Belinda Carlisle / The Anthology


Belinda Carlisle‘s Anthology is out now. The five disc set (3CD+2DVD) can be ordered via Belinda’s official online store or Amazon (UK).


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So, all sold out, but why not go for a budget packaged reissue???

Still kicking myself for not having enough money on me to buy it at the Manchester gig!!!


hy! my name is Cassiano From Brazil, i am very very fan of Belinda Carlisle, the box anthology is dvd promo video remastered and restored from original master tapes or not remastered? the editions 2cd+dvd the videos not remasterd, in the box the remastered videos? a big anbrace!


I ordered this way back when it was first announced so that i could my name in book and signed informed that there was a delay on release informed they could not receive the payment from bank and should reorder it was to late as it had sold out had to purchase it with Amozon but missed out on the signed exclusive.Fell cheated being a big fan long time fan i ordered early enough don’t no why they could not receive payment when it’s been no problem with Amozon and shopping else wear. Looks like the book had gone for print so made excuses.


Well, if the “exclusive” deal is still available it suggests they are struggling to sell 500 copies…


Anyone notice distorted audio on disc 2, track 7 and prominent glitches at 1:26 on disc 2, track 10 (plus more lesser glitches throughout that track)?


Design is really great, but the price isn’t adequate anyway…


Good joke. 100 euros for something I do have in bigger parts. No thanks. I can buy at least 7 other new cds with this amount. And I am a fan of her and her music.

Michael Pendlebury

Understand the previous comments about indentations but I’ve got to say that I am highly satisfied with my copy! The book is stunning and I haven’t been able to stop listening and watching the discs. Great track selections! One very satisfied customer here!!!


It’s a big set. Nice design. The pictures – like the videos – could have had better and sharper resolution. But it’s still a nice set.

My major complaint is that the circular CD holders are sharp and left an imprint on several of the pictures in the book. Here is a case where sleeve holders would have been more suitable.


I can see the indentations on the pages caused by the CD holders in the video. Crap design again in a supposedly ‘deluxe’ box set, which does more harm than good.

You pay good money for these various sets that have contents which arrive damaged in some cases due to rank idiocy during the design process.