Super Deluxe of Bernard Herrmann’s soundtrack to Hitchcock’s ‘Marnie’

2LP+CD+7″ super deluxe • Red vinyl 

Soundtrack specialists Stylotone, in association with The Bernard Herrmann Estate, will issue for the first time ever, from the original master tapes, the original motion picture soundtrack to Alfred Hitchcock’s 1964 film Marnie, as composed and conducted by film score Maestro Bernard Herrmann.

Marnie was a psychological thriller starring Sean Connery and Tippi Hedren. It was Hitch’s follow-up to The Birds and continued the British director’s outstanding run of films from the late ’50s through to the early ’60s (Vertigo, North by NorthWest, Psycho, The Birds, Marnie). By this point Connery had achieved superstar status with Bond and after some negotiations with EON productions, he stepped into the role of business owner Mark Rutland, fresh from being 007 in 1963’s From Russia With Love. Hedren was in The Birds, of course, and Marnie would be her last film with Hitchcock.

At this point, composer Bernard Herrmann had already worked with Hitchcock seven times, his score for 1960’s Psycho featuring some of the most iconic film cues ever recorded, but the score for Marnie would be his last for the filmmaker – at least his last that was used, because despite the long running director/composer partnership, Hitchcock rejected Herrmann’s score for Marnie follow-up Torn Curtain and the pair never worked together again.

Never-before-available, the soundtrack to ‘Marnie’ has been restored from the original music masters and has been assembled, mastered and cut at Abbey Road Studios by engineer Sean Magee (famed for his work on The Beatles remasters).

Norma Herrmann, Benard’s widow says of this work “Marnie held a special place for Benny. He always said to me that out of all of his recordings that one came closest to realising his original ideas. It was his favourite.”

Having reviewed Stylotone’s super deluxe packages before (see Twisted Nerve) I can’t stress just how good these are: everything is produced to the highest standard from the spot-varnished heavyweight 320gsm ‘tip on’ gatefold sleeves, to CD in the vinyl replica sleeves and the astonishingly good ‘quad’ poster. The sound is incredible.

The Marnie super deluxe package comprises:

  • two 180g scarlet-coloured vinyl LPs cut at 45 RPM
  • an expanded CD (in vinyl replica gatefold sleeve) with the complete score plus unused / alternate cues
  • a  45RPM 2-track black vinyl seven-inch single featuring Nat King Cole’s rendition of ‘Marnie’ b/w ‘The Main Theme’,
  • a 30″x40″ newly commissioned British ‘Quad’ film poster
  • sleeve notes by Herrmann’s biographer Steven C. Smith.
  • High-Resolution 24-bit WAV + 320kbps CBR MP3 Downloads of the LP, CD & unused / alternate cues

In total, there is over 58 minutes of music and this set is released on 26 April 2019. You can pre-order this super deluxe Marnie soundtrack package exclusively from the SDE shop.

]]>Marnie Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Side One

1. Prelude
2. Marnie
3. Forio
4. Red Flowers
5. The Shampoo
6. The Bowl
7. No. 9
8. Want Ad
9. The Stranger
10. Red Ink
11. The Drawer

Side Two

1. The Storm
2. Red Jacket
3. The Homestead
4. Romance
5. The Safe
6. Encounter
7. The Wedding
8. The Porch
9. The Checkbook
10. The Bridal Suite
11. The Cabin
12. Alone
13. The Shadow

Side Three

1. Love Scene
2. The Pool
3. Homecoming
4. The Window
5. Telephone
6. The Horse
7. The Nightmare
8. The Book
9. Mr Strutt (Film version)
10. The Word Game
11. The Hunt

Side Four

1. Forio’s Fall
2. Forio’s Death
3. The Stairs / The Keys / The Stairway
4. The Dial
5. The Money
6. The Gun
7. Departure
8. The Street
9. Flashback II
10. Blood
11. Farewell
12. Finale
13. Cast

Additional CD tracks
49. Flashback I (unused)
50. Mr Strutt (alternate)
51. Shock (unused)

Psycho 7″ from the original motion picture soundtrack

1. Prelude
2. The Murder

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Michael Hayko

OMG! How can vinyl make such a comeback? How can such an important film score receives a vinyl release and no freaking CD counterpart!? You people that keep buying vinyl need to start getting back on your medication, the 1970s ended decades ago! I guess you vinyl freaks just have to have surface noise and occasional popping and you don’t care that each time you play your LP it wears out just a little bit more.
Thanks for ruining it for the majority!

Michael Wiley

Paul, will you be restocking this package?

Jason H

Ok Paul, now tell us what we want to hear, the a complete PSYCHO package is next with the complete original score. Yes?

Steve Stanz

nicely done really appreciate the vinyl at 45 rpm for optimum sound and the effort that went in to
making the whole package – very beautifully done.

Gordon Thomas

Will pre-orders be shipping soon?


Received today and just opened as i speak – well packed, thanks Paul, the artwork & sleeves are truly stunning.

Can anyone confirm should the CD be inside it’s g/f sleeve, which is packed flat, separate to the vinyl g/f pack – as my CD is missing from it.

I’ve not had time to open the sealed g/f vinyl pack – is the CD packed separately inside there?


thanks.. opened the sealed vinyl & found the CD in another g/f sleeve that has a different front picture sleeve to the separate g/f sleeve that has no CD in it

is that an alternate sleeve to put the CD in?


oh wow that’s cool Paul, thank you ! :)

Robert Spreitzer

Would like to see a nice release of “Fahrenheit 451” OST by some label. Maybe Stylotone might look into it…


prolly too late to change that cover, huh?
Very unfortunate.

Henry Alderman

Well, Paul, you lost me at “immersive.” And I do have the Twisted Nerve and I was not immersed either in it or by it. The LP was of no use, nor were the other accouterments – the CD was the thing. The rest is for the shelf. Why do I need to play a noisy LP? The vinyl fetishists are hilarious in this regard. And now they’ve become cassette fetishists. What’s next, Paul – eight-tracks?

Kenneth Jensen

Try a google search of Tippi Hedren and The Birds, and the third picture you see is the flipped (original) version of her holding a pen to her lips. Hmmm. Shame on you, Stylotone. At least they could have got the cover art right with a ‘super deluxe’ version.

Laurent Bouzereau

You have the wrong movie on the jacket! But thrilled by the release…


Looking forward to this release! But I was also struck by the incorrect cover art. The photo on the cover is definitely from THE BIRDS. About 4 minutes into that movie, Tippi is in a pet shop, pencil in hand, meeting Rod Taylor. A publicity photo from this scene was used for the MARNIE cover. The original is flipped, and shows the canary wire to the left and gilded cage behind her. Versions of this photo come up with a simple Google search. In the movie MARNIE, part of her disguise as a secretary is to darken her hair, so she’s never blonde in her office scenes. So, same actress, director, and studio but wrong movie.

Daniel Archer

I ordered this on the 13th, I am looking forward to receiving this. I am pleased to got the Psycho 7″


Hi. Great news and amazing edition, Paul !.
Could you please tell me the difference between air mail shipping rates to the US or to Chile (if you can ship to Chile) (a) registered + w/trk number (b) just registered. Thank you !


I will buy this release. Will it be available also via Amazon (in Germany)?

Kevin Henry

A few days ago I bought Mysterious Island on BR/DVD which has the wonderful score by Herrmann as an isolated score on the discs.


Hi, this would be my girst time ordering. Do you offer shipment to the US?


Just ordered with the Wannadies LP too! Thanks from the USA, Paul!!!!


Is the Psycho 7″ still included or have you passed 100 pre-orders?


Thank you. I got my order in. I can’t wait for this set, am happy to support my favorite music news site/blog (you), and hope it helps lead to more reissues of this type of Herrmann’s scores. Vertigo is getting a proper vinyl reissue on Varese Sarabande in March, but I’d love for it to get the Stylotone treatment. Now to figure out how I’m going to buy ‘Twisted Nerve’ before it’s sold out.


Paul, I’m starting to really HATE you! You offer such a fantastic set – INCLUDING the single, great other stuff AND a high-quality download. Thanks so much. You’re the best!

andrew R

Hi paul ordered. Wonderfull value considering the 7″ is already sold out at Stylotone.
Does this purchase help with running costs of the site? Ihope so .Or at this price is it just a service to your readers? Thanks

Mark W

I’ve not bought a Stylotone super deluxe set before, but it sounds fantastic. I have a few soundtracks (Alien on Mondo, Jaws on Mondo, Halloween on Sacred Bones to name but three), so couldn’t resist this. Ordered.
P.S: I haven’t got a problem with Vinyl/CD combos; if you don’t want the vinyl why not sell it and keep the bits you want? Bound to be somebody who just wants the vinyl.

Jack Moon

Ordered, and pleased to do so through SDE, Paul.
Have ‘Twisted Nerve’ deluxe, also – if only the presentation and packaging for reissues could always be this good.


Beat me to it, that picture on the cover is indeed from The Birds. And yes Twisted Nerve is a great set, I actually waited and and got it for under a score on amazon just before Christmas. Only £18.59p. Worth holding out sometimes.

Pete Saville

Delighted this has finally been released in full and at an excellent price too. Pity the cover they used is from “The Birds”.

Mic Smith

The front sleeve photo is from Marnie. It’s taken in the office where she is a secretary. There’s no similar scene in the Birds that I can think of.

Looks like a nice package and very good value.


simple result = ordered straight away. Combination of Hitchcock and Herrmann = THE BEST SOUNDTRACKS EVER

David Pseja

How about a CD-only release?


I’ll bet that CD sounds great. I’d love to have that copy in the gatefold sleeve as a standalone, but no – that just can’t be allowed.

Martin G

Happy for those who collect LPs, but disappointed there is no standalone CD release. We’re not all on the vinyl resurgence bandwagon.


You convinced me in your last comment, Paul! Couldn’t resist and ordered (and while I was in the shop ordered also ordered the Taxi Driver soundtrack) Thanks!
Weirdly enough couldn’t choose for registered shipping, like last time, I think. Oh well, fingers crossed

Robert Laversuch

Brilliant- perfect soundtrack! Haunting movie

Yani P

I have previously bought the Twisted Nerve and Kartoum sets – the quality is just different class..

Yani P

Meant to say – ordered of course

Nelson Lee

At that price it’s a steal !


Why is just a nice soundtrack CD not separately available for sale to people who love (or study) Bernard Herrmann’s music – and are not 45rpm vinyl fetishists? That would make much better sales than this special edition. And what does Mrs. Herrmann mean, by affirming that “Marnie” was his favourite “out of all of his recordings”? Does she mean Herrmanns Decca Phase Four LP with just a suite from “Marnie”? It is generally known that Herrmann’s favourite score was “Ghost and Mrs. Muir”. Even Hitchcock was disappointed by “Marnie” – as he personally told me in 1972.


Wow, you knew Bernard Herrmann better than his wife? And why not have this super deluxe edition (clue’s in the name) which includes the CD? It’s £40 for heaven’s sake, it’s a steal.

Oh, and as for the name drop at the end, that was so cringy. Some people.


Adriano above is the same guy who recorded the Complete Recording of Herrmann’s JANE EYRE available on Naxos label (just in case you didnt know who this Adriano is? )


To which “name drop at the end” do you refer? If you refer to Hitchcock’s, I had the pleasure of meeting him personally. And if you mean Herrmann’s name, there is another posting in this forum, also dropping his. And, as far as “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir” is concerned, just read the very first sentence in chapter 8 of Steven C. Smith’s Herrmann Biography. In there, the author quotes Mrs. Herrmann (from an interview of spring 1985), saying that her husband considered “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir” his finest film score: poetic, unique, highly personal.
All this cringy (or cringey)? Let’s just fight for the truth.


No Paul, mine was a very simple question about Mrs. Herrmann mentioning the term “recording”, that’s why I referred to the Phase Four LP. This just to point out the difference between “recording” and “score”. Mrs Herrmann was surely right what she said in 1985 about “The Ghost and Mrs Muir”- and this is generally approved by many Herrmann fans/specialists. Or did she eventually mean that Herrmann considered the “Marnie” soundtrack which recorded in the studio as his preferred??
PS: Yes, Amer Zahid, I am that “same guy” :-)

Pete Saville

Didn’t Hitch tell Herrmann that Marnie sounded too much like “Joy in the Morning”?


Yes, I was just thinking the same. He complained to Herrmann on that !

Eli R Anderson

Anyone in the states distributing this? I’d love to buy direct from SDE but shipping is a real killer :/


This is exciting news! I caught MARNIE The Opera at the London Coliseum in November 0f 2017 and again this past October at the MET here in New York City. It was a stunning production of my favorite Hitchcock film. I can’t wait to take this scarlet beauty for a spin.


Great stuff Paul, have ordered.

I have a yellow Twisted Nerve, as you say, just superb



A yellow twisted nerve? Ouch! Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Thomas Bravefarmer

These Stylotone Deluxe Releases are absolutely the BEST and most beautiful Way to give us Bernard Herrmann’s Masterful Works! Wonderful Vinyl Cover Art plus CD and Poster. Hopefully there will be lots of other Herrmann Vinyl LP Releases within the Future….Fantastic News!

Gus Campbell

One of my favourite films. And I’m a big fan of Bernard Herrmann’s work. The price is excellent too. Ordered!


I haven’t seen Marnie in decades. Ironically, the scene that sticks in my mind is the one played out in total silence.

Kevin M

Gosh, very nice. That movie is brilliant, but really disturbing… Connery’s character is a disgrace, to put it mildly.

But what a great release, good value for all that stuff.


Is there going to be a similar release for Vertigo/Psycho?


I must put in a preorder once I get home tonight.


Ok it all sounds good but hey, well stretching out 58 minutes of music across so much to make more expensive. Why not original poster instead of newly-commissioned? I cant see anyone beating vintage 60s art. I may buy but if price falls a bit. Dont aee the point of having to buy the same music across three formats which is part of the reasob the price is not cheap.
Ps: where’s the reel-to-reel format?