Blank & Jones / SoEighties 8

Blank & Jones / SoEighties vol 8

A new volume of classic twelve-inch club and extended mixes from the 1980s will be issued on 3 May by curators Blank & Jones. SoEighties volume 8 is an unmixed three-CD set and we have been informed by Blank & Jones that all 34 tracks are from the original source “100% vinyl rip free”.

This set includes George Michael‘s long ‘Monogamy Mix’ of 1987’s I Want Your Sex (inexplicably omitted from the 2011 deluxe editions of Faith), the extended remix of Katrina and the Sunshine‘s Walking On Sunshine (first time on CD) and Shout from Tears For Fears in it’s rare ‘Extended Mix’ form (i.e. not the ‘US Mix’).

We have asked Blank & Jones to comment on each track within this set and you can see what they have to say below (along with the track listing, of course).

Due to licensing restrictions, SoEighties 8 is only officially available in Germany. Of course, it’s very easy to order via the German Amazon site, so no major issues there!

Track listing below (track commentary by Blank & Jones):


01 I Want Your Sex (Monogamy Mix) – George Michael 13:14

“To the best of our knowledge first time on a full CD, wasn’t included on the “faith” deluxe editions. only released as 3″ cd single with track ids in the late 80s”.

02 Robert De Niro’s Waiting (Special Disco Mix) – Bananarama 05:43

“To the best of our knowledge, only released once on a CBS collection in Australia in the ’80s. Even the Warner archive was not able to find this mix in their UK archive. We cleaned some tape skipping (sound was very high at the very beginning and turns a bit more low after 30 sec)”.

03 Lessons In Love (Extended Version) – Level 42 06:56

“This is the full 12″ version mixed by Julian Mendelsohn from master tape”.

04 Each Time You Break My Heart (Dance Mix) – Nick Kamen 06:54

“Another master tape transfer done by the wonderful Warner Archive team in the UK. Usually everyone uses the US extended version by the Latin Rascals. This is the classic dance mix, to the best of our knowledge, the first time on CD”.

05 Right on Track (Midtown Mix) – The Breakfast Club 07:10

“We love this track, mixed by Jellybean, but we think it appeared somewhere else before…nevertheless, great song”.

06 Wishing I Was Lucky (Long Version) – Wet Wet Wet 05:40

“To the best of our knowledge, only released once on CD in the 80s on a Japanese Mercury sampler”.

07 Talking In Your Sleep (Special Remix) – The Romantics 05:36

“This was kind of a last minute addition. We rediscovered the track while doing the mastering for German “Formel Eins” CD editions (first German music/video clip tv show in the ’80s)”.

08 Shout (Extended Mix) – Tears For Fears 08:02

“This is the extended version, NOT the US mix. We used the version from the Mobile Fidelity edition, but edited the very end where the master fader comes back in”.

09 Big Area (Lost Mix) – Then Jerico 06:11

“This mix appeared as b-side of a CD single. The intro is just breathtaking…U2 would be proud of a stadium anthem like this…”.

10 All The Things She Said (Extended) – Simple Minds 05:09

“Was released of course, on the themes box, but we quite like this song…”.

11 Two Rivers (Extended Mix) – The Adventures 07:23

“To the best of our knowledge a CD premiere. Sadly this mix was missing on the Cherry Red reissue of the “Theodore and Friends”…now complete. From EMI archives UK from master tape”.


01 Walking On Sunshine (Extended Mix) – Katrina And The Waves 05:37

“We are very proud of this track: It took EMI archives weeks to track down this mix. Isn’t it funny that the extended version of one of the biggest single hits from EMI ever, wasn’t released on cd until now? From the original master tape”.

02 Why Can’t I Be You (12″ Remix) – The Cure 08:08

“Released on the CD video single in the 80s. Mixed by Francois Kevorkian, one of our favourite mixer of the 80s….”.

 03 Rush Hour (Extended Remix) – Jane Wiedlin 07:21

“Jane was always a bit in the shadow of Belinda after The Go-Gos split up, but this song is still a masterpiece and deserves a “rediscovery”!”

04 I Think We’re Alone Now (Extended 12″ Version) – Tiffany 06:34

“Released on CD single in the ’80s”.

05 Valerie (Remix) – Steve Winwood 04:07

“The drumming is different on this mix. Sadly many compilations use the “older” version from the album, but this is the one you know from the radio, back in the days”.

 06 Fire & Ice (12″ Special Ski Dance Mix) – Marietta 07:25

“When music movies became fashionable in the ’80s (Flashdance, Footloose etc) former ski guy Willy Bogner directed this movie about dreaming of skiing…the main theme was produced by Harold Faltermeyer. To the best of our knowledge, only released on a CD sampler in the ’80s”.

 07 Gambit (Extended Version) – Cretu 08:01

“Another CD premiere. Transferred from master tape. Michael Cretu is a fantastic producer (Enigma, Sandra, Moti special etc) and this 12″ is one of his best solo releases”.

 08 Can’t Stop Running (Powerblast Mix) – Space Monkey 05:03

“What an anthem. Released on the same label as Wham! back in ’83. Only appeared once on a Dutch CD collection in the ’80s, to the best of our knowledge”.

09 Pop Goes The World (Dance Mix) – Men Without Hats 07:46

“Was released on CD single in the ’80s, one of our favourites…just great”.

10 Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (U.S. Special Re-Mix) – Ultravox 07:47

“This makes us very proud. We got a copy from the master tape of this Steve Thompson mix from the EMI US archive. First time ever on CD”.

11 Hit That Perfect Beat (Instant Mix) – Bronski Beat 08:28

“The first copy we got from Warner archive was mono. So they went back to look for a saftey copy, and found it! Great mix by Ian Levine”.


01 I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me) (Extended Remix) – Aretha Franklin & George Michael 07:26

“The edit was released on a promo CD, this is the full version!”

02 What The Papers Say (12″ Remix) – Bad Manners 05:29

“Another fantastic Francois Kevorkian mix of the legendary ska band”.

03 Love’s Gonna Get You (Dance Mix) – Jocelyn Brown 08:40

“The historical track where Snap! sample “the power” and Moby borrowed party for “Go”. Produced by Jellybean. From the Warner US archive”.

04 Never Too Late To Love You (Extended Mix) – Kissing The Pink 05:31

“On the original 12” release this mix was just no. 2, but we always loved this more original version. From Warner UK archive master tape.

05 The First Picture Of You (Extended Version) – Lotus Eaters 05:28

“Was released on a ’80s sampler already, but tried to improve the sound a bit more”.

06 The Love Parade (12″) – The Dream Academy 06:15

“Much underrated track…perfect for summer…from the Warner UK archives. Master tape”.

 07 Is Your Love Strong Enough? (Long Version) – Bryan Ferry 07:15

“Only released once as B-side of a CD single. Soundtrack to the Ridley Scott film Legend…one of Ferry’s finest tracks, though the quality of the 12″ mix is not the best”.

08 Crockett’s Theme (Instrumental) (Extended 12″ Mix) – Jan Hammer 05:50

“The third Francois Kevorkian mix on this collection…masterpiece!”

09 Sara (Full Length Version) – Starship 04:50

“This is just a great love song….”

10 When Your Heart Is Weak (Dance Mix) – Cock Robin 06:29

“To the best of our knowledge first time on CD…we love Cock Robin…”

11 The Word Girl/Flesh & Blood (Version) – Scritti Politti 05:07

“Originally only released as a 3” CD single in the ’80s…great mash up of the two songs…sadly forgotten on the “absolute” artist collection….”

12 Fine Time (feat. Colonel Mite) (12″ Version) – Yazz 07:30

“Released on cd single in the 80s….this is a fantastic song with a great vibe…”

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Carlos Pulido

Can anybody inform whether Walking On Sunshine by Katrina & The Waves is from the original master tape. Thanks a lot!


Where did the extra 20-30 seconds come from on the TFF track? My 12″ copy is just over 7½ mins long, not 8…??

[…] ‘long version’ of Wet Wet Wet‘s debut Wishing I Was Lucky on their rather good So Eighties Volume 8 triple CD set, but for our money the ‘Metal Mix’ found on this limited edition double […]


hello simon, sorry to hear you are disappointed about the placing of the booklet. i do hope that you are happy with the rest – the music ; )
anyway, as you might have noticed, the booklet contains now 40 (!!!) pages in order to give each original 12″ artwork one full booklet site. therefore the booklet is too thick to be pushed in a pocket. only alternative for the future would be using a jewel case 4 cd box. we preferred this more stylish digipack. but as always we are happy to receive feedback from everyone. also on packaging…in the meantime, hope you enjoy the music on the three cds!


Please Piet, change the package into a double jewel case in the future. The digipacks are nice, but also very fragile. And by now, most customers will buy this compilation online: does anyone receive a digipack by post without damage on the sleeve? I don’t. It has always got some dents or creases, even with the Amazon packaging. A double jewel case is more durable and the booklet (how thick it may be) has its own place.
By the way, another excellent track list. Kudos for you guys for tracking the original masters. Hope you will make a lot more volumes. I haven’t heard the sound quality yet, but I do hope for a gentle compression. But I already read some positive feedback on this point. Hope the earlier volumes will receive a new less compressed mastering some day (or at least will be offered newly mastered online in wav-format). These volumes are killed by an insane level of compression. Very very frustrating and so ugly sounding.


Just want to say that I am disappointed that the packaging has changed slightly and that the booklet is now loose in the middle rather than it a pocket as previously. There are still the same number of panels, so is the cost difference really that much?


*in a pocket

Mike Fisher

It’s good they noticed a mix was in mono and got a different version from the record company – who were willing to do find/supply it. TAKE NOTE ZTT!!! Some interesting stuff, and hopefully they’ll continue not over compressing the music. Good to see it’s vinyl rip free too.


I must say that I am very pleased that there are people willing to take the time and make the effort to make previously-unreleased (on CD or otherwise widely) items available. Thanks to Blank & Jones for their work on this mix!


Oh wow, this is a treasure trove!! Quite a bunch here that I bought on vinyl and digitized for myself a couple years back – especially stoked about Katrina and the Waves (though my vinyl rip is one of the best-sounding I have). Blank & Jones rule!


Fantastic! I will be buying this.
I would’ve bought it just for the Adventures track alone, but there is so much on there that makes it an essential purchase.

Steve Marine

This is worth buying for the “Is Your Love Strong Enough” mix alone!!!


Actually this version of the CD single had the Monogamy Mix as a full single track:


It is astonishing how much music is still not available on CD, and how much work record companies have to do to simply find the master tapes.

Eric M.

This is the first major 12″ compilation I’ve been pretty stoked about in a while. “I Knew You Were Waiting” in its 12″ mix is one I’ve been seeking out for a long time, and the US Mix of “Dancing With Tears in My Eyes” will be a welcome addition after hearing the 10-minute version so many times.

Really I don’t get too excited about the inclusion of “I Want Your Sex” … very easy to rip the CD single as 1 track these days. But I guess some people don’t want to go to that trouble ;)


The Word Girl not The World Girl :-)