Bruce Springsteen plays Purple Rain


Watch Bruce Springsteen pay tribute to Prince, as he opens up his Brooklyn show last night with Purple Rain…


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I was listening to Let’s Go Crazy a couple of days. The lyrics are about life, death and the after-life. Given the circumstances that have been reported surrounding Prince’s death, the lyrics “Are we gonna let the elevator / Bring us down / Oh, no let’s go!” seem somewhat ironic now.

[…] only did Bruce Springsteen produce a touching Prince tribute with his rendition of Purple Rain on Saturday evening, but he’s now offering the track to fans as a free download. To download […]


“Great rendition but I hope The Boss doesn’t have to do any more of these posthumous tributes this year”.

Me and Mrs.Jones?

Anthony C

I’d not heard Chris Cornell perform ‘Nothing Compares 2 u’.

It is truly beautiful.

It’s refreshing to hear this track with a male vocal once more – being the original was performed by the male lead vocalist from The Family. Most people forget about that.

Thanks for the link!

Sad times….

Mark R

I prefer Chris Cornell’s rendition


Mark R

Yes I know it’s not Purple Rain but even so.


It’s not a question of preference it’s about a musician’s tribute to a fellow musician. Bruce Springsteen’s tribute to Prince was beautiful, period.

Friso Pas

Very nice. Once again, he shows who’s The Boss.

Richard Hanson

Well he tried, nils solo was redeeming, he could have gone on for another ten,.. Love that Nils,… but tribute was repectful,


Once again Bruce gets it right. First by not playing his North Carolina show and now with a beautiful tribute to music’s genius Prince. Thanks Bruce for showing us you care just as much as we do.

DJ Control

I have yet to shed tears for the passing of Prince…still in denial…until now. Way to go Bruce. What a beautiful homage!

Anthony C


A beautiful tribute.

The music says it all.



Great rendition but I hope The Boss doesn’t have to do any more of these posthumous tributes this year.