The Beat deluxe reissues

The Beat / I Just Can't Stop It / Deluxe ReissueLast month Edsel Records released deluxe reissues of The Beat‘s three albums. The band were a 2 Tone ska revival outfit formed in Birmingham (England) in 1978. Known as The English Beat in the US, their sound fused ska, pop, soul, reggae and punk rock and the original line-up would last five years, before splitting in 1983.

Each of their three albums released during this period is reissued as a 2CD + DVD package – a format which Edsel are starting to ‘own’, having completed successful reissue programmes in similar fashion with Suede and The Jesus And Mary Chain.

This combination of audio and video is close to perfect when it comes to deluxe reissues in the £10-£15 range. It is great value for money, and there is normally more than enough room to soak up any B-sides, demos, remixes and live tracks on the bonus CD. Even if there is too much material for one disc, the option is there to put some bonus tracks after the album proper on disc one (third album Special Beat Service does indeed exercise this option, with seven bonus tracks on the first CD).

The Beat Reissues
The spines of the digipaks are prone to creasing...

I Just Can’t Stop It was The Beat’s first album recorded in 1979 and would be their most successful, with three UK top ten hit singles during its chart lifetime, including Mirror In The Bathroom and non-LP single Tears Of A Clown. The later is included on the bonus disc along with the flip-side Ranking Full Stop (it was a double A-side single).

Some excellent period remixes also make an appearance including album track Twist & Crawl (extended), second single Hands Off…She’s Mine (extended) and Stand Down Margaret (Dub). Mirror In The Bathroom is notable by its absence from the period extensions, but five remixes from a 1995 reissue of that song are included. Whether anyone really needs a ‘Sure Is Pure’ remix of Mirror In The Bathroom is open to question but the inclusion of this material is understandable. If the space is available and Edsel are not displacing better archive material by its inclusion, then why not? The only really horrible remix is actually the ‘Tic Tac Toe’ mix with a now terribly dated, speeded up Drum ‘n’ Bass reworking. A small gripe is that these ‘contemporary’ remixes should probably have been placed at the end of the bonus CD, since aurally they do take you out of the era in question, only to be dragged back in again with the 1979/1980 John Peel and Mike Read BBC radio sessions that follow (these are previously unreleased, and all excellent).

The Beat deluxe reissues
Eight-panel digipak is very well designed (click to enlarge)

The DVD has a couple of videos and Top Of The Pops appearances. They were on that show five times in total during this period, the high charting of the singles allowing them two performances apiece for Tears Of A Clown and Hands Off…She’s Mine. The highlight of the video material is a short but sweaty live performance of Hands Off…She’s Mine performed live in the Top Rank Suite venue in Birmingham. This was broadcast on British TV on 12 December 1980 in a programme called Alright Now. There is some before-show banter from the band (“I can’t tune this guitar!”) and an brave attempt at mixing live action and animation (Roger Rabbit eat your heart out).

The template is very much set with the I Just Can’t Stop It deluxe edition – Wha’ppen? and Special Beat Service have the same selection of remixes, B-sides, live tracks, videos, Top Of The Pops appearances and very interesting items unearthed from the TV archives, such as a World In Action documentary about youth unemployment in the Midlands, which includes two performances in concert from The Beat (Wha’ppen? Deluxe).

This kind of attention to detail in terms of research and licensing is what makes these (and previous) reissues from Edsel so good. Other labels should look and take note. The Demon Music Group imprint is surely the safest hands in the industry at this moment in time, when it comes to planning and executing a fan-pleasing reissue campaign.

Look out for our The Beat Competition next week!

Order The Beat reissues here

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The “Special Beat Service” reissue contains the following error: John Jellybean Benitez’s US remix of “I Confess” appears twice on the second disc (tracks 3 and 13) despite the former track being listed on the packaging as Dave Allen’s admittedly inferior remix of the same song from the original 1982 UK 12″ single. To my knowledge the Dave Allen remix of “I Confess” remains unreleased on CD or as a download.

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I bought the reissue of “I Just Can’t Stop It”, and I’m kicking myself for not buying all three at once. The sound is excellent, and the remix disc is surprisingly enjoyable.


Paul, so how would you compare the UK individual reissues to “Complete Beat” being issued here in the USA ? It looks like both issues have pretty much the same audio tracks but the US issue is lacking the video. Is the video all region ?

Marshall Gooch

I have all three Edsel reissues and they are, indeed, NTSC Region 0. You can play them on US computers, etc.


Hadley, the UK (Edsel) versions are *FAR* superior. You get tons of DVD content (all regions) and LOADS (I think 20 or more, including some radio sessions tracks and at least one studio outtake) more tracks. What you don’t get is a live CD from the US festival – but that’s being issued separately in September. Beyond that, you don’t get four so-so live tracks.
It’s an easy choice.

Phil Wilson

Edsel also recently reissued all 3 albums by Sugar, which were excellent reissues, nice bonus tracks apart from Beaster which was a bit thin on extras but was cheaper than then others, and still remastered. Here’s hoping for more from them. Love the site by the way. It is a shame about the way the spines crease though, had to return some of the Suede ones for replacing


Note that Amazon has an incorrect track listings for “Special Beat Service”, though there is a correct one in the “Product Description” section.