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French music legend Jean Michel Jarre is undertaking an ambitious collaboration project with other artists who share his passion for electronic music.

Jarre contacted people he admired “for their singular contribution to our genre” and then composed and produced original demos specifically for each artist. They were then invited to “bring their unique spirit and signature” to the recordings before Jarre himself completed the project.

With a working title “E-Project”, 16 collaborators are confirmed and some early names revealed include M83, Tangerine Dream, Gesaffelstein and 3D from Massive Attack.

The final product will be a 16-track album on CD and vinyl, but the exciting news for Jarre and SuperDeluxeEdition fans is that he will also release a box set for the album with exclusive content available only from his website. The ‘Ultimate Deluxe Fan Box Set’ is limited to 1000 units and hand signed and numbered by Jean-Michel Jarre personally!

This ‘ultimate’ set is presented in a 355 mm x 355 mm super high end black and gold deluxe box. It will contain CD and special edition 180 gram double vinyl in gold, as well as a USB stick in gold with audio-visual bonus content, limited art prints around the project and its collaborators and more exclusive items “to be revealed soon”. Rather strangely there is a ‘part two’ to this box to complete the contents.

If the signed ‘ultimate’ set is out of your budget, the official Jean Michel Jarre store also lists a more modestly priced E-Project ‘fan box’ in which you still get the CD and vinyl but no USB and other items.

These limited ‘E-Project’ box sets will be shipped on or around 16 October 2015.

Deluxe box sets

Vinyl Edition of E-Project

Standard CD of E-Project

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[…] is the finished artwork for Jean-Michel Jarre‘s Electronica album, that was previously known as […]

[…] is the finished artwork for Jean-Michel Jarre‘s Electronica album, that was previously known as E-Project. To recap, this is a collaborative project with Jarre working with people he […]


This guy got me into serious electronic music late 70’s and been a fan ever since, but these prices are ridiculous. My other keyboard and ultimate hero Gary Numan has managed to roll back the years, re-invent himself and sounds as good and as fresh as ever, concerts in October very reasonably priced, after all it’s for the fans….. Shame on you JMJ


Brilliant news! Thank you Paul for the link to the JMJ site.
It’s been years since JMJ put out some releases out there, whether new or reissued…
I’ve immediately ordered the Deluxe Fan Box!
Looking at the price, I hope it will be as amazing as those ‘outrageous’ Vinyl Factory sets…


I’m not interested in box sets of CD + vinyl anyway. Just stick to CD sets and vinyl sets (+ download code) separately, I reckon.

One thing that bugs me with some signed stuff is that often you don’t get the sticker that is on the shrinkwrap rather than the case as it’s removed and discarded before the signing. I have several albums where I don’t have the album title on the cover as this was on a sticker rather than the cover itself!

Martin Lee

Like others I am mainly put off by his recent output. It takes a die hard fan to stump up the cash based on recent form. I have heard some of the collaborations produced for The Vinly Factory and I was not blown away.

As for signed stuff, I really cannot be bothered by it now. There is so much out there. In fact I wish there was a box to tick to have items usigned, items I have purchased signed have just spoilt the artwork in some instances.

My big hope is this project turns out to be a masterstroke producing some excellent music, I can then drag out my credit card. As it stands I will wait for the opportunity to listen first.


Is the average JMJ fan loaded or something?

adam shaw

No .
But you could say the same about Beatles fans . How much product was put out last year that fans just had to add to their collection.
Jarre hasnt made any new music for ages so I dont feel ripped off , unlike some .

Tom M

Vince Clark is the latest collaborator.


It will be interesting to see who else shows up on this. A while back, Gary Numan mentioned on his website that he had recently recorded something with JMJ…so he is probably here.
But I am with most others, the price is one that will be waiting for SDE ‘deal alerts’….maybe even a few of them.

adam shaw

Well Darren I bought it.
Im a fan , Ive seen him live all over the world , Ive met him (hes a cool guy)
and I think its worth buying a signed copy of his latest work .
I dont like every thing he has done , Teo and Tea was absolute garbage , but he has never done this sort thing before so I think its worth it .

Stuart H

Well done and well said. Silence these doubting philistines….. call yourselves fans.


Let’s be honest, what is an autograph really? It’s just some scribble with no value whatsoever. So what if JMJ scribbled on it. It isn’t unique because there are 1000 scribbles on this one item, let alone all the other scribbles out there.

Also, is JMJ really going to sit down and scribble on 1000 items, or is he going to get someone else to do it on his behalf. How would you ever know for sure?


Thinking about JMJ’s last few studio albums Straker I totally agree with you…don’t think he can do better now….and looking back to his 2000 release ‘Metamorphoses’ which really was his last decent album…from then on it’s all gone downhill with his studio releases…a shame but ‘Live’ he’s still a genius.


The “fan box” sounds wrong. Surely for the sake of weight and price, that should contain the CD, USB, and art prints. Sorry but hopefully a few agree with me that vinyl is really ruining deluxe editions now, like Goldfrapp’s Tales Of Us for example. It means they cost a fortune to ship.

Tom M

I will wait and see who else signs on to this project. Hopefully other favorites of mine (KS and Kraftwerk). But $26.85 for shipping? That’s almost half the price of the item. Has anyone bought the latest re-issues of his albums? They appear to be overly compressed, no surprise there.


A complete rip off for the fans how can the limited edition be justified at over £200 for just some inky scribble on the cover…as for the music that I have heard from the album it’s well below par…It’s nowhere in the league of Oxygene or Equinoxe in fact his last studio album Teo and Tea was just as bad as this new one….even Aero the one before was half decent…come on JMJ you can do better than this !!


“come on JMJ you can do better than this !!”

Not sure he can! Oxygene, Equinoxe, Magnetic Fields, Concerts in China and Zoolook are him at the height of his powers. It’s all been downhill ever since. Apropos of nothing when I went to France some 30odd years back we stayed on a barge just downriver from JMJ’s boat. I would like to tell you that weird electronic sounds emanated from it through the night but sadly, I cannot…..

DJ Control

A$389 incl shipping. Way out of my league and I’m a fan of JMJ.

Alan Fenwick

Similar ballpark price to the Kasabian Velociraptor Deluxe set a few years ago which was similarly priced at £180 and similar content. Needless to say that set was reduced quite dramatically over time Firstly down to around £40 – £50 mark, then the last batch was sold off for £10 per box. (Also sold through Myplay)

I think with these fancy box sets you have to break them down to individual components and say to yourself is this really worth it. If when you add all the components together it seems like a good deal then go for it.


250€ ?? i think that someone lost his head somewhere… This would EVENTUALLY make sense if the WHOLE recordings he made since the beginning were in it…

Boaz Halachmi

Went to hear the 3 singles already released through Vinyl Factory to get a feeling of what I will get for over $300… Now I know. @Graham: I will pass the ordinary CD too. Boring.


But have you seen the prices SDE? It is also Pt.1 of 2. Buying Pt.1 gives you the option of buying Pt.2 and the signed box version total comes in at about £255 for both!!

Think I will pass on that one and wait for the ordinary CD