Belinda “Anthology” track listing


After much anticipation, Demon Music yesterday revealed the track listing for their five-disc Belinda Carlisle Anthology deluxe set.

One of the main talking points amongst fans, was whether In Your Wildest Dreams – a track was used on the 1987 film Mannequin – would be included as part of this release. Unfortunately, no master tape for this song could be located, despite the best efforts of Demon. The fact that the track has never had a commercial release makes the hunt for a master even trickier. Should anyone out there know where a master tape of In Your Wildest Dreams might be (without film sound effects over the top) then do get in touch!

The first two CDs compile 32 singles including new song Goodbye Just Go and the third disc offers some rarities from soundtracks and compilations followed by 13 tracks performed Live In Tokyo in 2013.

The two DVDs offer a great deal of content, with 28 promo videos alone on the first disc. Incidentally, if you are wondering why the video for I Won’t Say (I’m In Love) is missing, it’s because it contains clips of the Disney movie Hercules, for which clearance (i.e. permission to reproduce from the copyright holder) wasn’t granted. The second DVD compiles some BBC TV appearances, and is an amusing reminder of the ‘slots’ available to artists back in the day (Going Live, National Lottery, Wogan, Summer Scene (?) and of course Top of the Pops).

The Anthology is out on 17 March 2014. You can order either from Amazon (only option for those in North America or Canada) or pre-order from Belinda’s store.

Track listing

CD 1

Singles I

  • 1. (We Want) The Same Thing
  • 2. Heaven Is A Place On Earth
  • 3. Live Your Life Be Free
  • 4. Leave A Light On
  • 5. I Get Weak
  • 6. I Plead Insanity
  • 7. Big Scary Animal
  • 8. Mad About You
  • 9. Always Breaking My Heart
  • 10. Sun
  • 11. I Still Love Him
  • 12. Little Black Book
  • 13. Band Of Gold [featuring Freda Payne]
  • 14. World Without You
  • 15. Vision Of You [‘91 Mix]
  • 16. Half The World

CD 2

Singles II

  • 1. Circle In The Sand
  • 2. In Too Deep
  • 3. Summer Rain
  • 4. Runaway Horses
  • 5. Do You Feel Like I Feel
  • 6. All God’s Children
  • 7. I Feel The Magic
  • 8. I Feel Free
  • 9. Valentine
  • 10. A Prayer For Everyone
  • 11. California
  • 12. Lay Down Your Arms
  • 13. La Luna
  • 14. Love In The Key Of C
  • 15. Love Never Dies
  • 16. Goodbye Just Go

CD 3


  • 1. Dancing In The City (originally released on the “Burglar” soundtrack 1987)
  • 2. Bless The Beasts And The Children (originally released on the PETA compilation “Tame Yourself” 1991)
  • 3. Christmas Lullaby (originally released on the compilation “Mother & Child” 1995)
  • 4. I Won’t Say (I’m In Love) (originally released on the “Hercules” soundtrack 1997 )
  • 5. Submission – Belinda Carlisle with Radiator (originally released on the compilation “Essential Interpretations” 1998)

Live in Tokyo 2013

  • 6. Runaway Horses
  • 7. I Get Weak
  • 8. In Too Deep
  • 9. California
  • 10. Circle In The Sand
  • 11. Vision Of You
  • 12. La Luna
  • 13. Summer Rain
  • 14. Vacation
  • 15. Our Lips Are Sealed
  • 16. Leave A Light On
  • 17. Heaven Is A Place On Earth
  • 18. Emotional Highway
  • 19. We Got The Beat


The Videos

  • 1. Mad About You
  • 2. I Feel The Magic
  • 3. Heaven Is A Place On Earth
  • 4. I Get Weak
  • 5. Circle In The Sand
  • 6. World Without You
  • 7. I Feel Free
  • 8. Love Never Dies
  • 9. Leave A Light On
  • 10. La Luna
  • 11. Runaway Horses
  • 12. Vision Of You
  • 13. (We Want) The Same Thing
  • 14. Summer Rain
  • 15. Live Your Life Be Free
  • 16. Do You Feel Like I Feel
  • 17. Half The World
  • 18. I Plead Insanity
  • 19. Little Black Book
  • 20. Big Scary Animal [UK Version]
  • 21. Big Scary Animal [US Version]
  • 22. Lay Down Your Arms
  • 23. In Too Deep
  • 24. Always Breaking My Heart*
  • 25. California
  • 26. Love In The Key Of C
  • 27. All God’s Children
  • 28. Sun


Belinda Carlisle on BBC TV

  • 1. Heaven Is A Place On Earth [Top Of The Pops]
  • 2. I Get Weak [Wogan]
  • 3. Leave A Light On [Top Of The Pops]
  • 4. Runaway Horses [Wogan]
  • 5. Interview with Philip Schofield [Going Live]
  • 6. (We Want) The Same Thing [Top Of The Pops]
  • 7. Live Your Life Be Free [Top Of The Pops]
  • 8. Do You Feel Like I Feel [Top Of The Pops]
  • 9. Interview with Caron Keating [Summer Scene]
  • 10. Big Scary Animal [Top Of The Pops]
  • 11. Lay Down Your Arms [Live & Kicking]
  • 12. Interview with John Barrowman [Live & Kicking]
  • 13. California [National Lottery]

Bonus Features

  • 14. Place On Earth: Greatest Hits – EPK
  • 15. Best Of Belinda – TV ad
  • 16. Place On Earth: Greatest Hits – TV ad
  • 17. Live Your Life Be Free – TV ad

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[…] that gathers BBC TV appearances from over the years. Full details for the Anthology can be found here. In the meantime it’s today’s Deal of the […]


WOW, SOOOOOOO BEYOND EXCITED!!! finally all the videos on DVD, I Feel The Magic is sooooooooooo wonderful, and yes having the single mix on CD is yet another dream come true…


Nice set in general, but couldn’t they have included those few rarities + the BBC performances (like they did with Bananarama) on those recently released 2cd+dvd deluxe editions? If it wasn’t for those, I definetely would have ordered the set immediately, but at this price???


It’s looking really good! I will wait until it is confirmed that the tracks on CD1 and CD2 are the single versions (where applicable). Can Demon please do one of these for Five Star??? (In my dreams) – lush indeed!


Wow! It is almost completed! I found “Shot In The Dark” from “Belinda”, released only in Philippin, is missing… Anyway I would like to know the versions of the songs as well.


This set is pretty damn comprehensive. Every single and all but one music video culled from every label she was ever associated with.

I’m assuming the singles discs utilize the single/radio edit versions of the included songs. ARE WE FINALLY GETTING THE 45 REMIX OF “I FEEL THE MAGIC” ON CD?!


Despite my quibbles above, this is a pretty cool set. It’s nice to see the French album represented with “I Still Love Him.”


I’m not sure what I was expecting since most of the b-sides, etc. already appeared on last year’s 2CD+DVD sets, but the rarities disc seems disappointing to me. There are only five “rarities” plus a bunch of live songs recorded in 2013, which don’t have the same appeal. Oh, how I wish someone would find a pristine master tape of the Mannequin song!


There have been some rumblings that Edsel/Demon may be able to roll out a deluxe edition of ‘A Woman & A Man’ sometime in the near future. I’m assuming that’s why the b-sides and soundtrack cuts surround that era are MIA.

And how aptly named is “In Your Wildest Dreams”? It’s unlikely that they’ll locate a master tape at this point but I’m sure someone –perhaps who worked on the film or one of the songwriters– has a duplicate copy though who knows what shape it would be in.

Thomas Williams

Excellent track listing! Glad all her main singles are included although some promo ones are missing like “Since You’ve Gone” and “Remember September”. Would also have preferred more “rare” tracks on the third disc rather than a live concert which I suspect very few fans are really interested in. Would have loved to see “I Wouldn’t Be Here If I Didn’t Love You” included as well as all the B-sides. But all in all I think it is a very good compilation and by far the most comprehensive one released by Belinda.