Belinda Carlisle / The Collection


Demon Music Group will issue a new Belinda Carlisle ‘best of’ in March 2014.

The Collection will be a CD+DVD combo, with disc one gathering up all the ex Go-Go’s biggest hits and offers up a new track, Goodbye Just Go.

The DVD includes 18 promo videos, mirroring the track listing on the CD (although it doesn’t include the new song).

The Collection is released on 17 March 2014.

Track listing

Disc 1 (CD)

  • 1. (We Want) The Same Thing
  • 2. Heaven Is A Place On Earth
  • 3. Live Your Life Be Free
  • 4. Leave A Light On
  • 5. I Get Weak
  • 6. Big Scary Animal
  • 7. Runaway Horses
  • 8. Mad About You
  • 9. Half The World
  • 10. Sun
  • 11. Little Black Book
  • 12. Circle In The Sand
  • 13. In Too Deep
  • 14. Summer Rain
  • 15. Do You Feel Like I Feel?
  • 16. World Without You
  • 17. La Luna
  • 18. Vision Of You
  • 19. Goodbye Just Go

Disc 2 (DVD)

  • 1. (We Want) The Same Thing (DVD – Promo Video)
  • 2. Heaven Is A Place On Earth (DVD – Promo Video)
  • 3. Live Your Life Be Free (DVD – Promo Video)
  • 4. Leave A Light On (DVD – Promo Video)
  • 5. I Get Weak (DVD – Promo Video)
  • 6. Big Scary Animal (DVD – Promo Video)
  • 7. Runaway Horses (DVD – Promo Video)
  • 8. Mad About You (DVD – Promo Video)
  • 9. Half The World (DVD – Promo Video)
  • 10. Sun (DVD – Promo Video)
  • 11. Little Black Book (DVD – Promo Video)
  • 12. Circle In The Sand (DVD – Promo Video)
  • 13. In Too Deep (DVD – Promo Video)
  • 14. Summer Rain (DVD – Promo Video)
  • 15. Do You Feel Like I Feel? (DVD – Promo Video)
  • 16. World Without You (DVD – Promo Video)
  • 17. La Luna (DVD – Promo Video)
  • 18. Vision Of You [’91 Mix] (DVD – Promo Video)

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Will the DVD play in Australia (Region 4)

Thank You

mark gravel

My favorite I plead insanity is not there. Why don’t they make a complete DVD release like bananarama did? Which included everything?

Paul Smith

Why they thing we buy again when you have “Her Greatest Hits” which came out years ago and and got all her hits on.

[…] the forthcoming CD+DVD Belinda Carlisle Collection isn’t enough for you, Demon Music have today announced a limited edition five disc release […]


Hey, any word on whether the videos have been remixed into 5.1?

Allan Reyes

is it packaged in double jewel case or is it in bookcase or casebound?

Thomas Williams

Shame not all her top 40 hits are here… I miss ‘Lay Down Your Arms’ (no. 27), ‘Always Breaking My Heart’ (no. 8!!!), ‘Love In The Key Of C’ (no. 20) and ‘California’ (no. 31) …


I wish Edsel could have done their own remastered edition of Belinda (1986). The one released by IRS/EMI a decade ago is so rare now that it goes for obscene amounts on eBay.

Steve Marine

I wish she had included “Band of Gold.” Darn.


beautiful cover
brilliant choice (of tracks) from all her albums (except Viola)
even include Sun from this year’s Icon
what’s not to like?
it’s Belinda!!!
will it be in the same format like the recent Edsel’s reissue?
then count me in! thank u Edsel!!!
A Merry Christmas to you, Paul! Fantastic effort in 2013, more please!