Get your exclusive SDE T-shirt


Official SuperDeluxeEdition T-shirt designed for SDE fans

Underline your credentials as a supporter of physical music and fan of SDE, with the official SDE T-shirt bearing the name of your favourite music blog…

This is a high quality, silk-screen printed, 100% cotton T-shirt, in navy blue. The front has ‘Super Deluxe Edition’ in vintage 1970s-style script (designed especially for SDE by our pal Simon Westbrook), and on the back you’ll find the declaration ‘holding the music in your hands’.

These are available right now, in a wide range of sizes, on the SDE store, ShopSuperDeluxe.com and will be shipped almost immediately. We ship internationally.




SuperDeluxeEdition.com helps fans around the world discover physical music and discuss releases. To keep the site free, SDE participates in various affiliate programs, including Amazon and earns from qualifying purchases.


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My t-shirt arrived at the weekend and is my new favourite t-shirt. Stylish design, comfortable fit, soft fabric, quality garment, good price. Thanks! I have left a review.

Slightly embarrassed that I didn’t spot the Young Americanisms without reading the hints above!

Please do let us know if this t-shirt becomes available in a small as I would like to buy one as a gift for someone else.




Hi Paul

T-shirt arrived today, beautifully wrapped and love the label note. Great work, and thank you.

Simon F

Ordered one as soon as the email came through and it’s already on it’s way. That’s great service!
Looking forward to wearing it (over a sweatshirt this time of year) Anyone who poses with Bolan can’t be all bad!!!

Rick Rose Rude

I want that Born To Boogie promo! ;)


Great Idea!!!
I also think the SDE logo would make a great T but only if it is a black T & has no blue border. Personally, I would like a red T with the “Another Deal Alert”.
And the “look into the distance while I pretend to stare @ something” pose is really classic. Don’t quit your day job


Timely; I was just listening to my “T Rex Imperial Phase” playlist when I saw your Bolan Standee.

Beautiful T-Shirts, but I’m way too fat for that kind of thing myself.


Great!!! SUPER COOL…. Good work!


I hope it’s not hand-stitched – or you’ll get complaints about all the needle drops!


*leaves quietly*

; )

Marshall Gooch

I’d like to see an Immersion Edition with a little sack of marbles and a bunch of cheap cardboard coasters. But seriously, Paul, I hope to order one after the holidays if you still have XL available. And I, too, dig the Young Americans vibe. Very cool!


This will be great to wear onstage. Ordered ! :)


Great t-shirt Paul. Will the reissue of the t-shirt come with a Peter Gabriel So inspired rearranging of the words or letters?
Ordered. :)


small or x-small sizes would be good for the petit fans :)

Inge Bratset

One question Paul. Did you use a spesific font for the text on the front? Typical 70s font. Looks like a cross between Supertramps “Crisis” cover and “Hotel California”


I need small Paul. I am sandwiched betwen xs and s so a medium would be too big. If you need to work out demand…. but it has to pay back for you, so I understand if you can’t justify production.

Matthias Hafemann

Fantastic Shirt! Looks like it’s going to be a nice item for all the fans of this wonderful website!
Well made!

Matthew Jessee

Beautifully done – will order tomorrow! :)


Hopefully there are no vinyl rips in it….

Friso Pas

Nice shirt, Paul. I have dozens of t-shirts, music or movie related, and let’s face it…. the term SDL is applicable to whatever it is one sees in it. Color is good, typo is stylish, well done.


So are you trying to boost your modelling career too? ;)

Le Baron

I would have prefered the official logo too.
Will order one as soon as it’s available. :)
But I love the idea of promoting my favorite blog by wearing this t-shirt.
Great idea !!


It hasnt got the Zimbabwean House Remix of Shop Super Deluxe only available on the Australian 11″ promo on the b side, not buying it…. ;)

John Norris

Self promotion, I like it.
Does it come in a boxset with complimentary balloons and keyring though? :-)

Jan Greeve

One can never have enough t-shirts. Ordered.

Florian M. Kranz

I would have prefered the official logo from the website (left corner).


great Young Americans typography

Ben in Colorado

Ordered! Very cool! Glad to support and promote!


I’ll love one but medium is too big. I need extra small (probably more for the men than women)

Paul, how many photos did it take to get that pose?

Careful, Model One agency will be knocking at the door!!!!!!

Inge Bratset

Great t-shirt. Just ordered one.

Ollie Carlisle

I think you beat Zoolander with your excellent ‘I’m just off to listen to Prince’ pose!


Wow, love that Marc Bolan cardboard cut out thingy in the background. And the T-shirt too of course…lol

Jon Barlow

Strike a pose there’s nothing to it……


Cue jokes about modelling career and holding stomach in…. :)

Paul Murphy

Maybe you should have issued these pre-11th November! I’ll get mine after payday.


Great idea for fans of the site! Just ordered!!


Does an underpants joke merit an instant ban?