Belinda Carlisle / The CD Singles 1986-2014 / 28CD box set

Belinda Carlisle 3D Box

Following last month’s announcement of a 33CD Bananarama singles box, Demon Music have applied a similar template to the work of Belinda Carlisle and are set to issue The CD Singles 1986-2014, a 28CD collection that gathers up the various B-sides and additional mixes that were issued across the different formats of each single released in the US and UK.

This starts with the early IRS singles Mad About You, I Feel The Magic and Band of Gold before digging in to the period of transatlantic success enjoyed by the 45s from Belinda’s Heaven On Earth album (Heaven is a Place on Earth, I Get Weak, Circle in the Sand etc.) before working through the singles from the three further Virgin/MCA albums (Runaway Horses, Live Your Life Be Free and Real).

All the singles pulled from the Chrysalis album A Woman And A Man are present and correct (most of these weren’t originally issued in the US) and disc number 28 combines the songs Sun and Goodbye Just Go which were exclusive to different hits compilations either side of the Atlantic (Icon and The Collection).

But there’s more… did I say 28 discs? Make that 29 since a bonus CD at the end includes some edits and mixes and the much requested track In My Wildest Dreams which featured in the 1987 film Mannequin. Apparently, Belinda’s management team have finally located a master and supplied to Edsel.

This box set will be available via Amazon and the usual channels (soon) but exclusive to the Belinda Carlisle Store are 500 of these box sets with a numbered card SIGNED by Belinda.

The CD Singles 1986-2014 will be released on 21 August 2015.

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Track listing

CD1: Mad About You single mix / extended mix / instrumental mix / I Never Wanted A Rich Man

CD2: I Feel The Magic / From The Heart / Gotta Get To You

CD3: Band Of Gold [featuring Freda Payne] single mix / extended mix / dub mix / From The Heart

CD4: Heaven Is A Place On Earth single mix / album version / Heavenly Version / Down To Earth Dub / a cappella (The Voice) / We Can Change

CD5: I Get Weak 7” version / album version / 12” version / instrumental / US 7″ mix / Should I Let You In

CD6: Circle In The Sand 7” version / Seaside Mood Groove Mix / Beach Party Mix / Sandblast Multi-Mix

CD7: I Feel Free 7” version / extended version / dub

CD8: World Without You 7” remix / extended worldwide mix / Panavision Mix / Nobody Owns Me

CD9: Love Never Dies single version / full length version / I Feel Free [live] / Circle In The Sand [live] / Heaven Is A Place On Earth [live]

CD10: Leave A Light On 7” version / extended mix / Shades Of Michelangelo

CD11: La Luna 7” version / album version / extended dance mix / 12” dub mix / A Capella / Whatever It Takes / Leave A Light On [Kamikazee Single Mix]

CD12: Runaway Horses single version / album version / Heaven Is A Place On Earth [live] / Circle In The Sand [Beach Party Mix]

CD13: Vision Of You 7” version / Leave A Light On [Kamikazee Mix] / I Feel Free [12” extended mix]

CD14: (We Want) The Same Thing Summer remix / extended Summer remix / Shades Of Michelangelo / Circle In The Sand [Sandblast MultiMix]

CD15: Summer Rain 7” edit / album version / extended version / dub mix / Justin Strauss radio edit / Leave A Light On [Kamikazee Mix]

CD16: Vision Of You (Remix ‘91) / original 7” version / Heaven Is A Place On Earth [live]

CD17: Live Your Life Be Free single version / LP version / Club Mix / Loneliness Game

CD18: Do You Feel Like I Feel single version / album version / Dance Mix / World Of Love / Live Your Life Be Free [dance instrumental]

CD19: Half The World / Only A Dream / Live Your Life Be Free [original intro version] / Vision Of You (Remix ’91) / Circle In The Sand / Love Never Dies

CD20: Little Black Book / Little Black Mix / Belinda’s In The House Mix / The Air You Breathe / Only A Dream

CD21: Big Scary Animal / Windows Of The World / Change [8 track demo] / Too Much Water [8 track demo]

CD22: Lay Down Your Arms single edit / Tell Me / Wrap My Arms [8 track demo] / Here Comes My Baby [8 track demo]

CD23: In Too Deep / I See No Ships / Jealous Guy / (We Want) The Same Thing [Summer remix]

CD24: Always Breaking My Heart / Love Walks In / Ballad Of Lucy Jordan / Heaven Is A Place On Earth / Circle In The Sand / I Get Weak

CD25: Love In The Key Of C / Kneel At Your Feet / In Too Deep [live acoustic] / Circle In The Sand [live acoustic] / Too Much Water [demo] / Whatcha Doin’ To Me [demo] / Don’t Cry [demo]

CD26: California / Leave A Light On [live] / Live Your Life Be Free [live] / Heaven Is A Place On Earth [live] / Big Scary Animal [live] / I Get Weak [live] / In Too Deep [live]

CD27: All God’s Children edit / full version / Runaway Horses / Only A Dream

CD28: Sun edit / original version / Goodbye Just Go

CD29: Bonus Disc: Live Your Life Be Free [Macmillan Mix]* / Do You Feel Like I Feel [Macmillan Mix]* / A Prayer For Everyone [edit]** / I Still Love Him [edit]† / In My Wildest Dreams‡

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Does anyone find disc 2 distorting at various points?


Reviews on Amazon are going to kill the sales of this – Deservedly.


This box set is a REAL disappointment. My copy arrived today and In My Wildest Dreams is identical the 64kbps leaked YouTube file. It sounds dreadful. I’m sending my box set back and I’m not buying any of these crappy, rip-off products from demon unless a name I trust has been involved with the audio content or feedback from other buyers is good. £85 to finally get a track I’ve wanted for nearly 30 years and they stick this crap on. It’s a joke! These companies need to be upfront if they can’t deliver high quality, digital music for that price. Absolutely disgusted!

Paul English

My set has arrived. I haven’t opened it and the likely outcome is that I’ll return it to Amazon for a refund. In My Wildest Dreams was a major selling point as I’ve already shelled out for all the remasters, The Anthology box, The Collection CD+DVD and LPs back in the day. Are Demon willing to admit that they dropped the ball here and issue a replacement disc containing the track sourced from the actual MASTER?


Well the promo’s are definately out there and In my Wildest Dreams is on them as I’ve just had it played to me via Skype!


That’s interesting re: the promo copies as I always thought these were made only a few weeks in advance. The Belinda reissue was suddenly delayed at the last moment by two weeks due to a fault in production.


After Nanas & Belinda, who’s next ? Maybe Lisa Stansfield ?


Looking at the artwork on amazon, it seems that “Dancing in the city” won’t be included. Pity.


Licencing restrictions saw it get pulled I’m afraid.


Like clockwork– I finally tracked down an affordable “Summer Rain” promo with the Strauss remix edit last week …. and there it is for all the world on a new comp ;) Oh well, it will be a while before I can afford this bad boy anyway.


I agree on that comment – i just got my 7″ singles for I Feel The Magic and Dancing In The City ripped and ‘mastered’.

I just heard Dancing In The City got pulled from this due to licencing restrictions (damn was holding out for the 7″ finally being released on CD to replace the copy I got ripped), hence it coming off the artwork. Same goes for I Won’t Say so the other version (the slow one not the Disney Cast version) won’t be getting released either.


Don’t be mad. This Box Set does NOT feature the real radio edit….

Jef Blocker

I applaud the idea, but I agree it seems half-hearted to to offer and not put more effort into to be more inclusive–especially for the price.


Still people complaining!What about this mix…or that one etc etc.

If it did not appear on one of her singles,then why over egg the pudding and re write history?

Each disc is a replicate of what was on the original realease.


Actually Kadinski it isn’t.


I’ve been told that the promo copies are already out there so I can’t see the discs changing.


Actually add Submission onto CD32 – I thought that was also on the AWAAM re-issue.

Just noticed the la Luna Acapella is actually in this set.


As I say a CD single for the aborted I plead Insanity and Remember September would add to the value.

I think of the new stuff that was on the album re-issues, the following are missing and could be added?
I Get Weak (Romantic Mix)
We Want The Same Thing (All The Right Moves Mix)
La Luna (Acapella)
Live Your life Be Free (House Mix)
Live Your life Be Free (Extended Mix)
Heaven Is A Place On Earth (Dyme Brothers 7″)
Heaven Is A Place On Earth (Dyme Brothers Mix)

Live Your life Be Free (Radio Edit) is the ‘Original Intro Version’ on the Half The World release.

Someone want to e-mail Edsel with these suggestions (and maybe my others?) – I’ve already done so.

They should really go for these too:
CD29: I Plead Insanity 7″ edit/ Extended 12″/ Dub mix + a random album track from LYLBF if they really wanted!
CD30: Remember September Album version/JPO Club Pipes/ Beam’s Club Mix/ Beam’s Vocal Mix
CD31: Dancing In The City 7″ edit/ Original/ In My Wildest Dreams/ Bless The Beasts And The Children/ Valentine (Remix Edit)/ Life Your life Be Free (Macmillan Mix)/ Do You Feel Like I Feel (Macmillan Mix)
CD32: I Won’t Say (I’m In Love) Original/ Slow Version/ I Wouldn’t Be Here if I Didn’t Love You/ Christmas Lullaby/ God Rest Ye merry Gentlemen/ A Prayer For Everyone (Edit)/ I Still Love Him (Edit)

I’ve noticed the Amazon cover has removed Dancing In The City and put a new bonus tracks cover. Presumably it’s not too late to change the Always Breaking My Heart single cover?!


I agree with the changes you suggested Rob, I would buy it then.

As it stands, I wouldn’t buy it, because it feels half-hearted and is too expensive for what it is.


They are giving us 3 mixes of “Live Your Life Be Free” when they have 6 mixes available already. This is just a case of collating what is already available to them. There is no additional tape sourcing or remastering to be done, because the tracks are already on the deluxe editions of the albums. It seems crazy to only include 3 mixes when you have 6 available, particularly when the Bananarama box is going to include all the mixes. If this was much cheaper I would understand, but it is similarly priced to the Bananarama box. It is a lot of money to ask for a product that is half-hearted.


I think those versions were not actually released on any of the single formats so guess that is why they are missing? But yes, it would have made sense to include them.


I agree Rob. But if they want us to spend £113.99 on Amazon, they could make sure all the mixes available for each song are included.


For example:

CD17: Live Your Life Be Free single version / LP version / Club Mix / Loneliness Game

could read:

CD17: Live Your Life Be Free single version / LP version / Club Mix / Extended Mix / House Mix / Radio Edit / Loneliness Game


On closer inspection I notice that there are many duplicates here. For instance, “Heaven Is A Place On Earth (Live)” is listed 4 times and “Circle In The Sand” crops up over and over with the same few mixes repeated.

Looking at the album reissues, I can see many mixes that are not featured here at all, such as “I Get Weak (Romantic Mix)” and “Live Your Life Be Free (House Mix)”. Considering there is so much room on the discs, it seems silly not to include all the mixes for each single.

It seems a bit lazy.


The Remember September mixes Edsel already have from the A Woman And A Man reissue.

I fear if they do put on the alternate version of I Won’t Say, it will be the Disney cast version.

I’m wondering if there will be a balls up this time like last year or if they will have the quality control they had in 2013. I can imagine In My Wildest Dreams being a rip from the Mannequin film…!


Slightly confused with Dan’s comment. The track listing included clearly does include “California” itself as the first track in bold type, the same as all the others.


I don’t blame you for being confused. My fault, right in front of me and I completely overlooked it! Lol


Does anyone know what the MacMillan Mixes are on the Bonus Disc? I have never heard of them before. He is credited with doing the mix on the albums. Are they alternate album versions?


oh well, let’s ask for Remeber September mixes and I won’t say (slow)… let’s wait a couple of years and management team will locate them out of the blue to make a new release…
No doubt this is what’s going to happen if the single boxset will sell !


Yes I wonder if the I Feel The Magic CD includes the actual 7″ single mix. I got my IFTM 7″ ripped and somewhat mastered the other week.

A few other points – excitingly this is the first time IFTM, Band Of Gold, Sun and Vision Of You ’91 are released as CD singles!

The tracklisting fro CD29 is at odds with the description – apparently it will have 3 songs from soundtracks but In My Wildest Dreams (hurrah!) is the only one. So what are the missing two?
Dancing In The City (as on The Anthology/Belinda)
Dancing In The City (7″ edit from the 7″ single? Again I got this ripped/ mastered the other week)
I Wouldn’t Be Here If I Didn’t Love You (one of the few songs Edsel haven’t issued)
I Won’t Say (I’m In Love) (original from The Anthology/ A Woman And A Man)
I Won’t Say (I’m In Love) (slow version not on any Edsel release)

The Always Breaking My Heart cover image is the CD2 – I’d rather it be the CD1/ cassette/ promo CD image

These releases include the instrumental version of Mad About You (I think the ‘single mix’ was always the album version), the instrumental and US 7″ of I Get Weak and the Justin Strauss edit of Summer Rain. All 4 of these tracks are new to Edsel re-issues and are tracks that I mentioned to them last year, so I’d like to think this was down to me! haha

It’s a shame they couldn’t have made it a 32 disc set with
* I Plead Insanity and its 3 versions for the aborted single
* Remember September with its 3 mixes – presumably this was planned as a single
* An extra bonus disc with the I Won’t Say cover and split the bonus tracks across this and the Dancing In The City CD? Throw in Bless The Beasts And The Children and Christmas Lullaby that were only on The Anthology and heck throw in the single version of Valentine and God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (the only other Belinda song that Edsel haven’t released).

It is a slight shame that some of these songs and versions have arrived so late to the party and missed their places on the album reissues and The Anthology. Oh well, at least they are coming out in some format.


I noticed cd 26 ‘California’ doesn’t include the actual track California listed. Wonder if that’s a typo or another mistake from Edsel like when nobody bothered to check if the correct tracks were on the reissues of voila and a woman & a man.


Geez, just when I finally scraped together the money to buy the ‘nanas boxset, this beauty comes along.

Oh Edsel, you’re draining my bank account like a Nigerian prince!

(but that’s why I love this site so much, these ‘heads-up’s give me plenty of time to prepare…..thanks, Paul!)

As much as I love these singles box sets (I was too young/broke to get the original vinyl/cass/cd singles), I’d much prefer a compact USB format chock-full of FLAC (or even WAV) files, with a folder of high-res TIFF scans/reproductions of the covers (backs included!) and printable lyric docs.

And like others have said, I’m a bit disappointed with the sparse and sometimes repetitive track-listing on this one. Hopefully Edsel will read these comments and take note, but with less than two months to go I guess it’s too late to change…..


I wonder if it’s possible to buy all the original issues of these singles off the ‘Bay, and if so, how much would that cost? Possibly more than £100 as some are quite rare. In that sense, this might be good value…


I love CD Singles boxes. I buy most of them when they come out. I’m not interested in Belinda’s albums at all, but I would definitely buy this…. at a more reasonable price. I’m happy to pay £98 for the Bananarama box because it is jam-packed with mixes. I paid £100 for the Rolling Stones box. But there is no way this Belinda box is worth anywhere near £100. My prediction (and I am rarely wrong where CDs are concerned) is that this will be below £70 within weeks. I’ll buy it then.


The same here, first I thought wow, a CD singles box set a la Bananarama. So every single has every possible version/mix you can think of, (un)released. But it’s not: it’s basically the original CD singles, some includes additional track (single mix and/or album version) as I can see.
I’ll see whether I can get 1 or more tracks separately from itunes or others like 7digital. Or buy it when it’s on sale ;(


I suppose this was intentional (to replicate the original single releases), but I see several tracks repeated on multiple CDs — for example, any CD featuring previous hits as B-sides, Shades of Michelangelo, and the Sandblast Multi-Mix of Circle in the Sand. So this set actually has less than 133 unique tracks.

This seems way overpriced when compared to the supposedly 300-track Bananarama box set (which I wouldn’t be surprised to see pushed back several weeks – the release is just 30 days away, but Edsel still doesn’t have a final tracklist??).


Apparently, Belinda’s management team have finally located a master and supplied to Edsel.

So, after all the reissues and compilations bonanza of the last 6 years comes to an end with this boxset… how many times fans have asked for In My Wildest Dreams ? How many times the answer was no ? But now, after all, the track is found !
Do I realy have to buy a 29 cd boxset just for one track ?
Do I really have to spend 140€ just for one track ?
This is so wrong at so many levels…


No, as an adult you are free to choose what you would like to do. It is not a compulsory purchase.

Craig hedges

But don’t you think it’s fundamentally wrong that I should hear a song way back in 1987, try to buy it at the time only to find it’s unavailable, spend the next 28 years waiting for it to be released, had my hopes dashed on so many occasions – now the record company has decided that I will have to pay £100 for a box set of music I already mostly own just to get that one track which most people in the western world have forgotten all about but I never did. At the end of the day I will get the song but I won’t be spending any money whereas if they’d put it out as download I would’ve bought it.


Exactly my thoughts – the last single cover displayed is the “Dancing In The City” single. AND it is nowhere to be seen. And the single had a unique single mix. I also wonder if they are gonna use the single versions of “I Feel The Magic”, “In Too Deep” and “Always Breaking My Heart”


Isn’t “Dancing in the city” the last single on the box cover? Is that track included somewhere? Wasn’t there a single version for it as well?

Also, are they going to use the single versions of “In too deep” and “Always breaking my heart” this time?


This is the same price as the Bananarama singles box set, but we have been told that has around 300 tracks, whereas this has 133 tracks and 4 less CD’s so there is a good argument for this being lower in price. I make it that all bar around 20 of the tracks already appear on the album deluxe editions, which is another reason for the price to be lower.

Todd R.

Love it – it’s summer fun in a box. So bummed CLE pride day got rained out – she was the headliner – and I can’t imagine the crowd not going nuts had she mentioned a 29 disc box-set like this….!


I thought ‘WOW’ when I saw this box set but then went “OH” as I realised most of the tracks are on the Deluxe Editions of her albums which I bought, so I will not be buying this to get just a few other tracks. I think Edsel and the record companies are thinking “Let’s be greedy and get some more money of out the gullible”, like with the Bananarama box set.

Neil Kelly

Wrong, Bananarama has 100 tracks previously unreleased on CD doesn’t it?

James Giraffe

I got quite excited about this, but then I read the tracklist. Isn’t this missing about a zillion mixes that were included on the deluxe albums? Also, where’s “I Won’t Say I’m In Love”? That was released as a single.


According to the official Belinda fan page, Disney refused to license the track despite having previously licensed it for an earlier Edsel product. I can imagine the frustration on the part of those who lovingly and painstakingly assemble these products with the goal of being as inclusive as possible, only to catch such red lights along the way.

Antonio José García

This box comprises the singles realeased in USA and UK only, the cd single for I Won’t Say I’m In Love was realeased in France and Germany only and Belinda herself said that Disney got too picky to give licence for releasing the two different versions of the song for this box. That’s a pity for fans couse the single was originally realeased in small amounts and cannot be currently found anywere, not even Ebay, and when a copy shows there the price is never below 50€. I don’t even have a propper mp3 of the slow version.

cecil meulenberg

Why waiste material to produce CD-singles with a fes tracks only. Just to have all the CD-singles. Why not print then the sleeves, and put the audio on accompanying 3 CDs? Great that the back catalogues is now released, but it seems just an excuse from companies to have a higher value release issued.

Simon F

What about the Bananarama track listing we were promised two weeks ago?

Neil Kelly

Three weeks ago

James A Gates

As tempting as this is there’s sweet FA that isn’t on the deluxe editions so I’ll pass :-/

Patrick Marchant

There is stuff not on the deluxe editions


For example ?


Can’t get it in the U.S. from the Belinda site? Harumph!


Considering she is an American artist i would say that’s some kind of joke. Anyway i wish they would stop rehashing stuff from artists whose back catalogue has just recently been covered and expecting people to pay up to £100 for a few extra tracks that weren’t on their deluxe editions. There are ton of artists out there whose back catalogue hasn’t been touched like China Crisis, Then Jericho and Scritti Politti to name just a few.

Neil Kelly

Then Jerico (not Jericho) have released some stuff including a DVD. It was all quite expensive might’ve been via the Pledge route…


Then JeriCo reissued their first album on their webstore but it’s not remastered plus their is an Acoustic Live CD/DVD but they are asking £30 for it which is a ripoff.


Signed version is not available to US fans :(


I am an American working in Canada; I was able to order the signed version and have it delivered (#345 of #500).


So we will have a 28 CDs box to get just a very few versions not already ncluded on the album re-releases (I think all the “new” stuff can fit in less than one CD…) ? Hmmmm….I feel like somebody is laughting at our faces (with ‘our’ I mean the people who bought the re-releases)…


after Bananarama now Belinda?
way to go Edsel!
now how about the Bananarama track list guys?


Let me be the first to ask, is I Feel The Magic the elusive 7″ Remix version, or is this still missing in action?

also strange that there are alot of doubled (even tripled) versions of the same songs on this release. I’m all for being complete but……


Oh, to be young and a Belinda/Nanas fan in the summertime….

I really hope these Edsel releases are causing others to look to their back catalogues and say, “Why not…?”