Deal alert / Pink Floyd: The Endless River CD+DVD deluxe set


Crazy price for the Pink Floyd Endless River deluxe set on Amazon UK at the moment (11.45am Sunday 19th April). This is the CD+DVD set which gives you the album in stereo and 5.1 surround sound, plus 40 minutes of bonus material (six videos and three audio tracks). Comes packaged in smart 24-page hardcover book with postcards.

Anyway, it’s just £7 which is a giveaway price for such great content and packaging. The single CD is more expensive that this, to illustrate what a great deal it is!

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Justin C

thanks- what a bargain. I had been holding off due to my fear that it would be endless drivel. I was prepared to splash £8 and it doesn’t sound as bad as i thought.


Ordered it on the 19th. Turned up today. £7.33. What a bargain. Currently over £19 again


Rat! Missed it. Have been debating gettting that is as it sounds a bit threadbare but at that price I would have bitten. Too late again.


You need a high end high fi to truly enjoy this note for note. It’s an amazing piece of studio wizardry and Gilmour stays true to Pink Floyd in that sense. A glass of scotch and the lights out and life becomes an Endless river……

Kenny P

Thanks, I snapped this up. Over 20 quid today!


My partner works at a supermarket nearby, where none other than Nick Mason is one of the regular customers. I must see if I can get an autograph :-)

Armando Flores

its again 7.70 amazon.co.uk, i just get mine… its number 1 best selling thanks to SDE. Best wishes Paul.


I love it, Greg. I’ve got the MP3’s, and was impressed. Keep in mind, as mentioned earlier, I’ve not rated their post-Waters albums at all.

Still, it’s not for everyone. If you read the reviews at Amazon there are around 150 people giving it one star – the lowest they allow. If it’s not your thing, then best avoid at any price, imo. I found it interesting, with a new/old vibe, which is what Floyd needed to do if they were ever going to engage me again.

Glad to see the price is bouncing around like a ping-pong ball. That way more people can get in on the deal.


Whether £16.00, £7.00 or £1.00 does anyone really intend to listen to this or is it just to be a Pink Floyd completest. Sorry but this is not the Pink Floyd that I loved. This is closer to elevator music than to Pink Floyd.

Julian H

Yes, I’ve listened to it countless times. Many fantastic moments on there. Side 3 is especially consistent.


Says 7:70 when you go to the link – but goes to £16.00+ when added to cart. Hopefully will drop again :)


I agree with you re. the previous music, Dean. Mind you, Waters’ only really good solo album is ‘Amused To Death’ I think.

Phil Wilson

I would keep checking if you missed it, it has been below £10 for a few weeks, and was £8 odd and £7 odd at the back end of the week


It’s showing at £7.70 right not (16.54 BST 19 April)…


Up, but only up to £7.70 when I looked at 16:24


Paul – thank you so much for the prompt. Keep up the great work.


Judging by the responses here – it lasted 30 minutes or so. My order has gone through at £8.80 shipped.

Barry Whiting

Looks like it’s gone…didn’t last long.


… it is still there for 7.70 …


I picked this up. Thanks Paul!

The only downside I see is that the extra audio isn’t at the same bit rate as the Blu-Ray version, but since that’s almost three times the cost, it was certainly good enough.

As to the music – I have to be honest and say I’ve not liked any of the albums post Waters. They’ve been plodding affairs, without any sense of vitality. So it was a surprise to hear this and find that it works. With only one vocal track they get away with a more sedate sound. This is the only post-Waters album I’d rate, so I think it’s worth getting.

Thanks again, Paul.


That is a good price for the pack but I have to say I was left under-whelmed by it. Throughout the listening I couldn’t help think I’d heard it all before.

Mark Parsons

Thank you! Glad I waited for this to drop in price.