Belinda Carlisle / CD Singles 1986-2014 box set price-drop


The Singles 1986-2014, the forthcoming 29CD box set from Belinda Carlisle, has just dropped in price by around £20 on Amazon UK.

This makes it a little bit cheaper then the Official Belinda Store, or a lot cheaper if you are ordering from outside the EU since Amazon won’t charge you VAT. In fact the other news worth reporting is that this set is now more widely available with listings on Amazon Canada and Amazon Germany, although the pricing at the moment suggests that the UK site might work for most wherever you are in the world!

The CD Singles 1986-2014 will be released on 21 August 2015.

Official Belinda Store:



Track listing

CD1: Mad About You single mix / extended mix / instrumental mix / I Never Wanted A Rich Man

CD2: I Feel The Magic / From The Heart / Gotta Get To You

CD3: Band Of Gold [featuring Freda Payne] single mix / extended mix / dub mix / From The Heart

CD4: Heaven Is A Place On Earth single mix / album version / Heavenly Version / Down To Earth Dub / a cappella (The Voice) / We Can Change

CD5: I Get Weak 7” version / album version / 12” version / instrumental / US 7″ mix / Should I Let You In

CD6: Circle In The Sand 7” version / Seaside Mood Groove Mix / Beach Party Mix / Sandblast Multi-Mix

CD7: I Feel Free 7” version / extended version / dub

CD8: World Without You 7” remix / extended worldwide mix / Panavision Mix / Nobody Owns Me

CD9: Love Never Dies single version / full length version / I Feel Free [live] / Circle In The Sand [live] / Heaven Is A Place On Earth [live]

CD10: Leave A Light On 7” version / extended mix / Shades Of Michelangelo

CD11: La Luna 7” version / album version / extended dance mix / 12” dub mix / A Capella / Whatever It Takes / Leave A Light On [Kamikazee Single Mix]

CD12: Runaway Horses single version / album version / Heaven Is A Place On Earth [live] / Circle In The Sand [Beach Party Mix]

CD13: Vision Of You 7” version / Leave A Light On [Kamikazee Mix] / I Feel Free [12” extended mix]

CD14: (We Want) The Same Thing Summer remix / extended Summer remix / Shades Of Michelangelo / Circle In The Sand [Sandblast MultiMix]

CD15: Summer Rain 7” edit / album version / extended version / dub mix / Justin Strauss radio edit / Leave A Light On [Kamikazee Mix]

CD16: Vision Of You (Remix ‘91) / original 7” version / Heaven Is A Place On Earth [live]

CD17: Live Your Life Be Free single version / LP version / Club Mix / Loneliness Game

CD18: Do You Feel Like I Feel single version / album version / Dance Mix / World Of Love / Live Your Life Be Free [dance instrumental]

CD19: Half The World / Only A Dream / Live Your Life Be Free [original intro version] / Vision Of You (Remix ’91) / Circle In The Sand / Love Never Dies

CD20: Little Black Book / Little Black Mix / Belinda’s In The House Mix / The Air You Breathe / Only A Dream

CD21: Big Scary Animal / Windows Of The World / Change [8 track demo] / Too Much Water [8 track demo]

CD22: Lay Down Your Arms single edit / Tell Me / Wrap My Arms [8 track demo] / Here Comes My Baby [8 track demo]

CD23: In Too Deep / I See No Ships / Jealous Guy / (We Want) The Same Thing [Summer remix]

CD24: Always Breaking My Heart / Love Walks In / Ballad Of Lucy Jordan / Heaven Is A Place On Earth / Circle In The Sand / I Get Weak

CD25: Love In The Key Of C / Kneel At Your Feet / In Too Deep [live acoustic] / Circle In The Sand [live acoustic] / Too Much Water [demo] / Whatcha Doin’ To Me [demo] / Don’t Cry [demo]

CD26: California / Leave A Light On [live] / Live Your Life Be Free [live] / Heaven Is A Place On Earth [live] / Big Scary Animal [live] / I Get Weak [live] / In Too Deep [live]

CD27: All God’s Children edit / full version / Runaway Horses / Only A Dream

CD28: Sun edit / original version / Goodbye Just Go

CD29: Bonus Disc: Live Your Life Be Free [Macmillan Mix]* / Do You Feel Like I Feel [Macmillan Mix]* / A Prayer For Everyone [edit]** / I Still Love Him [edit]† / In My Wildest Dreams‡


Official Belinda Store:

Amazon UK



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The box set is £77.66 on http://www.grooves-inc.co.uk/

This is a german company so there will be a postage charge for UK customers but still cheaper than Amazon UK.

Mark McKendrick

What on earth are you people whinging about…?
Banarama = 10 discs @ £97
Belinda Carlisle = 29 discs @ £97
Banarama = 3 people w/ 2 ears (pre-1988)/3 people w/ no ears (post-1988)
Belinda Carlisle = 1 person w/ 2 ears

No brainer.


Not sure where you are getting 10 discs from. The Banarama singles box set has 33 discs, not 10 discs, compared to Belinda’s 29 discs and 310 tracks compared to Belinda’s 133. On quantity the Banarama singles box set is way better value. As for whose music was better, that is up to each person to decide. I would buy both, but given the number of tracks on the Belinda Carlisle set against the Banarama set, the Belinda one should be priced around £50.


If this were as comprehensive as the Bananarama Box Set I would have considered it but I bought all the deluxe versions and there really isn’t anything that new here. The price is also crazy for what you are getting.


Is “Heaven Is A Place On Earth (single mix)” “7” Version (4:15)”? I guess “7” edit (3:54)” is missed.


there was no such thing as single edit or promo edit of “Heaven Is A Place On Earth” all singles had the 4:05 album version.
Sadly the 4:14 alternate mix that was on the “ICON” Cd was not includet.


I always buy CD Single box sets because I love them. But not this one.

For a start, they should have included ALL the mixes, not just some of them. The Bananarama box set shows how it should be done. Then to ask a similar price for this is silly. Even at this lower price it is still way too expensive.

Robert M


What mixes are they missing on the Belinda? I didn’t realize there were that many for her


@Robert M

If you look through the Belinda deluxe edition albums, there are lots of mixes on there which are not included here. The reasoning apparently was said that this CD single box only includes mixes which were released back in the day commercially, whereas the mixes on the deluxe edition albums are previously unreleased mixes and promotional mixes.

As far as I’m concerned, for £95 I would want all of the mixes. It’s not like these discs are full. A lot of the discs in the Bananarama box set have over 10 tracks, with one being 16 mixes!

In contrast, Belinda’s box contains virtually the bare minimum. For example, “Live Your Life Be Free” is missing 3 more mixes; Extended Mix / House Mix / Radio Edit, all of which were included on the deluxe edition of “Live Your Life Be Free” but are not included here.

If they want £95 for it, it should included every mix relating to each single.



well other missing mixes would be “I Feel The Magic” single mix,
“Summer Rain” justin strauss radio edit (they includet a wrong one), “In Too Deep” and “Always Breaking My Heart” single edits

Neil Kelly

BTW (as on a new news story i know there’s more chance you’ll read this Paul) A-ha tracklisting is CONFIRMED. Virtually same as one released a month ago. You still haven’t mentioned it. News normally breaks first here. Just saying!!

Neil Kelly

OK Cool

Neil Kelly

Bit much same price as the Nana’s. And to think i thought that itself was a little overpriced. Buying Nana’s, not buying BC.

Rock Roll

So I read the headline quickly and think that the box set has dropped to 20 UK pounds.

Great deal. But then notice, it dropped ‘by’ instead. LOL


Still ridiculously overpriced given the pricing on the ‘Nana box


I’m sure this has already been mentioned elsewhere, but it looks like there are several repeated tracks…


sorry, it’s still not low enough, I’m afraid. each cd is sorely lacking in content and imagination, unlike the other recently announced box…