ELO / Out of the Blue Live at Wembley 1978 / SD blu-ray


Eagle Vision are releasing ELO Out of the Blue – Live at Wembley on blu-ray in March.

Like the Knebworth release SDE reported on recently, this is an “SD Blu-ray” which means non-HD video (it’s upscaled standard definition) but you do get uncompressed stereo and DTS-HD Master Audio surround sound.

This concert is the 1978 Wembley gig with the spaceship stage design, but what’s really attractive here is the wealth of bonus material from the seventies including four tracks ‘Live at Brunel University’ (1973), a set on German TV’s Rockpalast (1974) and further live performances and the Discovery video album from 1979. In total, there is nearly three and a half hours of footage.

Out of the Blue – Live at Wembley is out on 16 March 2015.


  • 1) Introduction
  • 2) Standing In The Rain
  • 3) Night In The City
  • 4) Turn To Stone
  • 5) Tightrope
  • 6) Telephone Line
  • 7) Rockaria!
  • 8) Wild West Hero
  • 9) Showdown
  • 10) Sweet Talkin Woman
  • 11) Mr Blue Sky
  • 12) Do Ya
  • 13) Livin Thing
  • 14) Roll Over Beethoven.


Live At Brunel University 1973:

  • 1) King Of The Universe
  • 2) Ma-Ma-Ma Belle
  • 3) In The Hall Of The Mountain King
  • 4) Great Balls Of Fire

Live On Rockpalast 1974:

  • 1) Daybreaker
  • 2) Showdown
  • 3) Day Tripper
  • 4) Orange Blossom Special
  • 5) Ma-Ma-Ma Belle
  • 6) In The Hall Of The Mountain King
  • 7) Great Balls Of Fire
  • 8) Roll Over Beethoven

Rockpalast Interview 1974

Fusion 1976

  • 1) Poker
  • 2) Nightrider
  • 3) Showdown
  • 4) Eldorado Overture
  • 5) Can t Get It Out Of My Head
  • 6) Poor Boy (The Greenwood)
  • 7) Illusions In G Major
  • 8) Strange Magic
  • 9) 10538 Overture
  • 10) Do Ya
  • 11) Evil Woman
  • 12) Ma-Ma-Ma Belle
  • 13) Roll Over Beethoven

Discovery 1979:

  • 1) Shine A Little Love
  • 2) Confusion
  • 3) Need Her Love
  • 4) Diary Of Horace Wimp
  • 5) Last Train To London
  • 6) Midnight Blue
  • 7) Wishing
  • 8) Don t Bring Me Down

REGION FREE Blu-ray with DTS-HD Master Audio and LPCM Stereo

Running Time: 205 mins approx.

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There are a little mistake on the cover (and menus too) on Discovery 1979, omitting “On the Run” title, but actually it’s included (track 7)

1) Shine A Little Love 1) Shine A Little Love
2) Confusion 2) Confusion
3) Need Her Love 3) Need Her Love
4) Diary Of Horace Wimp 4) Diary Of Horace Wimp
5) Last Train To London 5) Last Train To London
6) Midnight Blue 6) Midnight Blue
7) Wishing 7) On the Run
8) Don t Bring Me Down 8) Wishing / Don t Bring Me Down

Andreas Knight

Great news..does anyone know if this will be a full screen or black bar 4:3 release?

Joey d'Entremont

Sold! It worked out to £7.5 for me so I’m a happy camper! Amazon.ca currently has it listed at $26.16. Thanks for the heads up SDE.


nice price at amazon uk now – just £9

Paul Kent

Julian – as far as I know, there is no unedited footage. The concert was originally filmed for and broadcast by the BBC, as it was part of a charity gala attended by the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester. Every release – VHS, Laserdisc, DVD and, now, blu ray – have used that same broadcast show. In fairness, the backing tapes were mixed lower on the DVD and are not as distracting. Hopefully, the sound will be improved further on blu ray. However, the visuals are, and ever will be, as was. Shame. It would be nice to see it without all the trippy frosting.

Julian H

Thanks but I was referring to the Tears For Fears video. Though in both cases there must have been raw footage from all the cameras that was subsequently “over-produced” by Mr Mansfield. If all the original video still exists it would be possible to create a “Director’s Cut” without the effects.

Max Robinson

More than a “Director’s Cut” it would be a “Cut the director”.

Mark Bumgardner

Nothing about this on US Amazon yet?

peter wolf

Region Free is always great news on all bluray players it will literally play on any bd player

Phil Cohen

Amazon UK always lists blu-ray or DVD releases as region coded, even when they’re not. I don’t know of any instance where Eagle Rock has used region coding on a Blu-Ray disc. In any event, I’ve got a modified code-free Blu-Ray player.

Joey d'Entremont

I was thrilled to read this. I love ELO! I have most of this already on DVD as others mentioned, but it sounds like there may be a few bits that aren’t on DVD. I actually have the Wembley concert on an old VHS tape, which I believe to be rare. I added this to my cart on Amazon but then noticed that it lists the Region Code as B2… even on amazon.ca. The write up above states REGION FREE Blu-ray, so I wonder which it is?

dj berexa

Will there be a DVD release of ELO Live at Wembley ?

Paul Kent

Sadly, none of the tinkering can detract from Live At Wembley being the dire audio/visual experience it is. The extensive and intrusive use of backing tapes is bad enough but when coupled with Mike Mansfield’s migraine inducing “special effects” it become pretty much unwatchable. When I first saw this on TV as a child it blew my mind. Now it just blows! However, I will buy it for “The Early Years”, which I never got round to buying on DVD, and the “Discovery” video album. Pretty much everything previously released in one hit, so good value.

Julian H

Paul, I thought the exact same thing. Is there really no unedited footage from that concert somewhere??

Phil Cohen

Unlike the Various Artists Knebworth Blu-Ray, this disc is a good value, and combines material that was previously spread across two DVD releases. It also reinstates the “Discovery” video album, which was omitted from the most recent DVD release of the Wembley concert.

Now, let’s hope that the audio/video synchronization issues that plagued the “Discovery” videos on their previous DVD release are corrected. This problem forced me to hold onto my old Laserdisc edition of Wembley/Discovery, which I then transferred onto homemade DVD.


I believe the older live footage saw a separate release on DVD under the title “The Early Years.”


The Discovery 1979 isn’t live. They didn’t do a tour to promote the album. Instead, they made a video for every track on the album (unheard of in 1979!) as a substitute for a tour. All of this has been previously released, but if you haven’t seen it, there are some real gems in here. The 1973 footage is amazing, seeing them in such a small venue. This collection really tracks their progression from cult prog-rock act to arena filling power-pop superstars.