Deal alert / Pink Floyd: The Division Bell super deluxe box set


Best price ever for Pink Floyd‘s seven-disc Division Bell box set on Amazon Italy at the moment.

The box features a Doug Sax remastered double LP edition of the full CD track listing, three coloured vinyl records, a blu-ray with previously unreleased 5.1 mix and the CD. It can be yours for just £55 (€76) if you move quickly!! That’s approaching HALF the UK price.

UPDATE: 8am 14/12/15: Price is even lower now, just £44 or €61!!


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all pink floyd boxes now around 60 Eur! on amazon italy!

Alan Fenwick

Ordered late Sunday, delivered half an hour ago to the UK, can’t get much better than that.


Wow! Great price! Under £50 and delivered, great shout, Thanks!


I pulled the trigger in Amazon.de, the shipping is cheaper, and also had a promotion of 10 EUR, so Order Total: EUR 65,42

I believe I will sell the vinyls, no interest at all in them, maybe will keep the marbles and scarf…WTF!!!…this box doesn’t include them…what a shame.

Roel Glas

Thanks for the heads up Paul. Had this in various shopping baskets around the world for a long, long time waiting for a good price. Price drop to Euro 61 (50 after Vat deduction) helps to cover the high shipping costs charged by Amazon Italy to Australia. A New Year present for me!!!!.


The price is even lower at the moment, it’s listed now as 61,28€ ~ £44.27. Not sure how long it will last but it’s really great price for the set.
I have the set and I like it alot.


EUR 61 now, unbelievable, cheaper than jpc!

Stuart S

Seems it’s actually €61.28, so works out just under £49 to UK.

Thanks Paul !


Down to EU61,28. Has to be the lowest price for this ever.


Better price but holding the 5.1 Bluray to ransom within this box still annoys me. Shame on Pink Floyd or whoever represents them in these decisions.

Matthew Collier

I agree, I only bought this a while back (at full price), for the Hi-Res/5.1 mixes on the Bluray (‘cos you can’t just buy that by itself).

I didn’t mind doing this for the DSOTM and WYWH, as I wanted the full set of stuff for those, but wasn’t interested in most of the “extras”* on the Division Bell set.

I didn’t even buy The Wall Immersion at all, as it had nothing in it I didn’t already have, and again, it missing the HiRes/5.1 stuff, I didn’t buy it as it really wasn’t complete.

They had better release *that*, before I die!!! ;) (hopefully, I have time, as I’m still in my 40s… ;) :D )


* – ok, so *some* people still want the vinyl, which is fine if everything else is also in the box set…


Matt Collier, I echo everything you just said to a “T.”

Alan Fenwick

Price has just dropped again, now down to €61 which is even better, just ordered a one as a Christmas present.

Chris Lancaster

Blimey, that’s cheap! Just ordered for €76. Thank you, Paul!


Division Bell Box is 69 eur at jpc.de. Ordered last week with aditional 6eur discount for Germanistik Adac members.