Deal alert / French promotion

Amazon France have a special promotion TODAY ONLY that offers visitors €10 off any purchase over €50.

Music fans might want to take advantage and to give you a few ideas, below are a some SDE suggestions that could see you save a significant percentage off the purchase price of recent/forthcoming releases…

To get the discount, simply type GRANDMERCI in the discount code field when checking out. Items must be sold via Amazon and not third party sellers and if the item is already discounted as part of another promotion it won’t qualify. Obviously as long as your ‘cart’ adds up to more than €50 (not including P&P) you will qualify!

Note: You can only use the code once, so if you come back for a second separate transaction it simply won’t work.

SDE Suggestions:

The Velvet Underground / Loaded - Reloaded - 45th anniversary super deluxe edition

Velvet Underground: Loaded 45th Anniversary SDE

Price after discount €41 or £30 > ORDER


Paul McCartney / Tug of War 4-disc deluxe edition

Total price after discount: €80 or £59 > ORDER


Seven-disc a-ha bundle

If you pre-order the reissues of Stay On These Roads (2CD), East of the Sun West of the Moon (2CD+DVD) and Memorial Beach (2CD) then you benefit from a great deal.

Total price after discount: €46 or £34 > ORDER


The Jam / Fire and Skill 6CD live box

Price after discount: €55 or £40 > ORDER

Mogwai / Central Belters 6LP vinyl box

Price after discount: €54 or £39 > ORDER


Taste / I’ll Remember 4CD box set

Price after discount: €41 or £30 > ORDER


Roger Waters Amused to Death bundle

You can buy BOTH the recently released CD+Blu-ray edition of Amused to Death (with hi-res 5.1) and the gatefold 2LP vinyl edition  and have change from £36, thanks to today’s offer.

Total price after discount: €48 or £36 > ORDER

SDE helps fans around the world discover physical music and discuss releases. To keep the site free, SDE participates in various affiliate programs, including Amazon and earns from qualifying purchases.


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………………and Jam boxset delivered, and sent from the UK!!!!


doesn’t seem to help much for USA put a few things in put the code on then compared to amazon.co.uk and found it still cheaper on amazon.co maybe I am just interested in the wrong stuff. thanks for the heads up though!

Charles Hodgson

I got the message: “the promotional code you entered can not be applied to your purchase” for the VU Box initially. All I can say is I went back to the page a few minutes later and it worked fine. No idea why. Maybe try again?


Hi paul thanks i ordered The Jam upcoming Live Cd Box


PS what is 2015 a great year in SDE and Box sets !


The reason it isn’t working for some of you guys is you aren’t spending E50 before shipping. You need something other than Loaded to get over the threshold. Find something else to buy and you still are going to save over the Amazon list price.


Just grabbed the Simple Minds Vinyl Box as well for almost half what I would pay in Canada. Thanks Paul. You da man!

Paul Dowling

For those of you having an issue with the code: note that VAT may be deducted from your purchase depending on where you are. This might put you below the EUR 50.00 threshold. For example, the Loaded SDE is listed at EUR 50.99, but checks out at 42.49 after VAT is deducted.

I picked up the VU, Jam, and Taste sets, and managed to save over EUR 60.00 vs. my open orders on Amazon US!


Bagged the A-ha bundle, thanks for the heads up!

Jimi Fletcher

As Paul mentions a couple of posts above, the code doesn’t appear to be accepted but there is an option further back up the page where it asks you if you want to use your 10.00 euro promotion, so it does work, just in a weird roundabout way! I cancelled my existing order of Loaded on amazon.fr and re-ordered it using the code. Thanks Paul S. for the scoop, saved myself a few pounds there! Keep up the terrific work!


Went for the Mogwai box although I already have all the music. It’s a pretty ridiculous box but maybe something fun will be included inside.

Also, the new soon to be released Scorpions boxset has gone up in price about €20 since you mentioned it.


Just ordered the VU too. My annual Christmas present to myself, next year won’t be the same :-)

Rick – I was also told that the code couldn’t be used but a dialogue box opened in the section above where you put the code in (address/order confirmation I think) where I ticked the box asking if I wanted to utilise my 10 Euro promotion. You may want to check if you have the same option?


I had an email from Amazon Germany yesterday, their website is now available in English, no need to use the translator button.


Thank you! Just ordered The Jam and The Velvet Underground sets and saved $40.00.


I ordered both Super Deluxe Sets of The Velvet Underground’s “3rd Album” and “Loaded” from the US and got both for $100.54US!!! Thanx ever so much……

Dr Avalanche

Thanx Paul. I cancelled my Velvet Underground pre-order on Amazon France and re-ordered it with the code. Works like a charm! :)

Rick A.

OK; last comment about this. Has anyone ordered using AMEX? I know they have a higher fee to vendors (Amazon). I grasping to straws at this point. Could that be it?

John Ireland

Cancelled my Amazon UK order for the VU Loaded box and ordered using the code.
No problem there
Thanks again Paul

Rick A.

No Paul; hadn’t used the code before; I copied & paste and when didn’t work I typed it in; still no luck; Now I accidently pre-ordered it at full price; I have to use Goggle translator to understand how to cancel it.

What a drag!

Rick A.

Any reason myself and Bruce were unable to pre-order using the GRANDMERCI code? I was trying to order the Velvet Underground: Loaded 45th Anniversary set. “The promotional code you entered can not be applied to your purchase.”

Neil Jones

Hi Paul,
Already ordered the VU loaded box last week at Amazon.fr. Do you the the ‘price guarantee’ will reflect today’s cheaper price deal??

Neil Jones

Success! Cheer Paul.

Rick A.

10:15am Amazon.fr message is “The promotional code you entered can not be applied to your purchase.” for the Velet box; that was a fast suspension


Top tip. Got Loaded, cancelled my UK order.

On the Autorip, when I pre-ordered from the Uk site I got the files right away, which less me to believe it’s from an earlier version (I didn’t download because there was always the possibility I was going to cancel the order and I already had the Fully Loaded edition on Autorip anyway).

Grant Riggs

Got The Jam collection, saved about £20 over Amazon UK. Missed out o the Bowie one though, missed clicking one button – the pay button – gutted. But great deal for The Jam – cheers Paul.


Thanks for the tip! Saved a nice tenner on the A-ha releases.

Simon F

Would like to order the Jam from here but having just received my Bowie CD box set from Amazon IT this morn (great bargain, thanx again Paul), think I had better chill out for a while! I’ll put the Jam on the Xmas wish list!


Thanks Paul, that’s the first VU deluxe album and now the Loaded deluxe box ordered thanks to your alerts in recent weeks. Hoping to find the 3rd album deluxe set cheapish now.


Pre-ordered the Simple Minds 7LP box set at €115 – €10 = €105.
€20 cheaper than Amazon Italy.

Charles Hodgson

Paul, thanks. Just pre-ordered the VU “Loaded” Set. Came in at €44.89 with the discount applied + postage.

Says it’s “AutoRip” eligible – d’you know if I’ll be able to access that as a UK customer? (I use the Cloud Music Library App quite a bit these days – very handy with a bluetooth phone and a Bose Soundlink Mini!.)


The Jam Ordered.Thanks


Code didn’t work for me.

paul griffiths

tried to buy all 3 on french amazon was charged 59 euros cancelled the order

Mark S

Also ordered The Jam set too, not with the discount but still works out £15 cheaper than Amazon UK.
I don’t know what other folks do but I haven’t cancelled this one on the UK site as I want to see if it drops any lower as the pre-order price guarantee will take care of that. Whatever is cheapest a few days before release date I’ll keep and will cancel the other.
I guess that might annoy a few people but for me, its about getting the best price.
Word of warning: You have to keep on top of release dates as I’ve seen them move forward a week or so and it’s possible to get stung.


What you do with your orders dosen`t bother me Mark, It`s exactly what I do and why should it bother others.

It was a toss up between Mogwai and The Jam, I went with The Jam box and ordered Mogwai`s vinyl box from Amazon UK. I obviously be checking out prices elsewhere until the release date.


I was really excited by this offer until I noticed something strange: both A-ha – Hunting High and Low super deluxe and David Gilmour – Rattle That Lock CD+Blu-ray, that had been stored in my cart since at least a week, have gone up 3€ overnight.

So that’s a fairly less exciting deal for these items now… :-/

I may buy the a-ha reissue bundle now, but I’m just hoping that the fact that these are pre-orders won’t be a problem.

Mark S

Velvet Underground UK Amazon order cancelled, now ordered from Amazon France. £33 including postage. Bargain.

In case anyone is wondering, you can only use this promo code once.


Thanks for the alert. I grabbed the three a-ha reissues. €52.37 including postage, after the discount. Very happy with that.