Disney cast gate crash new Belinda Carlisle deluxe reissue


Oops. Belinda Carlisle fans took to the singer’s facebook page yesterday to point out that there is an error with the new reissue of her 1996 album A Woman & A Man.

I Won’t Say (I’m In Love) – Belinda’s version of the love theme from the 1997 Disney film Hercules – is included as a bonus track on disc two, but when you get to the song it isn’t Belinda’s version at all but instead the Disney Cast version!

In addition, a couple of single edits down for inclusion on disc one (In Too Deep and Always Breaking My Heart) have gone AWOL.

Edsel have been quick to apologise and describe themselves as “both mortally embarrassed and clearly a bit stupid for releasing a record with a recording on it that isn’t even by the artist we all represent.”

They go on to promise to “make it right” adding “we are not quite sure how yet but we will”. Apparently Universal gave them the wrong track as a digital file (with the right title of course) and somehow it wasn’t caught in the quality control process.

If you have this disc then stay tuned to Belinda’s Facebook page for further updates. Replacement discs seem highly likely at some point.

The correct version of this track was previously included as part of the Belinda Carlisle Anthology set, which now appears to be out of print.

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[…] “Disney cast gate crash new Belinda Carlisle deluxe reissue”. […]

Per Z

I recieved AWAAM last Friday, and got the edition with the Disney version.
I e-mailed Demon right away and got the replacement disc today. :) And I live in Sweden…

BTW, fantastic edition. Love it.


I still have not received my replacement CD after emailing them. Anyone facing a delay too? cheers.

Saar Freedman

And while we are at it, anyone who bought either “Belinda” or ‘A Woman & A Man” probably notice the obvious lack of period photo research which leads to some embaressing results
instead of digging into the vault and pulling out appropriate period photos
for example “belinda” is rather devoid of period pictures, opting instead for grainy screenshots from the restored concert video throughout the booklet, leaving out the much shared images used in the ‘ agree’ shampoo ads campaign released at that time or for that matter the ‘I feel the Magic” cover art
even worse and quite jarring is the lack of period research – on the deluxe “Belinda” booklet page 1 they feature the image from the cover of the “Circle In the Sand” 12” single, featuring an 1987 brunette belinda, not at all in line with the 1986 blond period and out of context with the “Belinda” Album

Same with A Woman & A Man – The images on page 16 and 19 are from the “Real” period with very long haired Belinda as featured on the “Big Scary Animal” single (p. 16 and what appears to be an extra from the “Lay Down Your Arms” cover photo shoot, once again out of place and quite clashing with the quite different 1996-7 Look which again leaves one to wonder why on earth they could not unearth more pictures from the appropriate timeline and use these instead or use at least more pictures from the various single releases of that time.
for a “deluxe’ edition that should look and feel supreme these kind of errors are quite the eyesore.

Saar Freedman

the address is :

they are sending out these replacement Cds for both albums.

Saar Freedman

You need to contact
2e DMG Info ;
and make sure the e-mail subject is belinda carlisle replacement cd
be warned, they are a bit slow to answer


Has there been an update on this? Who do we contact to get a replacement disc?


Could you please let us know the email to contact them, as I haven’t been able to find anything !

Thanks for your help.


I contacted the Demon Music Group and have received a replacement Disc 2.


Is this really happening ? No official news since Sept 4 ! :(


Haven’t received a response from Edsel, I was wondering if these replacement discs Edsel is supposedly printing, will be shipped to the U.S. To those who purchased them as imports.
Anyone ?


I know it’s only been a few days but I am curious as to why amazon is still selling the faulty discs. I would have thought they would be recalled. How are customers going to be able to differentiate between the faulty product and the corrected product?


Howard Jones’ team point blank refused to accept there was anything wrong with the Risk bonus disc in the 12″Album/Action Replay box set, despite many people complaining, so I applaud Edsel for offering to put it right.


That doesn’t surprise me, Simon, knowing who’s involved with his team. Such a shame. Companies/manufacturers should always try to put things right if there is a mistake or a fault.


so we will be getting replacement discs does anyone know how they will be shipped out do we have to contact anyone or not if anyone can answer this thanks


See also: Universal, who have made good on the distortion affecting The Blue Nile’s Peace at Last deluxe from this Spring. Replacements sent out free upon contact, and you keep the original faulty disc.


I never heard about this Blue Nile replacement disc. I’d like to get mine replaced. Do you have the contact information?


Hello Marc,

You need to contact: mk.customerservices@umusic.com

They have been very, very quick to send out replacements, and the new discs have no distortion at all…crystal clear.


“Here’s hoping that Edsel hold off on the release of the complete studio albums set that’s due for release on 6th October.”

Here’s hoping that Edsel put in place some much needed QC processes!
Far too many mistakes coming through from them. Either they are going cheap and don’t have any / enough people in place to do this task, or else someone is asleep on the job and can expect a rocket up their rear at the very least – even if they avoid being reunited with their P45!

Pet Shop Boys had a audio glitch on Disco 3 I think it was. That disc was replaced by them. Nothing less is good enough IMO. You mess up, you pay up and fix it.


Here’s hoping that Edsel hold off on the release of the complete studio albums set that’s due for release on 6th October.


Official statement from Edsel on Voila

This is getting embarrassing, because here we are again apologizing for another error in the reissues but this time on ‘Voila’ where track two, which should be ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ in French, is in fact ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ in English. What can we say? Again we are mortally embarrassed for having made such an error and although we could blame the label who licensed it to us for sending the wrong Masters clearly the onus was on us to check it first and we clearly failed to do so, how we do not know yet.

Again our apologies to you all but particularly of course to Belinda herself for any embarrassment caused by this. We will have the CD re manufactured and replace all the defective copies as soon as possible and we will work out a mechanism whereby you will not have to return the original disk in order to get one, we will let you keep it as a souvenir and as some small recompense for the inconvenience.


How will Edsel swap the CDs. Will Edsel just put an alert out, and then it is up us, if we see it to return the item? Will Amazon email people who have bought the said CDs, asking them to return items, or just automatically send out new CDs to people who have bought???

I remember a few years back Kylies Album she did (her greatest hits re-recorded with an orchestra), HMV were supposed to have a special Deluxe version exclusive to them, but when they sent them out, only sent a standard copy. An email from HMV within 2 days of release was sent, and the new CD was sent out 1st Class. The wrong CD, HMV said we could keep!

I wonder whether Paul could post something on here stating what Edsel solution is going to be, if there will be a solution.

Personally I think it will be a while, gathering all unreleased CDs, and then re-issuing new ones.

Thomas Williams

Does anyone know if these errors will be fixed in time for the box set release with all 7 of her albums (release date 6th October)? I wonder if there was an issue with the “Belinda” album as well seeing as the release has been pushed back a week.


I was about to sell the original of this particular Belinda Carlisle album and update it with the new deluxe edition but it now seems best that I wait and hope the problems with the missing and incorrect tracks gets sorted as I do not want to update to a deluxe with flaws. Have Edsel not heard of quality control with regard checking for such terrible mistakes (ie: their balls ups)?


Thanks for the heads up – I was going to order all three Belinda re-issues but now I won’t buy them unless they have been fixed!

Iain McCarthy

I’ve had a couple of problems with Edsel deluxe editions actually. On the Suede Dog Man Star re-issue did anyone else have a problem playing the Bernard Butler & Brett Anderson interview on the DVD? I have had two copies and the interview wouldn’t play on either of them. Also, i have tried on several different players.


Scorpions crazy world reissue lists two more live songs being on the DVD but they are absent. As far as I know this never has corrected so I didn’t bought the set. Even a giant like universal makes mistakes.


According to comments on Belinda’s FB page, there are problems with “Voila” as well. Two of the French-language tracks are replaced by the English versions, so for example tracks 2 and 14 are identical… both the English version. :(


Now I’m REALLY glad I canceled my orders of the latest three deluxe editions. First the embarrassing errors with A Woman & A Man, now errors with Voila.
Since the deluxe edition of ‘Belinda’ has already been delayed by a week, let’s hope someone overseeing this project takes the time to check it for errors before release.


Are the single edits for In Too Deep and Always Breaking My Heart listed on the packaging/liner notes? Or were they only listed on early online track lists? If they aren’t listed on the packaging I wouldn’t hold out much hope for Edsel providing them.


Plenty of ‘deluxe’ editions are hitting the shelves with glaring errors that prove attention to detail and simple checking through the audio is not done.

They are still called ‘deluxe’ however and they still charge you ‘deluxe’ prices.

The biggest laugh I had was when Steven Wilson replied to the comments about the glitches on his Aqualung 5.1 mixes by saying they sounded like vinyl clicks and pops so he didn’t notice them as he is so used to listening to vinyl.

Cheers Steven, the box set only cost £100+ when first released so we didn’t really want clean sounding audio. They have never fixed or replaced the discs on that set, which is ridiculous.


I type transcripts for a living and always proofread my transcripts and compare the audio to the typed version to ensure accuracy. It simply takes one listen to verify it’s the right song.

But I guess this will be somewhat of a collector’s item.


Glad to see this is going to be corrected. Also glad I canceled my order before it shipped after I read what was going on. Otherwise, these Belinda Carlisle reissues are great.

Fred Smith

They aren’t the only company doing these errors though;does anyone ‘proof listen’ to the final product?

Cary Allen Wilson

That’s what I’m wondering. How hard is that?


is it possible for Edsel not to balls up a release? so annoying


Having put together many compilation albums over the years, I’m in no position to point the finger and blame because this kind of thing has happened to me more than once and is easily done. However, this exact instance is a prime example of what happens when all the knowledgeable people at the labels are made redundant and replaced with cheaper, younger staff who simply don’t know – or care – enough to ensure that their audition copies contain the correct masters.


Yeah, the Tears for Fears box set with “Broken Revisited” instead of “We are Broken” and the wrong version of “Ideas as Opiates”, right?