Deal alert / Cream: 6LP vinyl box set


The Cream six-LP vinyl box set is available for a bargain price on Amazon Italy.

Cream: 1966 – 1972, which brings together the supergroup’s studio and live LPs, is available for around £46 (€62) which is little more than £7.50 per vinyl LP!


LP1: Fresh Cream (1966)
A1. N.S.U.
A2. Sleepy Time Time
A3. Dreaming
A4. Sweet Wine
A5. Spoonful
B1. Cat’s Squirrel
B2. Four Until Late
B3. Rollin’ And Tumblin’
B4. I’m So Glad
B5. Toad

LP2: Disraeli Gears (1967)
A1. Strange Brew
A2. Sunshine Of Your Love
A3. World Of Pain
A4. Dance The Night Away
A5. Blue Condition
B1. Tales Of Brave Ulysses
B3. We’re Going Wrong
B4. Outside Woman Blues
B5. Take It Back
B6. Mother’s Lament

LP3: Wheels Of Fire (1968)
A1. White Room
A2. Sitting On Top Of The World
A3. Passing The Time
A4. As You Said
B1. Pressed Rat And Warthog
B2. Politician
B3. Those Were The Days
B4. Born Under A Bad Sign
B5. Deserted Cities Of The Heart
C1. Crossroads – Live At The Fillmore
C2. Spoonful – Live At The Fillmore
D1. Traintime – Live At The Fillmore
D2. Toad – Live At The Fillmore

LP4: Goodbye (1969)
A1. I’m So Glad
A2. Politician
B1. Sitting On Top Of The World
B2. Badge
B3. Doing That Scrapyard Thing
B4. What A Bringdown

LP5: Live Cream (1970)
A1. N.S.U.
A2. Sleepy Time Time
A3. Lawdy Mama
B1. Sweet Wine
B2. Rollin’ And Tumblin’

LP6: Live Cream Volume II (1972)
A1. Deserted Cities Of The Heart
A2. White Room
A3. Politician
A4. Tales Of Brave Ulysses
B1. Sunshine Of Your Love
B2. Hideaway

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Thank you again Paul, was in two minds about this at full price. At a lower price it does work out a bargain for all that vinyl, especially as the original issues are getting hard to find & super expensive. Let’s hope the artwork & sleeves are top notch, even if the audio may not be from the masters or in mono. Cheers everyone.


Just gone back up to £84 on Amazon UK.

Presley Spigot

In that case, order from Japan Amazon. There it’s 12ooo yen, which is about 67 pound, but it’s a bit frustrating with much of the site being in Japanese. Though you can switch to English, it’s limited.

Presley Spigot

One wonders why the price dropped? Not enough pre-orders? Too many potential buyers aware that the tracks are digitally sourced? That the press is stereo, when it’s well known that the mono versions kick butt?

Lawrence Geller

Why does Fresh Cream have the UK track listing but the US cover?


Thanks Paul, I had this on order from Amazon, Spain for about £69 which I thought was a good price. Obviously this is even better.

karl probst

Thank you so much, I just bought it and saved 20 from a previous preorder wohoo!!!

Presley Spigot

Doesn’t Amazon guarantee you get it for the lowest price anyway? Surely they don’t charge you the more expensive price just because you pre-ordered it before the price came down?


I just e mailed SDE for the first ever time to tell them this.
As usual, they were up to date before me!!!