Chicago / Live In Japan 2CD reissue


Rhino will issue Chicago‘s Live In Japan in March 2014.

Initially available only in Japan (in 1975) this is a two CD re-issue of their June 1972 live shows. It’s been out-of-print for years (after being available briefly in the mid-1990s) and was issued last year by Warner Music Japan. This release sees it available worldwide.

Live In Japan is out on 10 March 2014.

Track listing

Disc: 1

  • 1. Dialogue
  • 2. A Hit By Varse
  • 3. Lowdown
  • 4. State of the Union
  • 5. Saturday In The Park
  • 6. Ballet For A Girl In Buchannon
  • 7. Make Me Smile
  • 8. So Much To Say, So Much To Give
  • 9. Anxiety’s Moment
  • 10. West Virginia Fantasies
  • 11. Colour My World
  • 12. To Be Free
  • 13. Now More Than Ever
  • 14. Beginnings
  • 15. Mississippi Delta City Blues

Disc: 2

  • 1. A Song For Richard And His Friends
  • 2. Does Anybody Really know What Time It Is? (Free Form Intro)
  • 3. Does Anybody Really know What Time It Is?
  • 4. Questions 67 and 68
  • 5. 25 or 6 to 4
  • 6. I’m A Man
  • 7. Free


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Ron Hatchell

Excellent! Definitely worth it. The best live Chicago album from the Terry Kath period. The horns don’t sound like kazoos and the singers don’t sound that drunk or stoned (so it sounds much better than Carnegie Hall), and the band is really tight.

I bought this on vinyl (import) in the late 70’s without knowing what it was and was blown away.

I had the CD’s once but sold them when their value got up really high, so it will be good to have these again.


A great album, Got the Japanese original CD when a local record shop ordered it for a guy who never went back. Got it for cost price!!!