goes to Hollywood archive once more before the year is out with Sexmix, a new compilation of remixes slated for release by Amazon.co.uk on 18 October 2011. Cover art and track listings are not yet available but this is looking like a collection of period remixes, most likely a mix of released and previously unreleased material. This CD will be number 22 in the ZTT/Salvo Element Series.

On the same day (according to Amazon) a follow-up to the excellent The Art of the 12″ compilation will be released. The Art of the 12″ II will again take in rare and unreleased mixes from various artists that have one thing in common – they were signed to the ZTT label at some point or another. This is will be another double CD issue, but details are sketchy at this stage. Number 21 in the ZTT/Salvo Element Series.

[singlepic id=324 w=320 h=240 float=left]808State have a new greatest hits – or greatest bits in ZTT-speak – called 808State: Blueprint. The compilation will includedrevisited reversionsof In Yer Face, Timebomb, Cobra Bora, Nimbus, and 606 along with rare remixes and two brand new tracks: Metaluna and Spanish Ice. This is due for release on 19th September 2011 and forms number 20 in the ZTT/Salvo Element Series.

[singlepic id=326 w=320 h=240 float=left]Who’s Afraid of the Art of Noise is number 17 in the ZTT/Salvo Element Series and it’s release date of 5th September has been pushed back to 19th September (due to the fire at the Sony DADC warehouse in Enfield). This is a CD+DVD Deluxe Edition reissue of the only full length studio album by The Art of Noise during their time on ZTT records. Unlike previous reissues, rather than a multitude of remixes, this release sees the original nine-track album bolstered by nine further live BBC session tracks. The DVD pulls together multiple versions of promo videos and some live performances including Art of Noise live at The Value of Entertainment from June 1985 previously only available on a now impossible-to-find VHS cassette.

More information on some of these releases when we get it – track listings for Art of Noise and 808State are below :

808 State – Blueprint – The Best Of 808 State

ZTT Element 20 / Salvo: SALVOCD051


  • 01 05:03 Flow Coma – AFX remix by Aphex Twin
  • 02 05:52 Pacifc State – origin
  • 03 04:07 In Yer Face – revisited
  • 04 05:20 Cübik – remix by Monkey Mafia
  • 05 05:13 Timebomb – 808 tape mix
  • 06 03:44 Cobra Bora – revisited
  • 07 04:48 Olympic – word production mix
  • 08 04:29 Nimbus – revisited
  • 09 04:59 Nephatiti
  • 10 04:02 Firecracker – edit
  • 11 03:40 Plan 9 – radio edit by Trevor Horn
  • 12 03:50 Lopez – radio mix by Brian Eno, featuring James Dean Bradfield
  • 13 03:20 Lemonsoul – featuring Guy Garvey
  • 14 04:59 Qmart – featuring Björk
  • 15 05:10 606 – revisited, featuring Simian
  • 16 04:02 Spanish Ice
  • 17 04:22 Metaluna/Compulsion – revisited


Who’s Afraid of the Art of Noise?

 ZTT Element 17 / SALVOMDCD22


  • 1. A Time For Fear (Who’s Afraid)
  • 2. Beat Box (Diversion One)
  • 3. Snapshot
  • 4. Close (to the Edit)
  • 5. Who’s Afraid (of the Art of Noise)
  • 6. Moments in Love
  • 7. Memento
  • 8. How to Kill
  • 9. Realisation

Radio 1, November 1984 BBC live session:

  • 10. ‘too busy talking’
  • 11. Close (to the Edit)
  • 12. ‘exploring the jungle’
  • 13. Moments in Love
  • 14. ‘arranged in a circle’
  • 15. Beat Box (Diversion Seven)

Radio 1, March 1985 BBC live session:

  • 16. From Science to Silence
  • 17. Beat Box
  • 18. Moments in Love


A Feast of Reason – All Art:

  • 1. ‘so what happens now?’
  • 2. Beat Box
  • 3. Close (to the Edit) version one
  • 4. Closer (to the Edit) cinema version
  • 5. Moments in Love
  • 6. an Art of Noise live at The Value of Entertainment, June 1985
  • 7. Moments in Love live around the world, Summer 1999
  • 8. Beat Box and Close (to the Edit) live at Coexistence, June 2000

All Noise:

  • 9. Close (to the Edit) version three
  • 10. Moments in Love version two
  • 11. Close (to the Edit) version two
  • 12. Beat Box edit
  • 13. ‘so what happened next?’

When Art of Noise met Kenneth Williams (and Other Commercial Breaks):

  • 14. Who’s Afraid of the Art of Noise? TV commercial
  • 15. Close (to the Edit) TV commercial (“so cuddly”)
  • 16. Close (to the Edit) cinema trailer, take one
  • 17. Close (to the Edit) cinema trailer, take two
  • 18. Close (to the Edit) TV commercial (“so cosy”)
  • 19. Moments in Love TV commercial
  • 20. Moments in Love TV commercial (edit)
  • 21. “sleak hectoring”
  • 22. Art of Noise at the End of a Century


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