Blank & Jones / So80s: Formel Eins

Formel Eins was a pop music show that aired in Germany in the 1980s

Fans of the SoEighties (So80s) compilations from German DJs and pop music enthusiasts Blank & Jones, may be interested to learn that a new three-CD collection has just been issued called Formel Eins.

Formel Eins [translation: Formula One] was a popular music show – the German version of the UK’s Top Of The Pops – and it ran for seven years between 1983 and 1990. Much like the British pop programme, different presenters came and went and so too did different theme tunes (all of which are included here).

This compilation celebrates 30 years since Formel Eins first aired, and each disc has its own theme. The first CD is a mixed disc of 1980s classics, that would have aired during the show’s lifetime, while the second CD is subtitled Soundtrack & Themes. The reason for a ‘soundtrack’ is because, remarkably, there was a Formula Eins movie! It featured cameos from Limahl, Falco and others pop stars of the day and the clip below will give you a feel for the film. It looks like a rock solid slice of eighties’ cheese.



16 tracks on disc two (unmixed) provide a ‘soundtrack’ to the movie with six original theme tunes from the programme following after, including two tracks from Harold Faltermeyer (who personally handed over the original tapes for this compilation).

The third CD is an unmixed collection of 12-inch remixes, including a couple more variations of the Formel Eins theme. Both Yello tracks in this collection are previously unreleased. Rick Astley and the other SAW tracks are directly transferred from the master tapes.

So all in all, an unusual compilation, which is sure to have natural appeal in Germany, but is perhaps still quirky and interesting enough for fans of ’80s pop in other European countries (and beyond) to want to check it out.

Formel Eins is out now.

Track listing: Click to enlarge

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[…] Sony Music are releasing a new three-CD collection of 1980s extended mixes later this month. Formel Eins: The Long Versions is primarily aimed at the Germany market, branded as it is after Germany’s popular music TV show which ran for seven years between 1983 and 1990. Blank and Jones released their own so80s Formel Eins set back in 2013. […]


Harold Faltermeyer desparately needs his own comp with all his 80s movie themes and synth tunes (Axel F., Fletch, Top Gun etc.)


I just want to know how they sound. Are they cut correctly and does the sound sound better than the cd versions??


Dutch broadcaster TROS at one point imported “Formel Eins” and created a Dutch version, “Formule Een” with the same look and feel. One of the reasons I fondly look back on the eighties is the plethora of music shows on TV, something sorely lacking today. Dutch TV had so many great programs, e.g. “Countdown”, “Toppop”,… I looked forward to Thursday evenings because that’s when “Top Of The Pops” was on the BBC; I always taped the “Def II” shows on BBC Two (probably the source for my first encounters with Public Enemy and Alexander O’Neal, to name but two),… And then there was Smash Hits magazine every fortnight.

By the way, gotta love that people made the effort of putting the playlist of every episode of “Formel Eins” on a website: http://www.bludau-net.de/TV/Musik/FormelEins.html


Saved by the full length 12″ mix of “So Emotional”.