Belinda Carlisle / The Complete Studio Albums: 7CD box set


Here’s the artwork for Edsel’s forthcoming Belinda Carlisle Complete Studio Album box set.

This will contain all seven albums, namely Belinda, Heaven On Earth, Runaway Horses, Live Your Life Be Free, Real, A Woman And A Man, and Voila.

We are not expecting any bonus material on the discs included within and of course the Demon imprint have already issued four of the above albums as deluxe editions. The remaining three are due out individually soon – details here.

The Complete Studio Albums will be released on 6 October 2014.

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Ellen Shipley

It would be nice if someone paid the songwriters…
downloading, streaming, piracy sites, Google, YouTube, and on and on

I have been fortunate enough to have written many of Belinda Carlisle’s songs and have had a wonderful experience with this genuinely appreciative and talented artist
when my songs are streamed 3 and 1/2 million times in a three month period on Pandora and I get $39.41 …and no royalties in sight..Tragic

R1ck M

Sorry to hear that Ellen, at least I get the whole CD Belinda Carlisle collection legit and not just streaming that wonderful music that you created.
Thank you for so many hours of creativity and great wonderful music put into Belinda work, I have enjoyed that over and over -and I believed many other music fans- (either with her Cds or Records and radio) thank you so much for all that wonderful music.


Big fan of Ellen Shipley’s work, particularly “Spirit Of Love” by Laura Branigan from her 1987 album Touch, co-written with Billy Steinberg & Rick Nowels, and “I Come Undone” by Jennifer Rush from her 1987 album Heart Over Mind, co-written with Morrie Brown (and I quite like Shipley’s own earlier recording).

Both of those songs have great remixes, and both those albums deserve Super Deluxe Edition re-releases, for both the fans and the songwriters! (At least Rush had a pretty comprehensive and extras-laden box set a few years ago, Stronghold, featuring a couple remixes of that track, another purchase and great value.)

I also have (purchased hard copies of) songs by her from artists as diverse as Midge Ure and *N SYNC, and I bought the Super Deluxe Edition of Belinda Carlisle’s 1987 album Heaven On Earth, featuring Ms. Shipley’s #1 classic with Nowels, “Heaven Is A Place On Earth.”

I can’t believe YouTube—owned by Google, one of the largest and most profitable companies around—doesn’t pay the songwriters. I always wondered how that worked, with people uploading music videos they VCRed off the TV. That’s not user-generated content they’re forfeiting rights to, that’s someone else’s rights they’re essentially stealing. (Now, if a record company or rights-holder sits on the content refusing to release it, nobody benefits, but that doesn’t mean that these shouldn’t be treated as normal individual radio impressions.)

There should be some sort of petition.

Everybody wants a great deal on music, but radio used to be free, and songwriters got performing right royalties from that, paid for by the advertising. There’s advertising on YouTube and some streaming services, that ought to pay those royalties now as well. Why in this age when “content is king” (as we see in the AT&T/Time Warner merger, the Comcast/NBC Universal merger, and others) don’t writers get paid fairly for streaming music services?

Songs are our favorites because of a combination of songwriting, performance, and production. The next song on the album is performed by the same artist, often produced by the same producer, but we don’t like it as well, usually because our favorite is a superior song thanks to its writers and what their song brought out in its performers and producers. Whether or not that writer is world-famous, they deserve a fair share in any profits that come from media usage of our favorite songs.


Rob, thanks for the information about “In my wildest dreams”!

Joe H.

Great! But I already purchased most of them. How do I get the actual “box”?


I love all of these Belinda reissues/remasters. Very happy with all of the purchases so far.

rob johnson

Ironically and annoyingly, the Holy Grail of Belinda, “In My Wildest Dreams” has just been unearthed. On youtube at least. Too late for this though I guess.


I can apologise myself, thanks!!! And I do :o)


Wow, deluxe editions of all her albums, a new greatest hits collection, a huge box set, and now this. I admire Belinda’s willingness to flood the market with CDs in an age when CDs are dying! Her stuff must be selling well…


CDs are selling less because pillocks like you are purchasing lower quality sounding downloads. You are not a proper music lover but just a throw away type (once some band or artist is not in fashion, you are not interested). Proper music lovers listen and enjoy everything they ever purchased on Vinyl, Cassette, Video and CD (not downloaded files)and do not treat it like yesterdays newspaper to be gotten rid of once old.


??? My comment was not meant to be ironic at all! I buy all of my music on CD and despise downloads. (What is a “pillock” Francis?) I’m genuinely thrilled that Belinda is releasing and re-releasing all of her stuff on CD. It’s a refreshing change of pace and gives me hope that CDs will survive for a few more years.


Huh. Sounds like a pretty pointless release at the wrong time, what with the deluxe editions coming. Speaking of which, there was a 5.1 mix of “A Woman and a Man”. Wonder if that’ll be included in the upcoming re-release?


is it however a bundling of the deluxe editions or just single discs?