20 Superb German Deals – today only

Fantastic deals – today only – as Amazon Germany price-matches a local competitor. Grab in demand box sets from The Beatles, Paul McCartney, U2, Kraftwerk, Pink Floyd and more at the best prices you will have seen to date. The Sgt. Pepper super deluxe is £70! Peter Gabriel vinyl under £10, and you can save almost £40 on the Flowers in the Dirt box. Read on for twenty great deals…

The Beatles / Sgt. Pepper super deluxe – £70 (€80)

Paul McCartney / Flowers in the Dirt 4-disc deluxe edition

Paul McCartney / Flowers in the Dirt super deluxe – £88 (€101)

Kraftwerk / 3-D The Catalogue – 8CD box – £32 (€36)

Midnight Oil / Full Tank box set

Midnight Oil / The Full Tank 14-disc box set – £131 (€150)

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds / Lovely Creatures 3LP vinyl  – £14 (€16)

The Beatles / Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 50th anniversary 2LP vinyl edition

The Beatles/ Sgt Pepper reissue (2LP) – £20 (€23)

Pink Floyd / The Early Years 1965-1972 £300 (€348)

Bob Dylan / The Real Royal Albert Hall 1966 Concert (2LP) – £14 (€16)

The Beatles / 16LP Stereo Vinyl Box Set  – £243 (€279)

Fleetwood Mac / Mirage super deluxe – £42 (€48)

Peter Gabriel / Melt 33RPM half-speed remastered – £9 (€10)

Peter Gabriel / Car 33RPM – £11 (€13)

Peter Gabriel / So 33RPM half-speed remastered – £9 (€10)

Peter Gabriel / Us 2LP 33RPM  – £12 (€13)

Pink Floyd / The Wall 2LP  – £18 (€21)

The Moody Blues / Timeless Flight 17-disc box set  – £197 (€226)

Steven Wilson / Hand. Cannot. Erase. blu-ray   £9 (€10)

U2 / The Joshua Tree / 30th anniversary 4CD super deluxe edition box set

U2 / The Joshua Tree 4CD box  £75 (€86)

Jethro Tull / Songs From The Wood 5-disc – £17.50 (€20)

Rammstein / Paris (4LP+2CD+Blu-ray) – £47 (€54)

Bonus Deal

Various Artists / Singles reissue 2LP+CD – £15 (€17)

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wayne klein

Be prepared the Pepper remix on CD is limited and has compression applied. The mids are also a bit harsh. It’s a pity because the remix itself is very good–the mastering not so much. The vinyl is supposedly better. I understand Giles’ intention (to try and create a stereo version of the mono album in terms of impact) but I think that the mastering undermines some of his work here.

The rest of the CDs sound pretty good but what doesn’t make sense is WHY they would also compress the Blu-ray 5.1 mix. That didn’t need to be done.


Email last night confirming the Pepper box was now despatched and would be arriving (UK) today – it did. Lovely stuff!
Despite being only sent out in its own original cardboard protection (i.e. not then placed in an Amazon box), it’s arrived fine. Just as well!

Robert W

Any suggestions (or webpage links) for how to email amazon.de? I’m caught in an automated loop that only seems to provide the usual return/replace options. I don’t want to return the whole package when only the slip cover is damaged.

Robert W

update: my query on completing the return/replacement pro-forma has led to an email from amazon.de. It looks as if sending back the full set will be the only way of obtaining a new slip cover. They have also offered a full refund if I want to reject the item. Or Euro 15 to compensate for the damaged cover, if I prefer to keep it…

Richard Starkey

I suspect that in a few weeks or months, you’ll be able to find just the slip cover alone on eBay. Many people like to dissect packages like this and sell the individual parts. If the rest of your purchase is OK, I’d be hesitant to send it back. Just MHO

Robert W

My Sgt Pepper box delivered yesterday but there are three large scratch marks on the lenticular front image. If ever I did want to sell it, already it wouldn’t be classed as ‘mint’, although I’ve not opened the sealed contents of the box. I’d gladly accept a new cover, to avoid having to return the entire box, but I’m guessing this won’t be an option?


I ordered the sgt peppers box from amazon.de.
Amazon tracking says delivered 31st may, yet i havenot recieved anything. No card thru door and no sign of it. I’m a bit worried now.
Anyone else dealt with overseas amazon in the past??

Richard Starkey

I ordered Beatles 1+ from Italy 2 months ago, and it came thru fine, albeit after a 3 week delivery time. Still waiting for “Songs from the Wood” from Amazon.ca after almost 3 weeks. Disturbing reports about Amazon.de to say the least. 80 euros is not something to fool around with. They better treat us right b/c I would think this SDE blog holds a lot of sway in the CD marketplace and they ought to respect our buying power.

Larry Davis

Just got the Kraftwerk box (English version) yesterday at Newbury Comics based on a friend’s recommendation…it was cheap enough…on sale for $45.99 US, down from $59.99…I don’t know after reading feedback…it is simple-looking but colourful, and the sound is shiny and clean…HOWEVER (and this is my disappointment) the original album artwork is not included and the discs are quite short, around 27 minutes average per disc…found out NOT all the songs from the original albums were included…1 or 2 left off…maybe that was deliberate?? I wonder, was I ripped off?? I am not sure. Then I hear there is also a more interesting German version as well…was this purchase a mistake??


Thanks Paul for the alert about these deals last saturday.
And thanks also to amazon.de who processed my order and got my Sgt Pepper Deluxe box to me in, considering the available working hours over a weekend and a bank holiday, record time (sorry, no pun intended)
(I ordered on saturday afternoon; got an email on monday asking me to update my payment method cos my credit card had expired; I registered a new card and sent payment; got an acknowledgement saying my item would be delivered on tuesday – ‘yeah, right, as if’ I thought; but blow me down wiv the proverbial feather, a courier driver knocked on my door tuesday afternoon with the box of delights)
I can’t fault that customer service – it was a bog-standard order, I’m not an amazon prime member or anything like that.
Hopefully amazon.de will at some stage offer the Pink Floyd Early Years mega-box at a decent price….

Chris Squires

Bits and pieces started turning up today. The Flowers in the Dirt is really rather nice and it is such a stupid, stupid shame they couldn’t have been more sensible in pricing and content delivery – they would have sold buckets more and not pissed fans off.

The Wall (2LP , 2016 remaster) at under £20 is rather a decent bargain and a spare Nick Cave Triple LP for under £15 is not to be sniffed at. If Spain, Italy and France do something similar I am going to have to pay Mr. Woolwich a visit to get a bigger bloody house! Then the solicitors for a divorce…. Brexit might save my marriage! It’s a rarely looked at positive :-)


I got my superdeluxe of Sgt Pepper’s today (thanks Paul for the deal) from Amazon.de. Is it supposed to be shrinkwrapped or not, because my wasn’t


Some unboxing – videos show them sealed,
other show them coming without any shrinkwrap.


I should add mine came without shrinkwrap.


Only the disc insert and the book inside was shrinkwrapped in my copy. Box wasn’t.


Thanks Paul!

Dibyaroop Ghosh

Mr Sinclair is doing a wonderful job…….i personally have taken his recommendations and deal alerts to pick up a few box sets in the past year……how much i would want to thank him would not be enough, ever…..he’s taking the pain to let us know the alerts and i think thats a job which is notably praiseworthy….Thank You again but i know its not enough :)

peter wolf

Once again kudos to Paul thanks for keeping us fans updated on a daily basis, i must admit when the details first arrived on SDE it’s one of the best sites i have ever visited 10/10,
in relation to the anniversary edition of Sgt Peppers i think your sight went into meltdown i think we all agreed we could not get the details quick enough and within a minute or so the buzz on the net was pretty crazy. As i am getting a copy from France @ a very decent price and the good thing as i have been shopping online at Amazon either in the UK,Germany or Italy and i get an automatic discount which does help!! As i am in Australia a huge shock looks as though it will cost $260!!!! as opposed to $147 from France amazing stuff


Do you know how limited The Beatles Super Deluxe Box Set is?
Thanks in advance.


Ah, Amazon.de…
On the east coast of the US, Sgt. Pepper dropped from 8 AM to 3 PM EST; seven hours, also, if my price tracker is correct; dropped to 75 eu for about ten minutes?! at 11:40 AM?
Don’t know if that’s a hiccup in the software but, talk about a Flash Sale!

Paul, thank you for all your efforts.


I picked up the Kraftwerk set. Fantastic price (even with shipping to the US)! Thanks Paul!


its still comes to about $112 for Sgt Pepper when i clicked on link with shipping + vat to California. I think ill wait it out for a better price down the road, anyhow just got good deals on ebay Beatles Mono Box, and Lennon Signature Boxset to tide me over on the way. And im still enjoying the amazing deal i got here on Beatles Number 1 Blu-ray/Cd set for amazing $22 total. So patience will be rewarded. Now im Hunting deals on The Who Quadro /Tommy / My Generation Deluxe boxsets deals if i can

William Kates

Thank you Paul. First time that I was able to get in on one of your deals. I picked up the Jethro Tull Songs From The Wood for 21€, which with shipping to the US worked out to be $29 and change. Great compared to the US Prime price of $49.98. Nice!

Dave Clarkson

Cheers!!! Took advantage of the Peter Gabriel offers…..I was too late for The Beatles…..still happy :-)


Picked up a couple of Dire Straits at around 15 Euro each, plus a Queen LP for a bit less.


Flowers in the Dirt is at €122.99 which makes it £106.54, not £88… :(

Andrew Mogford

Maybe to save other people clicking and being disappointed?

I posted the same about Pepper earlier too just to save people clicking and to warn them.

David M

Beatles now 100 Euro, I waited too long


Danke Herr Sinclair

That’s another £75 gone. I got the Peter Gabriels listed plus Scratch which was also very cheap. I’ve been waiting for ages to get these for under £15. I also got the Nick Cave 3LP set as it was superb value and I’m not even a fan!

At this stage I’m thinking of launching a website called SDER, that’s Super Deluxe Edition Rehab. Maybe you could help..?

Andrew M

Ah. Pepper gone up so not a significant saving anymore. Nice spot for those who got it though.

Andrew M

Hmmmm. Amazon UK sent my pepper box unprotected and it arrived with a slightly ripped lenticular cover. Was toying whether to send it back or not but had pretty much decided it wasn’t worth the hassle.

Now I’m wondering whether to send it back for being faulty and reorder through this deal. I’m worried they’ll think I’m swinging the lead though :(

Tempted to go for pepper and flowers……



@Andrew, for £110 your Pepper box should arrive in pristine condition. No way should you have to feel like putting up with a ripped cover when it’s a special item like this. Returns on Amazon are free (or else they refund you the postage) for damaged items, so get an undamaged one if nothing else!


Also the German language Kraftwerk 3-D Der Katalog for the same price, although not in stock (any format) and cautiously stating ready in 1-2 months! Have ordered a copy anyway as if it drags on too long, or looks unlikely, I assume you can cancel without paying, up to the status preparing to despatch, as you can on Amazon.co.uk.

English language version of 3-D The Catalogue 8cd set is currently in stock though.


Was very tempted by the Kraftwerk box but picked uo the Roxy Music Complete 1972-82 CD set for £25 this afternoon so will dig into that instead.


@hamicle. where did you get the roxy music cd set from please as that is a great price?


@michelle I was being a little mischievous mentioning it as it was second hand. Sorry!


Bargain for the Kraftwerk german version, which is far more interesting!


There’s a £13 saving on the Beatles Love album. I’ve been tracking it for a while and it never drops from £30 so a great deal


Hi Rory!
What was the price for the Love album??


Hi Heinz,

It was 22,77 Euro


Thanks Rory !!


Just cancelled my Peppers Amazon IT order with no problems and reordered through DE.
Thank you very much Paul.

Alan Jones

Thanks Paul. Pepper Deluxe and vinyl ordered saving £57 even after including shipping to UK.

Mark N.

Thanks, Paul! I just made my first Amazon Germany order for the Sgt. Pepper SDE for $93.11 USD. Will the book and all the packaging be in English, or in German? I didn’t think about that until after purchasing. Hoping it’s in English. Thank you.


Thanks Paul. Sgt Pepper box ordered. Iron will required not to order more.


Thanks Paul, also canceled my Pepper Amazon.it (not sure why they still hadn’t shipped it, their loss!) and ordering from Amazon.de.

Flowers is still a bit expensive IMHO, will wait till it hits 80€…

EDIT – please add an option to subscribe to comments ;-)


£78.92 for the peppers box. Just ordered and Very pleased! Still think the u2 box is overpriced though.


Cheers Paul!

Just cancelled my Italian pre-order for Pepper, apparently without issue.
Re-ordered on DE for £78.92 all in to UK.

Every little helps!

Paul Wren

Yep – Pepper double vinyl purchased earlier today at £25 including postage. It will be a long time before UK prices drop below this level, so the buy decision was an easy one. Great tip off as usual, Paul.


Thank you SDE, this is exactly why we love this site.
(3-D The Catalogue bought)

John H.

Just ordered Pepper box, hope it arrives for my birthday June 1st (the real anniversary date!)…

John H.

Pepper deluxe arrived Bank Holiday Monday. Are these items actually sent from Germany as the first depot on the tracking info was Swansea?

Ralph MacGillivray

Have my doubts! Mine arrived from Dunfermline depot. Still if that’s what it takes to save money so be it.

Paul H

I was holding out for a price around £65 but can’t wait!
Thanks Paul.


Thanks Paul, bought the Kraftwerk box. A no brainer at that price, great value. Was tempted to get the McCartney box too but I can’t pull the lever. It’s only 3cd’s and a lousy DVD for still more than a $100. And I don’t even like Paul McCartney. The only reason I want it is to complete your numbered booklet with interviews. I may buy it for $60 but I doubt it will ever get that low.


Just ordered Springsteen Live at Hammersmith e35, beatles 2Lp, Queen Greatest Hits Vol 1 and Bowie Legacy. Note to self, block SDE notifications!


Thanks for the word on this. I managed to save nearly $30 off my previous Pepper orders.

Auntie Sabrina

Sorry, that should be “unless the items arrived later than expected or were damaged Amazon will charge you for the return” folks.

Had a little drinks…

Peter Stanton

Like Dean T I have it on order at about 90 euros with Amazon Germany….r.

Worried about the hassleof cancelling etc

Auntie Sabrina

Regarding ordering cheaper then returning higher priced items, if the items arrived later than expected or damaged, Amazon will charge you for returned items.


Considering free shipping to Poland – the deal is even more sweet. Order placed. Thanks, Paul!


Of course Paul you are right, but thta was the price all along. So that’s my confusihion.

Barry Grayshon

I had a pre order of The Beatles box set with Amazon Italy at €101.47. Just tried to cancel, so I could reorder from Germany, but it’s preparing to ship now and will not allow me to do so! Argh! This is not the first time this has happened to me. I’m giving up on pre orders. Everything I buy goes down after it’s been released. It’s only been 24 hours.

Paul Ward

Thanks Paul. Just ordered Pepper and Kraftwerk CD. Your Kraftwerk link is for the German language version by the way but there is an english version available at the same price.


Did anyone get a screenshot from the U2 set for € 75,00 it’s back up again and I was too late to get it. r_kuipers@yahoo.com Thanks!!